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  1. I can - one time, but I do need working templates to distribute them to other people.
  2. That's the point... I'll need to delete and re-add all the symbol instances I used accross my templates - this time making sure that they have some text-on-path inside and resizing them to their correct dimensions using the second handle. This basically means redoing the templates I created. Thanks a lot, looking forward to the update.
  3. This kind of works, but only if there is already a text inside a symbol... the second handle is not visible otherwise. And it wasn't there when I was creating my templates, as I didn't have any text inside symbols (I was using a simple square as a placeholder). Don't tell me that all the work I already did is to be thrown away... This would be my first BIG disappointment with AD, since I bought it last year. And still, I can't understand why does AD do not scale EVERYTHING that is selected - strokes, FX, text... but requires to make all that additional things - use the second handle for text, mark the checkboxes for strokes, mark the checkboxes for FX etc. to make things scale properly.
  4. Attached is sample File - A symbol is created in the first artboard (Edit HERE) and embedded into destinations 1 and 2 in different sizes. When I add there an element containing text-on-path, that element is not properly scaled. symbol - scaling - text on path.afdesign
  5. This is not working for me - I have the text-on-path object inside a symbol, and the symbol is multiplied on several artboards in different sizes.
  6. Yes, for strokes I know that... But I didn't find any way to scale text on path. And in the first place, why do we have to make it at all? I can't see any reason why anyone usig a vector graphics would like their objects' properties not to scale? It looks for me like a bug in the implementation or flaw in the design.
  7. I see no improvement in solving the scaling issue reported already a long time ago... elements in a VECTOR image shall be scaling with ALL of their properties... that's the point of using a vector editing software. In AD this is not working. Symbols - if contain text on a path are pretty much useless if needs to be scaled - see the attached image. Strokes - you need to enable scaling for each and every stroke. Same with FX... Why can't it work as it should across the whole AD - that ALL elements AND their properties are scaled unless specified otherwise? Would you please FIX this... as much as I love AD, those scaling issues are making using it a nightmare.
  8. Hi Lee, thanks... but to me - scaling of ALL attributes of an object shall be the default. I mean, it's the whole point of making vector graphics... shall anyone want to have it otherwise for some special reasons - this shall be an exception requiring some extra work and unchecking some checkboxes, don't you think? On the other hand, how can I have a brush inside a symbol to be scaled with other objects?
  9. Hi, I can't find a way to make "Scale with object" checked by default for all new documents/layers/objects strokes and layer effects. Can anyone please help me and tell how can I have this done? This is strange to me that, when working with vector graphics, some of the object properties do not scale by default when the object is scaled. And digging through menus to check those checkboxes for each and every object's stroke and layer is pretty annoying.
  10. Hi Chris, thanks for checking this. Just to make sure that we're on the same page - this is not really a "skew" on the text, but a vertical shift set for each character separately - I didn't want to have letters being rotated, but only shifted upwards. Maybe the font I used in my example is not the best to showcase this
  11. Hi, AD (Win ver. when opening SVG files ignores the vertical shift of characters in a text... this renders some strange results (see the screenshot of the rendering of the attached file in Inkscape and in AD). test.svg
  12. I've seen reports about from 2016, acknowledged as a known issue, which shall soon (then) be fixed. Not sure if this was ever done, or if this might be a regression... I see values in pixel params, being changed when using Paste FX
  13. I have a second computer with Windows 10 (to which I'm moving now) and here all works well with .Net 4.7, so it's Wind7 specific. When I had .Net 4.7 on Win7 I noticed other programs had issues as well (Box Edit, Techsmith Jing, Microsoft Crash Reporter)... so it might be Microsoft's fault.
  14. Just to confirm, that the issue is related to the .Net Framework 4.7, I uninstalled it, then reinstalled version 4.6.2 and AD and AP are working again.
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