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  1. Affinity Designer Help states: "To copy control handle length/direction from another curve's node: Drag a node from one curve directly over another curve's node and release. After a short pause, the node's control handles will match that of the 'target' node." Shouldn't the release happen after the short pause? "Drag a node from one curve directly over another curve's node; after a short pause the node's control handles will match that of the 'target' node; release."
  2. alt/option clicking the collapse Icon (as it works in many applications and systems) would be a good way to go
  3. It does appear in the history as "Change export scale properties" after you set it. The only problem is having to click somewhere else to apply the change or it won't take effect before clicking Done. (I don't need to change the document setup when I want the original at 300dpi and the exported image at 72 for the web, for example.)
  4. If you type a new value for the "Exported DPI" in Export Persona and click the Done it doesn't make the change (the history panel shows no change in fact). I need to click somewhere else or press the Tab key on the keyboard in order to have the change accepted before clicking the Done button (this time the history panel shows the change).
  5. Hello Sean, That's right, after renaming my Favourites collection in Font Book the collections in Affinity are listing correctly. Thank you
  6. Hello Sean, thanks for your reply. I actually just realised that the behaviour is different from what I described before. It looks like a bad positioning problem, apparently. The font collection I select corresponds to the one above, not to any previous one. I attach the screen recording for reference. AffinityDesigner-CharacterPanel.mov
  7. Selecting a font collection in the Character panel shows the previously selected collection, instead of the one selected. So, for example, if I select the "Sans" collection I see whatever was previously on (e.g.: All Fonts), then I select the "Serif" collection and I get to see list of fonts included in the Sans collection. Affinity Designer 1.8.3 macOS 10.14.6
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