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  1. Gear maker

    lock layer ineffective

    Boldlinedesign, I can't tell from the video what key strokes are being done. But as far as my experience has gone I believe that a copy & paste will make an unlocked copy that could then be moved. Also a cmd J (ctrl J in windows) power duplicate will also make a copy that will be unlocked so it could be moved. I see you are on Layer1 then suddenly it looks like you are on the Background. Then it looks like Layer1 is expanded and then it looks like a copy of the background is at the top of the Layer1 list. Could you have tried to do a node copy but didn't have a node selected so it copied the background? Hopefully this will have helped you see what happened. Otherwise we'd need to know what keystrokes have been done. Are you using a tablet?
  2. I was using OSX on a mac and had the issue. So it is both systems.
  3. Would it be possible to change the cursor of the color picker tool to show a square that shows the 17x17, 65x65, 129x129 or 257x257 area to be used to sample the color. With zooming, especially when far away from 100%, there is no way to currently visualize that size, unless maybe the ruler is kept at pixels and way zoomed in. I frequently want to sample a color area making sure not to include a bright adjacent shape or maybe to include that shape. Currently it is extremely awkward to do.
  4. Dominus, in your Affinity image there is some type of bounding box around the white shape. What is causing that bounding box? And what is causing it to be offset from the edges of the white? I don't recognize it from AD. It looks like whatever the cloud is doing it's trying to fill that box. If it's actually a bounding box it should be tightly around the white area. Without seeing the actual drawing I can't tell what is causing this offset.
  5. John, you have quite a task ahead of yourself. Interesting idea pulling the data from the SVG. I'm not sure I have any suggestions, actually a question. I'm assuming that you will only have one shape in the SVG. Or are you planning on calculating the lengths of all groups in the file? A month or so ago I had experimented with a method of counting the number of nodes in a path and the number of paths(layers) in the file. I found the EPS to be easier to work with. Have you looked at it? Good luck. I'll be curious to see how it works. Mike
  6. Move one of the other points, why do you have to move A which is where the origin is? As long as shift and cmd are down it won't matter. When you grab point A to resize are you garbing the Origin or the corner of the bounding box? To test that I just looked at the cursor and it's the cursor for the Origin point not the corner. If you offset the Origin slightly then holding shift & cmd down it works. But it's offset. There is no way to tell AD to grab the corner not the Origin point. I guess in other words the origin is on the top of the corner and therefore hides the corner. Sorry.
  7. I think the problem is that you are using an imbedded document. Which is standalone image. What you see is probably a pixel image of the original. That image is tied back to the original so it can be modified but the image itself is unintelligent. If you do a copy paste of the shape then it will be an actual vector shape and the effects will have intelligence. I just did the zoom and found that at 122% on my image suddenly the bevel flips. I deleted the shadow and it still does it. The shadow by itself acted like above. The smaller the image placed the larger the zoom needs to be. It does look like there is a bug in there when a "Placed" shape has a bevel and the image is zoomed possibly fairly far. I didn't try exporting to see which condition is in the export.
  8. You are saying the origin is point A, and you want to move point A to resize the object, and you want it resized around point A? If you are moving point A how can it not move? I think the answer is that what you want is not possible.
  9. Have you tried enabling Enable Transform Origin, moving the center to where ever you want to center the resizing to be, then hold down shift + cmd while dragging any handle on the bounding box?
  10. jackamus, I think what you might be thinking of is rotating the object while holding the ctrl key (on a mac) down and using the handle opposite the corner A.
  11. I've thought about this before but not sure how it would work. It would be necessary for: A fill gradient A stroke gradient Blend options Transparency Layer opacity Opacity using the opacity control in the color panel Open path And probably another half dozen instances. One symbol would be a help, but it could still be a long time to figure out which reason it was there for. Maybe hovering over the symbol could say which items were applied. Another symbol next to the fx next to the lock would eat up a lot of the name/type line. Maybe the fx could be just one of the possible instances in the above symbol.
  12. Thank you. That did it! Not sure where that came from but it sure slowed down my progress.
  13. Can anyone explain why the text in the attached file is invisible? I can move it, change font, AD shows my fill color is changing when I change it, but I can't figure out how to make it visible. Any FX I try to add is also invisible. This is driving me crazy, I've never had this issue before. Temp1.afdesign
  14. I don't have Publisher... But a shadow is caused by the position of the light source, not the orientation of the object. So I'm not surprised that the shadow does not change when rotating the object. It really shouldn't. Granted sometimes I use a shadow for other than what it is designed and do want it to rotate with the object so I have to manually do that. But most of the time it's a shadow. For me the Bevel/Emboss, in Designer, acts the same way as the shadow does for the same reason. I don't see any obvious effect on the emboss when zooming in or out. I wouldn't think Publisher would be any different. I'm at a loss to figure out why that would be.
  15. Jamsog, I have tried to reproduce what you have and ran into some problems with assumptions I am making. Like the size of the dot and the assumed gradient to make the highlight. But have not been able to reproduce the problem. Could you select one red and one orange dot, do a copy (cmd + V or ctrl + V) then go to the file menu and do a New From Clipboard. Save it to an afdesign or afphoto file and attach that this forum. Which application are you using? What method are you using to do the coping? Then maybe we can see what exactly is happening. Mike

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