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  1. From my experience I have found the search field searches in the name of the letter. So searching for an A will return most everything as a name like LATIN CAPITAL LETTER Z has an A in it But a search for CAPITAL LETTER A will find the all the varieties of capitol A's. Also a search can be done using the unicode seeing as that's also in the name. But I get some weird results on that. A search for an 09 gives the unicode f909 and fa09 but not all the other possibilities. Typing in a u+0045 shows all characters but highlights the E. But a u+004 just shows all characters.
  2. Gear maker

    [AD] The text cursor gets lost

    In AD there is a bug in the art text tool. 1. Using the art text tool create a single layer with 3 lines of text broken by returns. Something like: 2. Place the art text tool cursor somewhere in the middle of the second text line, like before the word “proposed” in the above example by clicking the mouse in this location. 3. Hold the shift key down and using a mouse click at the beginning of the same line to highlight all the words in the line before the word “proposed”. 4. Press delete. The cursor can't be seen but should be at the beginning of the second line. 5. Press a down arrow. The cursor will now show and it is at the beginning of the third line. 6. Hold shift down and click the mouse somewhere in the third line, like before the word “representatives” in the example. This should highlight “publishers consisting of” but it doesn’t it highlights from the position of where the cursor was when last clicked. So “roup, an informal group of publishers consisting of “ ends up being highlighted instead. AD thinks the location of the cursor is at a position other than what it is showing to be.
  3. Annie, when I open a PDF in AD that has missing fonts I get a screen like below that shows what the fonts were and what they were replaced with. Don't you get that screen telling you the replacements? I would guess that seeing as my Univers has been replaced with Helvetica that might be a good starting point in your search. Mike
  4. The best way to achieve a shiny surface IMHO is with a conical gradient using a mix of lighter and darker bands against a silver background.
  5. Friksel, after deleting the node do an opt/alt click on the handle instead of moving it. That will remove the handle which is much easier than adjusting it. 2a & b If you really want to adjust it instead of removing it turn on the "Snap off-curve handles" (the 4th icon in the Snap setting) then it will snap to be inline with the path. Hope that helps.
  6. Bert, I agree it is something that is lacking. Especially when you have text so you need to reach the lower right handle. When I'm working on a large drawing I frequently create a New View of my drawing. In one view I have it zoomed into the detail area and the other is zoomed out or moved to allow use of the handles.
  7. Perspective is not in Designer. It is in Photo. Skew is in Designer, it is done using a set of dual arrows that are located just outside the bounding box near the center handle on each side.
  8. I wonder how Adobe can do this as there are several types of color blindness. Some of which are: Protanomaly, which is a reduced sensitivity to red light Deuteranomaly, which is a reduced sensitivity to green light Tritanomaly, which is a reduced sensitivity to blue light
  9. FYI but I have found that when I have the Undo limit in the preferences at the default of 1024 I also find it slowing down after an few hours of work. I can't imagine needing to back up 1024 moves, so I reduce it to 402 and then don't see the slowing down.
  10. Dodgreruk, I've been running AD since 2014 with some very good sized projects, on a late 2009 27" iMac, 3.06 GHz, running Sierra. I've been very happy with the operations. I had 8 gig memory and upped it to 12 when I had the hard drive replaced, but didn't see any difference in performance. I can't guarantee what you will think, but as I stated I'm very happy with it.
  11. To smooth out the pixelation you would have to increase the DPI of your drawing.
  12. I'm on a mac and while not a DAM I have been happy just using Pathfinder file manager. https://cocoatech.com/#/ It has a list mode that shows me file names sorted by name, create date, last updated, extension type, etc. It also has what it calls an Icon view which shows me an image view of each (again sorted by many criteria) up to about 3" square. I find it shows 98% of the affinity vector drawings and pixel photos (never figured out why a few it doesn't show). It shows SVG, PDF and pretty much other formats. Right clicking on a drawing will let me choose what application to use to open it up. Of course a double left click opens it in it's native application. It won't do descriptions or notes. But until something better comes along I'm pleased.
  13. Just a thought, in Preferences>General there is an option Save thumbnails with documents. Do you have this selected?
  14. Davorin, I'm no expert on SVG but when I export a document I to SVG if it's 72 DPI then it is saved as expected but when I export a 300 PDI it is converted to 72 DPI resulting in a size change. If you open the export window, select SVG then click on the More, there is an option to set what DPI is desired. I believe this will do what you want.
  15. Psenda, can you scroll down using the mouse wheel or a trackpad with a down swipe?