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  1. The only trivial thing about this thread has been your character and contributions. Trivial and and pedantic as well as misinformed. Who cares? More trivial and useless information. This is so irrelevant! I can't see what this has to do with anything besides how many times you can fit the word, "large" into one sentence. Do you work on large stuff? Personally, I am impressed with your largeness. I can't see how you have the time to even comment on this trivial thread. Thanks be to god!
  2. Photoshop, Inkscape, Krita. This is the standard reply. No. Defeating the process of my workflow and interrupting my process to accommodate a tool that is missing functions. No thank you. If it doesn't allow for the process to be implemented then I use a tool which does. I am a working professional and time is essential. As an art director I find this response sophomoric. I would never waste my teams time implementing a broken tool for which we would have to accommodate with our time. I will add; these types of responses obviously come from people who do not use products on a professional creating concept art and design.
  3. Hi MEB, Yeah, It's sad too, because I really like working with many of the vector tools better in Affinity. To be missing such an essential step of vector manipulation in a vector program at this point; it is years beyond acceptable. It is frustrating as a teacher I want to use the product in class, but I cannot demonstrate the workflow nor can I in good faith point students to a product which cannot provide core manipulation in a professional setting. Sadly I no longer sing its praises. I gave up.
  4. How do I scale the window to fullsize? I just saw on a mac there is the option to maximize the window. Is this available on the PC as well?
  5. Just checking in; dare I ask? Has this function ever been implemented? By this thread a moderator said it was coming soon in like 2014. Which now has been just over 8 years last week. 😆
  6. Unfortunately I stopped using Affinity. I still download the updates and check to see but, no. Every time a new update is posted or a video I'm always heartbroken. It's normally some text upgrade or thumbnail thing. I would think that editing the image would have the highest precedent. Channel operations also seemed lacking if I remember.
  7. As a concept artist and visual developer this is a whole missing workflow. Not that it is essential every time I design but it is a great way to stumble across original ideas. Most of the professionals I know utilize this workflow often.
  8. This is the same problem that I have with affinity. I so love so many things about it but then in my workflow I just have to be able to load complex alpha masks directly into the alpha channel. There is not an easy way to do that. If I have something which is a simple black and white mask sure I can remake that selection. But creating one from it color channel is not always ideal nor what you wish to do. If I have something I am pulling out of Zbrush or another package I might have a very complex black and white alpha mask that I need to plug directly into my alpha channel. If I not then the software is completely useless to me no matter how much I like it, because these parts of the workflow I use continuously in the course of the day. Another one is if I want to create a vector mask, (as you have here mentioned) there is no way to turn a simple selection into a vector. As an art director for decades now I can tell you that these essential tools for game development end up being deal Breakers and I would guess from reading your forums keep a lot of people from using it full time in development. But as I said there are so many things that I truly love about it! The way that you see everything on full-size - the overall setup seems so much smarter and fresher than Photoshop but then there are only like three things that are just completely stop me in the water and I have to go back to Photoshop. I was truly hoping in this latest release some of these would be addressed but I was heartbroken to see there are improvements for text but yet the core image tools are still missing some powerful functionality. Hire game a game artist as a consultant. Or someone in entertainment visual development. 😉
  9. crate spare channel from any color channel of the greyscale layer load to pixel alpha I am not following your easy instructions. I too would love to jump the adobe ship but masking is huge and I keep running into the Affinity shortcomings when try to mask things. This is right up there with turning a selection into a vector.
  10. I bought all the Affinity package (all three) and have been trying to see if I use it full-time in production. Creating a vector from a selection is essential. A total deal breaker. I don't care what the excuse is, as a visual concept director, I do this much too often to go online and mess with some third party nonsense. I use this for creating 3d masks and a host of things. Other than a few things I really like the tools but this for any vector software to lack is unacceptable. I'm doing an edit because I do want to stress how much I really love your software. I very much wish to break free from the grip of both Autodesk and Adobe. Blender has gone beyond in the area of 3D but in the 2D software there is still a hole as long as certain functionalities are still missing. I believe this to be one major failing holding myself back.
  11. FreeOCR is much better. But I digress, it is a great idea to have it in AP. There is currently no good solution, Acrobat is the worst possible software. Rather than follow other packages for what AP should have why not be inventive and lead. This is a very much needed tool in today's graphic world.
  12. Tesseract is not advisable for anyone not familiar with coding. Could you have picked a worst example? I realize you're trying to help but sending people to command line software is evil.
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