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  1. Ah Publisher .. I wil kiss your feet, when it's available (at least online :-)
  2. #Publisher how much from the affinity team power runs into the publisher project? would you say more or less than a third?
  3. This Bug is still there in AD Mac 1.5.1 :(
  4. I also frequently lose my Context Toolbar and the Toolbar without changing my work place settings like displays etc. Unfortunately I have to bring back in place all my studio items from scratch after reseting. I work in Seperated Mode on two screens and the Context Toolbar and the Toolbar always hide in the same (negative?) Position as seen in my left display. Is there a workaround to bring my Toolbar and Context Toolbar back without rebuilding the complete studio every time?
  5. Crashes still half the time ... :(
  6. Thank you for your fast response. Ok. This seems super hard to isolate. :( Doesn't happen every time. Seems as follows Happens more with a lot of apps open. Happens more with pngs'. More with auto assigned profiles. Sometimes opening the Profile dialogue and pressing cancel leads to a crash. Sometimes the dialogue doesn't appear and some affinity file windows don't appear anymore. My guess it's not the image file it's probably is an issue with memory allocation. Crash reports attached. crashreport1.txt crashreport2.txt
  7. Today I had a lot of crashes when changing the ICC profile. I didn't experience such crashes in the past. I think all the files today had no embedded profile and got my eciRGBv2-workprofile assigned on opening. When changing that to sRGB via conversion or assigning – affinity photo crashed.
  8. V2 First time to hear of a Version 2. What will the paying cycle be? — 50 € every two years?
  9. Thank you Sean, that was fast. I am used to the (non) reaction times of the big players like Apple or Adobe. So this is a pleasant surprise. Although I should know that by now, because you guys are awesome! Looking forward to the bug fix.
  10. It is always OFF This works fine all the time. No matter what numbers you use, as long as resampling is off, no pixel is changed. Except when you type in 192. Then you loose pixels. 191 or 193: all fine. If you open a file from another source with 192 dpi, pixels are lost. If you do anything with 192 dpi like create a file or export it, it doesn't work
  11. NO WAY to make/open/export images with 192 dpi at this number the pixels are set to very low resolution like 48 dpi 1.4 and 1.4.1
  12. Looks like -Mesh fill tool -Mesh warp/distort tool are not in 1.4. Are they still on top of the list?
  13. NICE!
  14. I am looking forward to this every hour of the day :)