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  1. @MikeW , Thank you. I created two different documents for each artboard, made a copy of the artboard and rasterised everything to one pixel layer. This worked for me in order to export quickly, without the need to create a new document without artboard, and with the correct bleed —the two successful exports I managed to obtain before this operation always had white in the bleed area instead of the extended graphics. I guess processing all the layers on such a large canvas is somehow overloading the app, or my computer isn't powerful enough, but I never had such problems —I sadly have to admit— using Illustrator.
  2. One export succeeded, but the bleed didn't contain the extended graphics (the printer markers were as expected, but the bleed area was all white). Tried again but it keeps crashing before export. Not good, I have to find a way to export these documents, including the correct bleeds
  3. I have two 70x100 cm poster artboards I need to export to PDF and send to the printer, but it keeps crashing. Also tried to export at 150dpi (instead of 300), but it takes ages to complete the "Export Item" process. Affinity Designer 1.9.3 - macOS 10.15.7 - MacBook Pro 9,1 Quad-Core Intel Core i7 SPORTIVA-posters.afdesign
  4. Sorry @pruus, I've updated the afdesign document, yet your PDF export has exactly the same problem with the gradient bitmap. Regarding consistency with artboard names, this is just an example and it does not affect the result
  5. letterhead0.1.afdesignThe bitmap gradient I'm using exports fine as JPG or PNG but when I export to PDF it acts weird. Only the footer element seems to be correct. Do I have to flatten everything before export? Not really useful for future editing. Find attached the original Designer document, the PDF with the wrong behaviour and the JPG as it's supposed to be exported. Cheers letterhead0.1.pdf
  6. There's more about this topic here: Many identical font styles of a specific font present in the character panel menu
  7. You can check for embedded fonts in a PDF document using command line: strings path/filename.pdf | grep FontName
  8. @MEB Same here, I have Designer and Photo installed on my computer, not Publisher, and the document was created and developed on Designer only.
  9. @MEB I had the same situation as @CPritchard, the background well in the Character Panel was set to transparent; I set it to a colour and then back to transparent to give it a try, but that only affected the line of text, not the whole text box. Once I clicked the Revert to defaults button, after @walt.farrell's suggestion everything was back to normal
  10. I tried to understand what happened, but I was just adding text fields above artboards in order to export the whole document with artboards' titles included. At some point, while dragging a text box, I started seeing the black background
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