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  1. Sounds like quite the overhead. Strange that this issue is not more widespread. I wonder how other pros (weddings, concerts, events etc) keep their jobs consistent. They probably don't use Affinity, LOL... But i've been thinking: for now, i could try to do #3 with all serial shots, and open the rest at once (where the order is not important). Thanks for the help.
  2. Somehow the point of this topic got lost. I have a problem and i need a solution.
  3. But shouldn't the software make use of a faster computer when it's available? You're making it sound like Affinity Photo does not. Because there still remains the issue that Af.Photo loads multiple files almost 3 times slower than Photoshop CS6 on my machine, which is not particularly fast (16GB RAM, i7 6700k CPU, Seagate 5600rpm drive for the files).
  4. So are you saying that Affinity Photo is optimized for slow computers with low memory? I'd like to see an official source on that, because honestly it doesn't make sense to me. I thought that Serif is targeting professionals (alike) with the Affinity Suite.
  5. I have to wonder then: Why is Photoshop faster in opening multiple files, and it still opens all files in the proper order? I don't think your arguments holds. Opening 27 PSDs at once, while program is already open, w- open command from context menu. I replicated those results a second time, after a reboot. Affinity Photo: 28 seconds. Photoshop CS6: 11 seconds.
  6. I see. Thanks! It shouldn't matter in what order the files finish loading. It's common sense to sort the tabs in proper order (can be sorted after loading). Every program does it in proper order. Very strange, and a bit disappointing. I'll probably leave a topic in the requests forum.
  7. I'm doing some final touches on a concert shoot (over 160 photos). I'm opening 30-50 files at once and strive to achieve a uniform look across all images in terms of brightness, contrast etc. Unfortunately AfPhoto opens the files in a completely chaotic order. Is there a setting i've missed? Is this a bug?
  8. Ah, that's the information i'm looking for. Here in Germany print services usually don't allow pixel transparencies, and that's probably the reason most require PDF X3 etc. I didn't know that this is part of the specs. Gonna look into the different PDF profiles. Thanks for the help!
  9. Hm, it doesn't answer my question though. What happens to the pixel layers, do they get flattened automatically by the PDF exporter? Printers in Germany always want the PDF to have only one background pixel layer, and the rest can be shapes/curves. Trimmarks are not needed. [EDIT] Temp solution - opened in AfPhoto and merged the layers there.
  10. I need quick help on this one, because i'm on a deadline, and have used only Photoshop before, never Affinity. I'm about to export a PDF for print (product packaging). It has different layers - pixel layers for the images and background, and vector layers for the text. Do i need to merge all pixel layers into a background layer before exporting to PDF, and how can i do that in AfDesigner? Or does the PDF exporter automatically flatten all pixel layers into a background layer?
  11. I'll just paste my message from the other forum. I can't believe that this has been a request for so long, and still is not implemented. Please, Serif, it's very annoying when the settings don't stick, and the workflow gets needlessly cluttered. I hope that this gets addressed soon. The Affinity programs need to remember the settings for tools, filters, export settings etc. IMO, it's common sense that you don't need to repeat basic things over and over again when working with professional software.
  12. Does it make sense to add another request for this? Just so the devs know that even more people are unhappy with how this is handled in the software? NVM, i just made another post in that topic. Thanks!
  13. I would like to ask about the tools settings. They reset after each reboot and i need to set everything anew. For example i chose the move tool. I always set "Hide selection while dragging" and "Enable transform origin" (these should be the defaults IMO, because i always use them, but everyone has different needs, i'm aware). After i close the program and start it again these tool settings have been reset, and i need to set them again. I have to bring the Photoshop example again: every context setting of the tools gets saved and can be used everytime after that (and can be reset if needed). So, is this a bug, or just an incomplete implementation? It this a case for the feature request forum?
  14. Quick question: Is it possible to backup the data in AppData\Roaming\Affinity\Photo\1.0\user and restore it later, if i install Affinity Photo on a new computer? Would this restore all my custom gradient presets?
  15. I have to press CTRL+0 a hundred times over a 30min-session. Is this an efficient workflow? Not to mention that comparing snapshots gets even more difficult this way. If the default is to fit the screen, there should be a setting were we can change the default. Photoshop and every other program i used defaults to 100% zoom if image is smaller than the window, and "Fit the screen" if image is bigger than the window. Stupidly fitting to window size, no matter the context, is a "sledgehammer solution for everything". [EDIT] If this is not a bug, would some moderator please move the thread into the feature requests section? Much appreciated!