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  1. Gear maker

    Exit text editing

    Often 2 clicks of escape will unselect the text layer. As A_B_C notes in his referenced forum entry there is no one rule when using the escape key to exit text edit. You need to consider where exactly you're at or press it watching the text entry cursor or text highlight until they both disappear.
  2. Actually there are several other times when the spacebar doesn't, can't be used or can't easily be used to hide the bounding box. Such as: When adjusting the blending mode. When in one of the text tools. When using the color picker tool. The bounding box is hidden but the blue outline is not. During the actual drawing using the Shape tools. When using the corner tool. When adjusting the opacity of the object. If the spacebar is held down when clicking on the opacity slider the bounding box is temporarily switched off, but most tools won't work either during this period. Handy exceptions to this are when using the Color picker tool and adjusting the blending mode. And I'm sure I've messed many more.
  3. I never noticed, or tried shift scrolling on my mac. Odd that it only scrolls down, and will not go up.
  4. I bought 2 new mice 6 months ago and they both had an accelerated scroll that totally made them useless to zoom or even scroll using the wheel accurately. I've had to stay with my tired and sick old mouse because it was made before the majority of mouse users who only want it to be able to get the bottom of the blog quickly.
  5. Gear maker

    [AD] Pops out of shape tool to node tool

    Bruce, yes it's easy to work around, been doing it for a couple years. I just have trained myself not to reverse the direction of dragging (most of the time). I just modify what I get to be what I actually want it to be. Something is triggering this to not work properly. I probably have another month or more on this project before I can start something else to see if I can figure out what triggers it. In my current project it happens probably 90% of the times, if I change direction. I think the only time it doesn't is when I move the cursor quickly from one side to the other. I think that's why I couldn't get it to work with QuickTime Player on as QP adds so much lag to the display. The cursor is past the zero point before AD even knows it moved, just like if I move the cursor quickly. I'm surprised no one else has seen this issue. Oh well. Thanks. Mike
  6. Gear maker

    [AD] Pops out of shape tool to node tool

    Argh... Every time I turn on QuickTime Player AD won't do it. Then when I turn QuickTime Player off it does it. I do find that if I just start a new drawing with nothing in it I don't have the problem. I'm going to have to try to figure out exactly when it starts on a drawing. My current project is way to big, I'll have to try it as my next one progresses to see when it starts acting up. Thank you all.
  7. For a couple years now I have wondered if this is a bug or "by design". But I have been remiss in not asking the question. I have not seen any other entry questioning it. If I start drawing a shape dragging say from top left to bottom right and then change my mind and change the drag direction towards bottom left, as soon as the cursor gets directly below the starting point AD pops out of the shape tool and switches to the node tool. But, if I move the cursor fast enough so AD doesn't realize that the cursor is passing the same X position as the start position then it accepts the change in direction and works continuing to draw the shape. This problem also exists for changes in the Y direction.
  8. Mexwell, try going into the menu View > View Mode and uncheck Clip to Canvas (also switched using a / keystroke). This will allow anything in the gray area to be visible.
  9. Both the beta and the release have this issue. When an adjustment layer is created for a layer the highlighting of that layer in the layer panel disappears. If several layers have adjustment layers there is no way to know which was just added and which layer is selected. Closing the adjustment panel does not cause the layer selection to reappear. Layer.mov
  10. Do you get a beep out of the computer? Or is the keystroke completely ignored? I use a mac but if certain windows are open like the FX panel or Color Chooser then some keystrokes are ignored but I get a beep. cmd C, cmd V are a couple of these but cmd J and cmd S always work. If you have any panels open that are not controlled by the View > Studio > try closing them to see if the keyboard starts reacting properly. Good luck.
  11. Was it the snapping or one of the force Pixel selections? I don't usually have the force pixel setting on, but always have snap on (just about always) with no problem. Good luck.
  12. Mark, I have found one thing that seems to really slow down Ad for me and that is to leave the Undo Limit at a high number. I can't imaging wanting to Undo over a thousand steps. Anyway I have had better operations when it is set to 400 some Undos. I hope that helps.
  13. jonefin005, you don't say which app you are using. In Designer if it's not in with the color panel go to View>Studio> and check to see if the stroke panel is checked. In Photo there isn't a docked panel but the stroke is accessible from the context toolbar when you are on an applicable layer, such as a rectangle. By clicking on the button shown as None below a panel will open.
  14. Can anyone explain why in the attached drawing when any blur is added the black lines turn white? Lines.afdesign Select the group Lines. Add the smallest amount of blur. The black lines will change to the color of the white. I'm using AD 1.6.2 for this.
  15. It would really be handy if there were a modifier key that restricts the node tool from grabbing a handle. The attached picture is zoomed in over 2 million percent and no handle is showing, but if I try to move that node I move a handle instead which screws up the opposite handle and it's path. If I opt click on the node both handles are deleted and because I can't see the single handle I can't opt click on it to delete just the hidden handle. I know there is a work around, I can ctrl drag the node which leaves both handles locked in position. Move the node to where the handle is exposed. Opt click on the handle. Then ctrl drag the node back where it was, but this creates the second handle again which will now be exposed so I can opt click on the handle to get rid of it again. Phew that's easy. I guess I could opt drag the node which would disconnect the handles causing the hidden one to be dragged out from behind the node then opt click on the exposed handle to delete it. Then go ahead and drag the node. That is easier but a modifier would still be easier. Please consider it.