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  1. evtronic3, take a look at:
  2. The beta of Designer has this capability using the Appearance panel. But it's not in the released version. Word of warning anything saved in the beta can not be later loaded into the currently released version 1.6.... because its an older version.
  3. Gear maker

    Cursor is confused

    I normally only use Separated mode in designer, but in my current project I decided to use non-separated. I notice that many times when my cursor passes over the edge of the left panels it gets stuck in the shape it uses when allowing the panels to be resized (a vertical bar with a right facing arrow and a left facing arrow). It doesn't happen every time but it is frequent. Seems that the faster the cursor is moved the more frequent the issue. I've never noticed this happen in separated mode. Cursor1.mov
  4. jdomainer, the beta version has the capability to enlarge the layer icons. It can be downloaded from the Affinity Beta Software portion of the forum. I believe there is no way to change tool sizes.
  5. Gabriel, Oh I see. I should have noticed that. How simple. Thank you.
  6. Howdy Gabriel, When I just tried it again using I thought it didn't do it. But then I found that I had to be in the Fill tool. Then I got the following when doing a Paste Style in layer "B" that was copied from layer "2" while in the Fill tool. See how the Gradient symbol is off the canvas. It looks like the symbol has moved twice the actual distance as the space between layer "2" and layer "B". Toggling between the Fill tool and the Move tool results in the following video. Can you try it again in the Fill tool? Thanks. Mike Toggle.mov
  7. MEB, sorry for the late response. I was out of the state for a couple weeks. I just loaded which over wrote, so I tried it in 08. I just created Test4.afdesign and made a few layers giving them random names that start with hotkey letters. Yes all of them cause this problem. So far it seems to work incorrectly on every .07 & 08 file I've created.
  8. Alberto, that sounds good, but what if I want to stop at 103? With a stop at 100 I probably wouldn't be able to get to 103. You can already hit cmd 1 to get 100%, cmd 2 to get 200%, etc. Seeing as zooms can go to a few million % that could make quite a few stops. Just a thought.
  9. MEB, I have been doing some more exploring on this. Even if all layers in the group have the same blend mode, the group itself has Passthrough causing a mismatch which will stop the blur from working properly. If the group can be changed to match the blend mode of all the layers then everything works. I thought that info might help.
  10. When a Join Curves is done it tries to tie the start of one curve with the end of another curve to make one curve. On the two branches that don't look to be joined you probably have a red node signifying it's the last node in the curve and the other end is the start. All other pieces have been connected end to end to make one curve. The geometry icons want closed paths. If you are using the beta version there is now a menu selection Layer > Geometry > Merge Curves that might do what you want.
  11. Sean I'm seeing the same thing about the underline as R C-R. I'm clicking in the blank area of the Appearance Panel below any layers to deselect all layers. I'm on Sierra.
  12. I really love being able to turn on the Use ⇧ modifier to cycle tools, it used to be so awkward to hit a hotkey for a tool only to find you were already in that tool and now are no longer there because you were switched to the previous tool used. But the cure has just shifted the problem. I just hit a G when I happened to already be in the Fill tool. So now instead of switching my tool selection to the previous used it searched out the layer that had a name starting with a G and selected it instead. So now I changed the gradient in the wrong layer. Okay so now how do we stop AD from searching out a field with the name starting with the hotkey that is disregarded by the tool cycle? The only workaround I can think of is to start every layer name with some character that doesn't cause a tool cycle like maybe a tilde. Or just don't name layers, which is really a poor solution. I didn't even know AD would search out layer names starting with a character pressed until this happened.
  13. Gear maker

    Curve disappears when dragging a node

    Thanks Sean. Mike
  14. I'll have to check out the stroke side. So far I haven't used that part of the Appearance Panel, yet. Thanks Sean. Mike