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  1. Many thanks, folks. Much appreciated!
  2. I'm amazed that there's no simple way of drawing a straight line -- as distinct from a curved one. PagePlus had this feature, which is incredibly useful. Could it be added, please?
  3. I've found that grouping objects by pulling a marquee round them, then right-clicking and choosing 'Group', does the trick OK. But what I miss is the helpful little symbol that appeared, bottom-right of the group, when doing this in PagePlus. In Publisher, there's no way you can tell, from looking at the page, that the objects are grouped. Could a little 'grouped' icon be made a feature, please?
  4. Many thanks -- much appreciated!
  5. I've made an A4 landscape doc with two pages -- as I've done in PagePlus for years. I need to print onto the two sides of an A4 sheet of paper, then fold it in half to make a neat A5 leaflet. The problem is, the two sides are printed different ways up! In the Print dialog I have changed 'Flip long side' to 'Flip short side', but it makes no difference. Every combination of the Publisher print settings and my inkjet's settings produce the same unacceptable result. Is this a programming blip? Or does somebody need to give me a cuff round the ear and say, 'Look here, it's obvious...'?
  6. I, too, have PagePlus files dating from the very early days of that excellent program, and feel that the ability for Affinity Publisher to import them is an absolute must.
  7. I've been struggling to find a simple way to change the page orientation from portrait to landscape, having set up a new document with margins etc. File > Document Setup offers no option for this. Am I missing something, or do I have to start the whole thing again? Surely not. PagePlus had a simple icon on the toolbar to click for this.

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