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  1. I was just looking at the Invision Community forums and this issue seems to be fixed on their forums. Any word when we will get the condensed view back again?
  2. Gear maker

    Expand stroke weird results

    Matt, you and the team have done such a great job creating the Affinity products I think we all will be very happy to overlook this little oops. Thanks again for all the hard work. Mike
  3. Gear maker

    Expand stroke weird results

    It is designed to automatically ignore the inside or outside for an open shape. But there is a bug in the new Expand Stroke, that doesn't ignore it. A bug report should be filed.
  4. sRGB you'll find in the color management section of the document setup. It controls what color palette is used for your document. Where the RGB hex is just part of the color panel to specify a color. Where an RGB color of say R:142 G: 27 B:31 is a RGB hex of 8E1B1F, 8E is the hex of 142, 1B is the hex of 27 and 1F is the hex of 31.
  5. Gear maker

    Expand Stoke

    Just playing with the Expand Stroke for the last hour and it was working great. Thanks for all the work Matt.
  6. My current iMac runs everything. If AP has problems there's no use trading everything for something less than that. I would rather wait until I hear AP is doing well before the switch.
  7. Well actually my first Apple OS was the ROM based OS in my Apple II, back in early '79. Then went to DOS. Ah remember what it was like to have whopping 16KB of RAM in your computer, which included screen memory. And another 16K cost about $100. But when you hit 48K you knew you could do anything without having to worry about running out of memory. But saving your programs onto an audio cassette was a nightmare. When the first floppy disk was released I rushed out to get one. Imagine being able to save 113.75 KB on each disk, it was heaven. Later I would drool over the hard drive I saw in computer stores, it actually held an unimaginable 5MB, wow. I couldn't justify it, there was no way I'd ever need 5MB storage. What a waste to pay what was being asked for something so impossibly huge.
  8. I was just about to buy a new iMac but with this issue I guess I'll put it on hold for awhile.
  9. Y2K deja vu. For those of you that remember the real Y2K issues.
  10. Sorry, there is no way to open a newer version in an older version. If the newer version has a change in file structure which is the case if the affinity product won't let it be done. What you could maybe do is export the new version in a file format like EPS, SVG or PDF though some work will have to be done to rename layers and such in the new version.
  11. If the adjacent shapes are the same color then doing a boolean add is probably the best way to take care of the issue. Seeing as that's usually not the case for me what I do is with the node tool move the nodes on the bottom shape so they underlap the upper by a nudge or two. That way it doesn't matter what the background color is or if the shapes are different colors/gradients. The problem is about the same as if you wanted to use a blur to soften the transition between one shape and another but don't want the lower layer color bleeding through (though then I'd be moving the nodes of the top layer so they overlap the lower).
  12. Interesting trick. Then you do it again for any still showing the fx in the layer to get the effect turned off. But then how do you turn on all these back on again when you are done doing whatever prompted you to turn them all off? I rarely want to turn off the effects on multiple layers permanently. Usually it's just temporarily until I'm done working on another layer.
  13. FYI my mac gives the same results. I had been suspicious when you show column C didn't work, but I couldn't get it to work either. Yes I think a bug report needs to be done due to the inconsistency of operation.
  14. That seems odd that the units have to be left at the end of the statement. But it does work on my mac also. "2+cos(30)*2 in" works where "2+cos(30)*2" does not.
  15. My problem is trying to remember which effects I used on which layer when I try to turn them on again. If I had to decide whether to have a switch to turn off all effects or a switch to turn back on all effects that had been turned off I'd gladly take the later. Maybe people with younger minds don't have that issue but I sure do.
  16. Garry, on my mac I tired leaving the original setting "2 in" then added the cos so it read 2 in +cos(30)*2 it resulted in still being 2. I also tried 2+cos(30)*2 and still resulted in 2. Likewise x+cos(30)*2 still resulted in a 2. Upper case no change. Mike
  17. Mark, AD doesn't currently have an auto trace tool. There have been several requests for it. Some day there will probably be such but not yet.
  18. Just a thought... There are always comments about Designer being slow. I just ran into a possible cause for some of this. I had a simple shape I needed in my drawing that was used in 6 places after being created. It involved a couple shapes and a mask to shape the edges of a blur. To make the mask I used a couple versions of the shape and did a couple geometry functions. It wasn't until a few days later that I just happened to look at the mask while in the node tool. Each one of the six shapes had 1740 extra nodes added by probably the Subtract function. I can't help but think that there had to be some possible slowing by the addition of over 10,000 unneeded nodes to the drawing. Especially if this had occurred several times in the complete drawing. It only took few minutes to delete the 10,000+ unneeded nodes from the 6 shapes. Once I noticed they existed. I need to remember to always double check the results of the geometry functions from now on. Test 1.afdesign
  19. Martigny, likewise I do the same for tracing a lot of items and have never run into this. I don't see any cause for this in the drawing but I do see the transparency issue. I tried creating other shapes in your drawing using the same technique and they came out fine. I also found that doing a Paste Style from one of these layers caused the new layer to have the same issue. I did find that doing a Paste Style from a non-affected layer to the affected layer fixed the issue. Easier than redrawing maybe. Sorry maybe someone else will have better luck.
  20. When I select both the shape and the text then do the centering alignment as you are doing it centers it in the bounding box. If that is what you want to center it in.
  21. No, but you could draw a line (vertical or Horizontal) then rotate it to a specified angle. Then use this to align the other pieces.
  22. Gear maker

    Gradient error

    Ramon, the issue is caused by the Bevel/Emboss layer effect. I don't see any reason for having this layer effect, if it's not needed turn it off. If the layer effect is actually needed then reorganizing the layers as shown below allows it to exist.
  23. Timespider, I was going to suggest using the node tool, but the angle on the pointed side will still change or the tip wouldn't extend. What I would do is use the move tool to size them as much as you want then move the top and bottom ones to where you want them to be and use the alignment tool (space horizontally) to place the others in position between those. That way you can control whatever angle you want just by placing the top and bottom ones in position.
  24. Or do you mean? If you click on the thumbnail of the mask in the Layer's Panel so only the mask is highlighted. Then only the mask will be moved/transformed. Where as if you click on the image (or just about anywhere except the thumbnail of the mask) both will be moved/transformed.
  25. Gear maker

    Constraining to Grid

    It'll even snap to 1/4 grid if you zoom even closer. It's overridden by the Screen Tolerance, but what causes 1/2 and 1/4 to be selected in this case I haven't figure out.

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