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  1. Thank you for replying. All the MS onscreen keyboard settings are off (as above). Which is why I wonder if there is an Affinity setting that needs switching off.
  2. Can anyone tell me how to stop a screen keyboard popping up when I attempt to type a name in a layer? It started a few weeks ago and I find it irritating. Settings in Windows 10 have stopped this happening elsewhere, ie. feature disabled, and I suspect the causes are to be found somewhere in the Affinity software? Thanks
  3. Callum – thank you for replying. I made a mistake when I earlier described the features that displayed when the image was opened. Enclosed is a typical photo with the ‘tools’ circled. They are very easy to touch with the cursor and thence damage the image. Why Microsoft feel they are necessary to put them in I do not know but they are a nuisance. The old form of images I have used for years Microsoft have ‘updated’ more than once as you know. The only thing one can really do to them is increase them to their full size – if they have been reduced to fit the screen. Do you know how I can re-set Windows 10 to show all my (1000s!) of images in the old form? If you do I would be most grateful to learn. Perhaps one has to visit Microsoft’s website. Thanking you for your trouble. Chris (I also now have a keyboard that pops up uninvited which I have yet to find a way to remove. Settings>Keyboard... does not work! ) PS. I have just noticed that on the Documents page there is, under the 'Open' box an option to open files using different apps. One of these is the Windows Photo Viewer that I like to use and Windows 10 does not. How can I make this a default app to open/display (all) my photos, not just individual ones? Many thanks again
  4. Not directly connected to Affinity but does anyone know how to change the format(?) of jpg images? Microsoft recently updated my Windows 10 but decided to change some of my settings, in particular those for jpg images. These now have a rump of variables one can tweek to improve one's picture - cut, level, variously enhance etc - in a line across the top that is too easy to accidentally click. I prefer using an old-fashioned 'format' for (jpg) pictures, which I suspect many of you use, which does not allow for any 'improvements' - that is left to Affinity... If anyone has any thoughts I would be very grateful. Chris Andreae
  5. You are a star! I thought there would be an easy answer - I was looking for a colour knob on the Paint Brush page but could not find one. Chris
  6. Simple question. How does one change the colour of the lines drawn by the brush? The answer is probably obvious but I cannot see it.
  7. The Crop Tool freezes if my laptop is put in to 'sleep' mode, and then turned on again later. One has to turn Affinity off completely and turn it back on again to make it work normally. Should it? Other tools may be affected too. Chris
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