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  1. 5 months ago on twitter https://twitter.com/artischock_linz/status/1068541662488682498
  2. Yes PLEASE! Erics fix doesn't work for me. This Bug is super annoying. I have to position all Studio-Items every time the bug occurs. Happens regularly in Designer and Photo. Still in 1.6.1
  3. Replicate aka Blend Tool /Command is on the Affinity Designer roadmap for more than four years. Holding it back for 2.0?
  4. Johannes


    Fonts auto activation if fonts auto activate while opening a document fonts aren't displayed correctly only reopening the document helps it seems to be better with Publisher already open and worse if opened through double clicking the document better: most or all fonts displayed correctly (2nd attached image) worse: no fonts displayed correctly (1st attached image) testfile shows fonts layer above layer with fonts converted to paths publisher fontexplorer x pro 5.5.1 os x 10.11.6 edit: maybe this is a timing issue? ... off topic – Designer doesn't auto activate at all.
  5. Had my first real life attempt with publisher today . Would have needed inline graphics.
  6. https://twitter.com/search?l=&q=DAM from%3Aaffinitybyserif&src=typd
  7. Johannes

    Let's be honest

    auto-hyphenation (edit +auto) table of contents page numbers external images facing pages tables initials linked text frames easier text wrapping baseline grids (edit) ... Things not in Designer but in Publisher. I am sure there is more. ( Just my first two cents to this montypythonesk discussion. )
  8. If I had to guess, I would say € 79 with a starting discount of 33 % which makes about € 53.
  9. Unlike Publisher Photo and Designer are already main tools in my daily work. I still check every pdf with Acrobat before sending it to the printing company though. (Publisher will complete the trio soon.)
  10. I was using InDesign since 1999 as a pro and not even once was in need of a commercial template. No need to force me. The independence of being able to open my own work without Adobe on the other side is important to me. So I never joined CC.
  11. Johannes


    I use InDesign CS6 until Affinity Publisher is out of Beta. With Parallels and I can use legacy software like Ai CS5 or even Freehand. Don't ask me about the speed of it. I just open old files. I'd guess since it's old software it should run reasonable fast.
  12. Wow. It crashes if I use any self assigned shortcut key. If I use the mouse to select the menu everything seems to be ok. (Edit: but isn't. Still random crashes)
  13. So maybe its not the relative magnification alone but also the size of the magnified object test3.afdesign