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  1. I hope I understand you right: You want to know what a certain printer produces if it gets your work without a color profile or threw it away, right? I would bet that no printer prints without its own internal profile. And incoming data has to be converted to this color profile. This is only possible if the data includes its profile for output intent. If there is no profile within the file the printer has to assume a profile as calculation source. I am sure there are some cheap printers that throw away any incoming profile and assume another one. If you know what this assumption is you could as well use this profile for softproofing the case of "non color managed printing". I guess a lot of printers assume sRGB or ISOcoatedv2//Fogra39. Of course this only works if the assumed color space is smaller than the printers and there is eg. still no paper taken into account. I guess I somehow understand you now 😬 I totally agree on that.
  2. My most critical output is PDF files for print production. It is of utmost importance to make sure these files are perfect because a lot of money depends on that. These files go to printing companies and if something goes wrong there because of my file, I have to pay for the production twice. Right now I do that with Adobe Acrobat Pro. I check for example If color separation, overprinting, spot colors, color spaces, transparencies, vector elements (not rasterized), pdf standards and more are as intended.
  3. I am sorry. I don't understand halve of what you are saying. Especially why you wouldn't just generate an .icc profile by calibrating your printer (with the desired paper) and use this profile for softproofing.
  4. I can and I do use Affinity to produce color managed output on a daily basis. This made my income for about the last 25 years mainly with Adobe products but the last 5 years mainly with Affinity products. I use a fully calibrated workflow in the same manner I did with Adobe products. No HDR yet. My two main outputs are files for Web in sRGB and Print in ISO-coatedv2/3 Input sources sRGB eciRGB AdobeRGB P3 and more. Making CMYK-PDFs with embedded wide gamut RGB images for printers with larger color space works. There are some inconveniences though: Softproofing with a layer doesn’t make much sense. It should be a view setting. There has to be a way to preprint-check PDF-files. I still do that with Acrobat Pro. And more ...
  5. Here is the answer from EIZO support. One of the top display manufacturers of the world. (I tried to translate from German to English): The CG3146 is a reference monitor for color grading movies and is priced around 25,000 USD and does not support HDR10. Let's think about this.
  6. Hi guys, is there a list of displays for Macs, which are compatible with EDR (extended dynamic range) within Affinity suite? I want to buy a new Display for my RX580 Mac. I don't know which displays will work with EDR in Affinity suite. The following wide gamut displays are top in my list: EIZO CG279X EIZO CG2730 EIZO CG277-BK EIZO CS2740 EIZO CS2731 BenQ SW271 Is any of these Affinity-EDR compatible if plugged in my Mac? Is the Radeon RX 580 8 GB compatible?
  7. I can't open this build after today app store app update. It's asking for a registration/product Key. My bought copy is 1.8.6 from the App Store.
  8. Same here. My bought copy is 1.8.6 from the App Store.
  9. It was. As I understand it, there is no more public road map.
  10. It probable would be of interest to know if the problem occurs with any file (if not upload a file) all the time (if not show in video when it occurs and goes away). For example like here https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/109840-too-slow-when-working-with-many-anchor-points/&tab=comments#comment-649753 but you can do it with https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT208721 (I guess there is no spinning wait cursor you want to show) But hey - I'm not Affinity - just a fan.
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