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  1. Also no 1 life hack for designers: 01. Save your fonts “When you back up work for long-term storage and archiving, save the fonts in there, too,” advises Patrick Foster, professor of design at Vancouver Island University. “You’ll almost never have the same font library in a year or whenever you need to revisit the work.” https://www.creativebloq.com/features/25-top-life-hacks-for-designers
  2. Hi Callum, I sometimes have files with 20 Fonts and more (eg for font comparing purposes). This is a pain in the .. I can't even collect fonts inside Affinity, can I.
  3. @GabeThanks for the fast reply and for your overall awesome work. You already have a working alert in place for that so that users know what's happening. But it only works when dragging. If the mouse button is released before the alert it doesn't come up. Nobody knows why everything is stuck (even longer than when dragging). You could also show the alert sooner (e.g. after 2 seconds). Pretty Please forward to developers. 🙏 Thank you.
  4. Start project on Desktop - continue project on iPad. What is the easiest way to get used fonts to iPad? I would love to have them embedded in the Affinity file.
  5. There can be a delay of up to 10 seconds including the appearance of the spinning wait cursor and I am on a quite fast¹ machine. Then sometimes a Snapping Timeout occurs. It would be really good to have an earlier warning or showing up a recommendation to change Snapping settings or have an assistant showing up and temporarily turning of Snapping It cost me more than an hour searching for issues in my file to find out there is a Snapping issue. I found it strange that sometimes only one processor core was used, sometimes all 12 cores, sometimes even all 24 threads. The video card wasn't used at all according to Activity Monitor no matter what performance settings I used for display and hardware acceleration in Designer 1.8.3. I made these ugly videos because my screen shot tools wouldn't show the beachball of death (spinning wait cursor). However there seems to be less of a problem with all objects in separate curves. It slows down if all are "geometry added" into one single curve layer. If you group that single layer all is fine. @Gabe would you look into that? ¹) Geekbench 5 Single core 677, Multi core 6974, Metal 51587, Cinebench (R20) 3375 IMG_4913.mov IMG_4914.mov test1.afdesign test2.afdesign
  6. If I had to guess, I'd say Blend Tool comes with Affinity Designer 2.0.
  7. Looks like Frequency Separation in Affinity Photo if you use a Blur Brush
  8. Please add the ability to add pure vector based vector brushes based on vector objects for texture instead of PNGs. For now we can only add pixel based vector brushes. Being able to add pure vector brushes based on vector objects would allow us to create vector based textures and designs, which would be much easier to handle for any kind of (print) production. For example I tried to separate the colours to a spot colour PDF for screen print from this awesome work by Pierre Kleinhouse made for the Affinity Work from home series https://youtu.be/lL6gc8Oi2uw .afdesign file on DropBox: https://affin.co/LD2020PierreKleinhouse It was sort of a nightmare. I couldn't find a way to create a vector based spray texture within the Affinity Suite like in the second screen shot with the chimney. Expand stroke, working with spot colours, working with boolean operations ... a lot would be easier.
  9. I guess he means @MattP https://affinityspotlight.com/article/interview-with-matt-priestley-lead-affinity-designer-developer/
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