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  1. @camloken If you don't like it, then disable it as Sean P explained above. It's not something that needs to be fixed, some people like it.
  2. It's extremely easy to load the beta. You go to the link below, download and install the beta. It resides in the computer along side your current released version. It doesn't share anything, which could be the biggest issue if you have a lot of brushes, assets, swatches that you have added. You can switch back and forth between the versions. You can run them both at the same time even. If there is a major version difference between the two then the affinity files may not be able to be read by the oldest version (like 1.8.5 and 1.9.1). But if you are already using 1.9.1 then should be fine. As always it's probably best to make a copy of your affinity file, just in case.
  3. @LGG, drag the adjustment layer so that it is a child of the layer it will affect.
  4. In your second picture you have your style set for dashed lines, the pressure isn't available for dashed lines. Set it for Solid Lines (as it is in the first picture) at the very top of the stroke panel and you'll see the pressure setting.
  5. @Sean P Is that what that check mark is for! I never knew. I did play with it a short while ago and couldn't figure out what it did. Thank you, I've learned my new thing for today.
  6. It can be so many things depending on your document. My first guess from what you say is in the More, there is a Flatten Transforms that could help.
  7. FYI I know it's not because of the old OS, I'm running 10.12 (Sierra) and not having a problem uploading 1.9.
  8. This has been driving me crazy the last few days trying to figure out what I was doing different. On my mac in version if I draw any shape, AD is not making it selected when it is drawn. I kept figuring I was doing something that was deselecting it so when I tried to set a color, gradient, etc. it would not be in the shape. At first I was worried that it was going into some other layer, but it isn't nothing is selected after the shape is created.
  9. That's an idea I hadn't considered. In 1.9.0 that node is still selected but that doesn't affect the grayed condition. I don't remember seeing the issue in earlier versions. So I guess the question is should that affect it or not. It logically does make sense to have it this way. In some operations it might be handy to have the one node stay selected when switching from pen to node tool. That explains the deleting issue also. Good thinking Bruce. Thanks.
  10. In AD if I: 1 draw a line using the pen tool 2 press esc 3 draw another line again using the pen tool 4 click on the node tool (or press A) 5 hold down shift and click on the first line to add it to the selection, so both lines are selected This results in the Join Curves icon to be grayed out, seeing as two open objects are selected it should not be grayed out. Also, a possibly related issue: 6 at this point both lines are selected but if I press the delete key only one line is deleted. I would expect both selected objects to be deleted. This part of the issue I have seen in the released version 1.9.0 also. A video is attached. Two.mov
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