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  1. I just had a set of crashes in Designer 2. On a drawing I had been working on for several hours yesterday. Today I had just finished positioning several smooth nodes to form a snake like line just in from the outside edge of the drawing. Then using the pen tool I created a rectangle just inside that snake. Finally I did a copy paste of that rectangle and using the node tool moved the nodes snapping them to the document's four corners. When I snapped the node in the bottom right corner suddenly AD was gone/crashed. FYI this was the third of the four node moved. Crash 2-5-23.txt I reopened the document selecting the autosaved version. Luckily it had autosaved all except the last half dozen node moves on the snake. Then I repeated the above sequence. When I snapped the bottom right node on the corner again AD was gone. Crash 2-5-23 2.txt For the third attempt I did the same as above but performed a manual save after each step. No crash. I am hoping this info will help lead you to the cause of the crashes. I had been working for about 2-1/2 hours this morning before the first crash. Thank you.
  2. Okay you two for the sake of a person that has operated in non-Separated mode very little. You are saying people open a second document, or do a New View, just so they can pull the document off the tabs line? That could be handy sometimes. Thanks for the suggestion. And it sure does away with the issue of the name length/zoom size.
  3. In V1 I was using Separated mode which allowed pretty well any length name. A 50 character name below as an example. And still a long space possible for zoom.
  4. I'm seeing this same issue also on Designer. Has there been any word on if this is just a trial thing or not? I know I'm in Affinity Designer, what I don't know is my zoom level. I use the zoom level a lot in drawing to compare the size of objects when zoomed in. I don't want to spend $40 or $99 to find out this is not a trial thing. I'm running this on an Mac using the Ventura OS.
  5. Hi MEB, Okay, I can live with that seeing as there won't be many drawings with fewer objects than the max candidates. It was just weird that sometimes they were all highlighted and other times none were highlighted. Thank you for looking at it. Mike
  6. But you can pick which objects you want to be candidates before doing a drag and snap. By hovering over the intended candidates. That's what I was trying to do.
  7. I have found that this occurs right after the Snapping is turned on. The drawing then requires a click inside the drawing to activate the candidate display, or hovering over the selected object.
  8. I made a simple drawing with 3 shapes to test how V2 AD worked. I found that with most options selected in the Snapping dialog box it still didn't highlight the candidates until I went to the selected layer. In V1 it would have selected the layers as I hovered over them. Shouldn't this have done so? See attached video. candidates.mov Temp1.afdesign This was done on a 2020 27" iMac running Ventura 13.0.1.
  9. Then are you saying that in non-Separated mode the full screen is not acting correct? I know you aren't it's just that it's not useable in Separated mode. There were several other things that were awkward in Separated mode, but I've learned to live with them, because unlike loukash I still like Separated mode so much more than non-Separated mode so I stuck with it. Being able to easily go out and sample the color from something outside AD was so handy. Being able to have 3 columns of panels that went all the way to the top of the screen was handy. Resizing the canvas as needed was handy. I bet I resize the canvas area a few times every day for one reason or another. I just find non-Separated mode feels restrictive. Having it being missing from V2 will possibly stop me from going to V2.
  10. I like that. In V1 I just got used to using short names so the Curve/Curves didn't run off the screen.
  11. I am using Ventura now on a new 27" iMac. I need to update the system info on the bottom of the forum. But first I need to figure out how to do that. But I am trying to work with V2 to decide if I really want to go to V2. With V1 non-Separated mode the option green button causes the Canvas, panels and tools to move out to fill the screen. The entire canvas is visible. In Separated mode it opens the canvas up so wide it's under the toolbars and everything else. That's not useable for much of anything.
  12. The big push from Affinity and most drawing classes is to NAME THE LAYERS so you can identify them. Now AD is trying to get us to stop naming the layers so we can tell what's in them. What's up with that!? Yes V1 was much better for that.
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