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  1. Unless you have a backup that occurred between the saving of the old file and the saving of the new file, I'd say you are out of luck. Sorry.
  2. Strange, I always use light and have never had this problem. If you shut down APh and reopen does the problem go away? If it doesn't what are you running windows or os? Which version of APh?
  3. As I commented that with my cheap printer I'm not seeing an issue on most of these lines. So... I can't think of any reason why the F line would jump in width for such an insignificant change in set width. Did you know that the line above SO is actually a dashed line with extremely small dashes? I could see this having some effect of the way the line prints. It's the only dashed line I see in the document. I don't see a problem with the barbs. Sorry I have no help on this to offer.
  4. I know of no way to automatically draw a perpendicular line from a line that is not at 0, 45 or 90 degrees. The method I use is to draw a short horizontal line, then using the shift key draw another node 90 degrees from the first. Making an L shape. Then using the move tool align one leg with the base line, using the crtl key helps rotate the L fairly easily to match. This has to be done visually as snapping won't help. You can delete the node making the unwanted portion of the L any time. Then with the node tool the other leg of the L can be extended or shrunk using the shift ket to maintain the angle. Or it can be done using the move tool. Not automated but not too bad to do.
  5. JamieL, I printed it out on my printer and am not seeing a difference. Except the lines near the 1000m on the upper half. There are two lines very close together causing a wide line when printing. Just doing some quick checking I found that the base line under Hay, again in the top half is made up of two lines. They are almost on top of each other, this maybe could cause a wider printed line. One is labeled HAW top and the other is labeled H bar. If you turn off the visibility of the H bar does one instance of a thicker line go away? The HAW top is locked so it can't be easily selected. In fact in E scale > V scale > V bar is actually a closed path with a spacing between the two lines that are 0.175 pt wide causing a wider line. The E scale > V scale > 1000m is actually a short line offset from the Hay top. Which would cause a wider line. In the E rock units if I turn off the visibility of the E boarder I don't see anything disappear, so I would guess there again is one line on top of another. These are one on top of the other, but if the printer tried to print it twice, maybe. So that is a sampling of things I see that could cause your problem. One way to do this would be to double click each layer's thumbnail to view it enlarged then shut off the visibility for that layer. If something still remains of that line, then there is a possible problem.
  6. True. But it sure will be handy. I know I've had to do it manually at least 3 times in just the last few days.
  7. I agree with your statement. What I meant was should it give a "curve" by design, or a "curves" by design? I'm sure the design did not intend for there to be a difference depending on the angle.
  8. R C-R when I try your super simple loop as is I find that clicking add leaves it as a "curve". But if I use transform to rotate it 120 degrees. Then click add I get a "curves", which then can be divided. Give that a try. If I use anything from 120 thru 160 I get "curves". 170 thru 290 again I get a "curve". 300 it's back to "curves". I don't know which action is correct.
  9. That's even weirder. I took a vertical fish curve drawn with a pen, the add didn't create a dividable curves. Then took that same curve and using the Transform Mode rotated the original curve to horizontal (approximately) and it did create a dividable curves. Found the same using the Move tool and doing a 90 degree turn changed it from non-dividable to dividable. Did it again using 10 degree rotations and at one point the result changed. Lee, what's up with this vertical vs horizontal difference?
  10. Okay, I used the pen tool and you used the pencil tool. That results in the difference for some reason. I thought that the final result of the curve would be the same with either tool, but they aren't. Still din't make the file larger though.
  11. I did a copy and paste of your curve into a new document and when saved only had an 11kb file. It still didn't allow divide to be used.
  12. Interesting I used: test5.afdesign And have the opposite effect. I wonder why they act so differently. Going to have to play with that a bit. Mine was only 11kb. Maybe that has something to do with the difference.
  13. haakoo, what is the 1.9 segment cutter? I don't remember seeing that in the update description and don't see it in the menu. What am I missing?
  14. anon2, great idea using the add to create nodes at the exact crossing point. I never would have thought of that. Why didn't you then: 3. do a divide or separate curves 4. delete the unwanted curve The result is a closed curve and easier.
  15. How about if you select all the hexes then do either an add or a merge to make your mask?
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