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  1. Johannes

    Preflight presets

    color seperation view/preview would also be nice
  2. Johannes

    Preflight presets

    THANK YOU for the PREFLIGHT here is my wishlist on checks and more Prepress Wishlist in addition to the existing checks above mentioned by other users Checks in Preflight live/export Total ink coverage is above n % Empty pages Different page sizes Black/grey text doesn't overprint and is smaller than n Black font consists of multiple colors Object uses transparency Checks in Preflight AFTER export on the exported PDF file all checks would be very ensuring for production especially following PDF/X conformity for PDF/X-1a PDF/X4 etc PDF standards PDF 1.3, 1.4, etc Font is not embedded Courier is used within trim box (because was replaced on export due to missing font) Total ink coverage is above n % Black font consists of multiple colors Object uses transparency Views Overprinting preview Total ink coverage warning view paper simulation for soft proof adjustment(?) (should work on all pages at once) Right now I am using Adobe Acrobat Pro every day for alle the above mentioned and more checks. In general Affinity PDFs show less issues than InDesign PDFs but most issues are user generated.
  3. Seperated Mode seems to be less tested over all.
  4. Is this the build with Preflight panel?
  5. File > New = blurry Some Text is blurry in the New File Dialogue
  6. Johannes

    Preflight panel?

    I have no way to do this particular task With Acrobat. I use Acrobat to check resoultions, color spaces, spot colors, fonts, pdf standards and much more. (I use Publisher for real projects since it is out of beta.) The best way I have right now to check overlapping text is by unchecking View/Preview Mode and check View/Show Text Flow. This seems to work pretty well (Publisher 1.7.3)
  7. tried it. crashed. I found out something new. You have to have Window > Seperated Mode checked for it to crash.
  8. Windows? As mentioned I work on a Mac. Are reports from ~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/ welcome too? See below. Hope that helps. Affinity Publisher_2019-09-12-161534_Johannes-Mac-Pro.crash Affinity Publisher_2019-09-12-161440_Johannes-Mac-Pro.crash Affinity Publisher_2019-09-12-160402_Johannes-Mac-Pro.crash Affinity Publisher_2019-09-12-160247_Johannes-Mac-Pro.crash Affinity Publisher_2019-09-12-160203_Johannes-Mac-Pro.crash Affinity Publisher_2019-09-12-160120_Johannes-Mac-Pro.crash Affinity Publisher_2019-09-12-155714_Johannes-Mac-Pro.crash Affinity Publisher_2019-09-12-155653_Johannes-Mac-Pro.crash Affinity Publisher_2019-09-12-155552_Johannes-Mac-Pro.crash Affinity Publisher_2019-09-12-155513_Johannes-Mac-Pro.crash Affinity Publisher_2019-09-12-155222_Johannes-Mac-Pro.crash Affinity Publisher_2019-09-12-104339_Johannes-Mac-Pro.crash Affinity Publisher_2019-09-12-101824_Johannes-Mac-Pro.crash
  9. I hope the attached file test.afpub is what you need to solve this. I had now about 20 crashes with that in the last 10 minutes. Publisher crashes in Photo persona with selection refinement by clicking Apply when Selection is selected in the pull down menu and when Mask is selected. It doesn't crash with the other two options, where a new layer is created. It also crashes by just closing the selection refinement window if Mask was once selected. test.afpub image credit: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Affinity-publisher-icon-1080.png https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Affinity_designer_icon.png https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Affinity-photo-icon.png
  10. StudioLink selection refinement - crash - every single time. If I do that like here on minute 19:00 my Publisher crashes in the second of clicking apply. Every time. On every file. Publisher 1.7.2 (Affinity store) Photo, Designer 1.7.2 (Apple App store), OS X 10.11.6
  11. I have an acceptable workaround now. Thanks.
  12. with open after export checked this seems like a reasonable solution since printing with preview works without a hassle

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