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  1. tried it. crashed. I found out something new. You have to have Window > Seperated Mode checked for it to crash.
  2. Windows? As mentioned I work on a Mac. Are reports from ~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/ welcome too? See below. Hope that helps. Affinity Publisher_2019-09-12-161534_Johannes-Mac-Pro.crash Affinity Publisher_2019-09-12-161440_Johannes-Mac-Pro.crash Affinity Publisher_2019-09-12-160402_Johannes-Mac-Pro.crash Affinity Publisher_2019-09-12-160247_Johannes-Mac-Pro.crash Affinity Publisher_2019-09-12-160203_Johannes-Mac-Pro.crash Affinity Publisher_2019-09-12-160120_Johannes-Mac-Pro.crash Affinity Publisher_2019-09-12-155714_Johannes-Mac-Pro.crash Affinity Publisher_2019-09-12-155653_Johannes-Mac-Pro.crash Affinity Publisher_2019-09-12-155552_Johannes-Mac-Pro.crash Affinity Publisher_2019-09-12-155513_Johannes-Mac-Pro.crash Affinity Publisher_2019-09-12-155222_Johannes-Mac-Pro.crash Affinity Publisher_2019-09-12-104339_Johannes-Mac-Pro.crash Affinity Publisher_2019-09-12-101824_Johannes-Mac-Pro.crash
  3. I hope the attached file test.afpub is what you need to solve this. I had now about 20 crashes with that in the last 10 minutes. Publisher crashes in Photo persona with selection refinement by clicking Apply when Selection is selected in the pull down menu and when Mask is selected. It doesn't crash with the other two options, where a new layer is created. It also crashes by just closing the selection refinement window if Mask was once selected. test.afpub image credit: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Affinity-publisher-icon-1080.png https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Affinity_designer_icon.png https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Affinity-photo-icon.png
  4. StudioLink selection refinement - crash - every single time. If I do that like here on minute 19:00 my Publisher crashes in the second of clicking apply. Every time. On every file. Publisher 1.7.2 (Affinity store) Photo, Designer 1.7.2 (Apple App store), OS X 10.11.6
  5. I have an acceptable workaround now. Thanks.
  6. with open after export checked this seems like a reasonable solution since printing with preview works without a hassle
  7. Johannes

    Data merge

    It's called #ADOBYE
  8. it's a digital CMYK printing press - Xerox DocuColor 12 with Fiery XP12 RIP - quite old but very accurate in the ISOcoated v2 color space. It accepts every color space because I could load it on to the machine. converting the space is a loss though especially with everything besides photos. For example you don’t want 0 0 0 100 black 10 pt running text (body) to become e.g. 50 30 20 60. It gets rasterized and bold.
  9. Affinity seemingly sends RGB-Data to printers even from a CMYK document. So all colors are converted just to sRGB and then to CMYK again. Everything becomes impure. Especially with colors within in the CMYK color space that aren't available within the small sRGB color space, this could get off. Can you/I make it a choice, what gets sent to the print dialogue: RGB or CMYK? When exporting a PDF/X1a and printing with Preview or Adobe Acrobat everything is OK. (Attached image shows the X1a-PDF from my printer which is very similar to a reference sheet (top) and the directly vie Publisher printed sheet from my printer (bottom) darker and less neutral)
  10. 5 months ago on twitter https://twitter.com/artischock_linz/status/1068541662488682498
  11. Yes PLEASE! Erics fix doesn't work for me. This Bug is super annoying. I have to position all Studio-Items every time the bug occurs. Happens regularly in Designer and Photo. Still in 1.6.1
  12. Replicate aka Blend Tool /Command is on the Affinity Designer roadmap for more than four years. Holding it back for 2.0?