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  1. Hi Lee, thanks... but to me - scaling of ALL attributes of an object shall be the default. I mean, it's the whole point of making vector graphics... shall anyone want to have it otherwise for some special reasons - this shall be an exception requiring some extra work and unchecking some checkboxes, don't you think? On the other hand, how can I have a brush inside a symbol to be scaled with other objects?
  2. Hi, I can't find a way to make "Scale with object" checked by default for all new documents/layers/objects strokes and layer effects. Can anyone please help me and tell how can I have this done? This is strange to me that, when working with vector graphics, some of the object properties do not scale by default when the object is scaled. And digging through menus to check those checkboxes for each and every object's stroke and layer is pretty annoying.
  3. Hi, I use AD for quite some typography projects, hence I often need to cycle through many font-faces before I select the one I want to use for a particular element. AD is making this however quite hard - as everytime I select a font face for an object when I want to go back to the list of fonts to evaluate other font options, I'm back on the top of the list (in the area with recently selected fonts). This is making it quite annoying, as I each time I want to keep moving on the list, I first need to manually scroll to the place where I left off (selected the last font)... I understand that having recent fonts on the top is quite useful, but, as it is easily accessible with HOME key, when selecting a text object, I'd rather be placed on the list in the place where the current font is placed, not on the top in the recent fonts area. (if you think this would annoy other users PLEASE make it an option).
  4. After making a switch from Inkscape to Affinity Designer... I mostly like it, but there are few features which I see missing and used them a lot... One of them is the ability to decide how the object alignment will work - esp. which object will be the reference for the alignment. Right now, if I want to align two (or more) objects - they are both moved towards each other... In some cases, this is not desired, as if one object was already properly placed, I'd like to keep it where it was, and only have remaining objects moved. In Inkscape, you can define in relation to what the alignment will be done. For me, the most used (and missing in AD) reference options were Firs and Last selected - so respectively the first or last selected object won't move, and all others would be aligned to it. Would you please consider it?
  5. I'm on Windows 7 with 1920x1080 screen and have the same issue on ver Clear type is enabled, Windows font scaling is 100%... And It's only Affinity Designer with "ugly" fonts... all other apps I have are fine. BTW - awesome app ;-)
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