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  1. Johannes

    Affinity Photo crashes on ICC Profile change

    Wow. It crashes if I use any self assigned shortcut key. If I use the mouse to select the menu everything seems to be ok. (Edit: but isn't. Still random crashes)
  2. So maybe its not the relative magnification alone but also the size of the magnified object test3.afdesign
  3. Johannes

    BUG: Toolbar offscreen in Seperated Mode

    If you catch it in the act (and your files are saved) you can force quit (OS X) the app. Then the tool bar is where it should be. (doesn’t work anymore if you have already quit the app in a regular way with the toolbar offscreen)
  4. Hey @MEB thanks for the effort and @Alfred thanks for the tip. I will try that next time. I made a GIF to illustrate my experience what happens with Expand Stroke. Ellipse (Stroke Width 0.3 pt) Convert to Curves Expand Stroke The Lines become uneven and seem to change their position a bit.
  5. Hey @Callum I looked further into this: Affinity (Designer) seemingly sends RGB-Data to printers even from a CMYK document. This simply has to mix up the color purity of C, M, Y and K. I could find out by toggling the RGB conversion (absolute/relative) in the Fiery-RIP setup. It had an effect on directly printing out of Affinity. It had none on printing the X1a via Preview. It looks as if Affinity uses a sRGB (or similar) profile. (giving the Fiery my working profile eciRGBv2 makes it worse) So all colors are converted just to sRGB and then to CMYK again. Everything becomes impure. Especially with colors within in the CMYK color space that aren't available within the small sRGB color space like green colours this gets way off.. How can I have Affinity (Designer) sending CMYK data to the print dialogue? Can you/I make it a choice, what gets sent to the print dialogue: RGB or CMYK? Like I can choose to use PDF X1a or X3 (which can contain eci-RGB-images for printers with larger color space).
  6. Johannes

    Undo affecting wrong document

    I experience this all the time with Photo and Designer after task switching or space switching from an other app to an Affinity app. It is pretty annoying.
  7. Hi Callum, thanks for the fast response. I hope I understood you correctly: I took the same existing export from my Designer file (the X1a with the good printout via Acrobat) Opened it in Preview and printed it with the same print preset as before in Designer again with the two methods as before in Designer and mentioned by you – + first with color matching with printer, + second with color matching set to my ISO coated v2 (which is my working profile in Designer (and output intent in X1a) and is simulated by the Printer) Both new prints look exactly the same. and – tadaa – everything looks as perfect as if printed via Acrobat. So how can I achieve that directly via Designer?
  8. Greyscale become multicoloured when printing from Affinity Designer. Obviously a conversion to/from color profiles happens inside Designer. How can I prevent this from happening? (This happens to all colours. It is just shown best with greyscale.) My printer expects data in the same colour profile as my AD files working profile. (ISO coated v2 (eci)) When exporting a PDF/X1a and printing with Adobe Acrobat everything is OK.
  9. Ah Publisher .. I wil kiss your feet, when it's available (at least online :-)
  10. #Publisher how much from the affinity team power runs into the publisher project? would you say more or less than a third?
  11. Johannes

    BUG: Toolbar offscreen in Seperated Mode

    This Bug is still there in AD Mac 1.5.1 :(
  12. Johannes

    Context Toolbar has disappeared in AD (Mac)

    I also frequently lose my Context Toolbar and the Toolbar without changing my work place settings like displays etc. Unfortunately I have to bring back in place all my studio items from scratch after reseting. I work in Seperated Mode on two screens and the Context Toolbar and the Toolbar always hide in the same (negative?) Position as seen in my left display. Is there a workaround to bring my Toolbar and Context Toolbar back without rebuilding the complete studio every time?
  13. Johannes

    Affinity Photo crashes on ICC Profile change

    Crashes still half the time ... :(
  14. Johannes

    Affinity Photo crashes on ICC Profile change

    Thank you for your fast response. Ok. This seems super hard to isolate. :( Doesn't happen every time. Seems as follows Happens more with a lot of apps open. Happens more with pngs'. More with auto assigned profiles. Sometimes opening the Profile dialogue and pressing cancel leads to a crash. Sometimes the dialogue doesn't appear and some affinity file windows don't appear anymore. My guess it's not the image file it's probably is an issue with memory allocation. Crash reports attached. crashreport1.txt crashreport2.txt