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  1. Dodgreruk, I've been running AD since 2014 with some very good sized projects, on a late 2009 27" iMac, 3.06 GHz, running Sierra. I've been very happy with the operations. I had 8 gig memory and upped it to 12 when I had the hard drive replaced, but didn't see any difference in performance. I can't guarantee what you will think, but as I stated I'm very happy with it.
  2. To smooth out the pixelation you would have to increase the DPI of your drawing.
  3. I'm on a mac and while not a DAM I have been happy just using Pathfinder file manager. https://cocoatech.com/#/ It has a list mode that shows me file names sorted by name, create date, last updated, extension type, etc. It also has what it calls an Icon view which shows me an image view of each (again sorted by many criteria) up to about 3" square. I find it shows 98% of the affinity vector drawings and pixel photos (never figured out why a few it doesn't show). It shows SVG, PDF and pretty much other formats. Right clicking on a drawing will let me choose what application to use to open it up. Of course a double left click opens it in it's native application. It won't do descriptions or notes. But until something better comes along I'm pleased.
  4. Just a thought, in Preferences>General there is an option Save thumbnails with documents. Do you have this selected?
  5. Davorin, I'm no expert on SVG but when I export a document I to SVG if it's 72 DPI then it is saved as expected but when I export a 300 PDI it is converted to 72 DPI resulting in a size change. If you open the export window, select SVG then click on the More, there is an option to set what DPI is desired. I believe this will do what you want.
  6. Psenda, can you scroll down using the mouse wheel or a trackpad with a down swipe?
  7. On the Mac it's listed as Assistant Options, and yes it needs to be scrolled down to get to it.
  8. Gear maker

    Special Strokes

    I only can think of 2 other ways and they depend on your drawing. If the background is a solid color then use that color to fill the shapes. If the background is not solid make a copy of the background a child of each shape. As long as you Lock children you can still move the shape without causing a problem.
  9. The day I walked into Computerland in March of '79 and discovered the Apple II I just couldn't leave without buying one. I couldn't even wait until the next day. I didn't care if I had to go a year without eating I just had to buy one now! Which is really odd as I have never done impulse buying.
  10. Oh that brings back memories. Not necessarily good ones either. My Apple II used a standard audio recorder, I still have 3 as the first 2 almost didn't work. The third worked and only took 2 or 3 tries to get the program to load. And used standard audio cassettes. I wonder if a DATA cassette would have worked better. Luckily with, initially, 16k of RAM in the computer the programs were short. I thought I'd gone to heaven when Apple brought out their 5.25" single sided floppy drive. Luckily didn't have to worry about a mouse, squeaking or not.
  11. I started out with the Magic Mouse almost 10 years ago. Quickly found I hated that creature. I thought it was the poorest design possible for getting any accuracy. Just before I'd click a button the cursor would end up moving. I then bought what I believe is a Logitech M620 which I have loved. But lately I find in AD that sometimes when I drag several layers all but one end up being dropped somewhere I don't want them. I'm assuming the left button's switch is wearing out. But after 9 years plus with heavy usage that's not bad. The resolution is great. It has 3 extra programmable buttons that I find I never use. Every few years I get a wild hair and set up the buttons to do something but 2 days later quite using them. I didn't feel that cordless was a big issue until I got this one, now I love cordless. A big plus was that the Magic Mouse needed new batteries every month or so and the M620 needs batteries every couple years with heavy usage. In 9+ years I bet I've replaced the batteries (2 AA batteries) about 4 times.
  12. On my mac there is an inverted V that appears when in the Pen tool with opt key held down and while hovering over an existing handle. I get a slash when in the Pen tool and the pen mode is selected and I hover over an existing node. In any other mode the cursor switches to the Node tool's cursor (but stays in the Pen tool). In the Pen tool I only get a tilde (~) showing when cmd is held down (so it really is in the Node tool) while hovering over a path showing it can be dragged or with a click it will create a new node.
  13. Gear maker


    Great tip Oval. Very handy even on an English machine.
  14. This issue has been around a long long time, here.
  15. Gear maker

    [AD] Memory leak?

    Hi Sean, Actually I was combining two sets of lines that had already been drawn and tweaking them. They were already drawn. I was doing mainly Join Curves accompanied by deleting some nodes each time. With many Break Curves and many Divides. Throw in a lot of reorganizing layers in the layer panel. Mike