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  1. Also having the same problem. Stranding me with my exports. Please fix soon!
  2. Alfred, you are clutch my man. I didn't think about going to the Purchases tab. There was an option to update from there! Thank you so much!!
  3. Hey Alfred, Thanks for responding. I only have one Apple ID that I've been using for years. I just checked the receipt for my Affinity Designer purchase and it's the same account!
  4. Hey! I have Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer ver 1.5. I was able to upgrade my Affinity Photo to ver 1.6 for free through the Mac App Store. However, for Affinity Designer, it says it will cost $49.99 and does not have the upgrade option. Can you please advise? Thank you for the great updates as always!!
  5. Yes please!! Been waiting for this update for over a year.
  6. I love Affinity Designer and recommend it to all my colleagues. It would be even better if you could please add the align to key object feature mentioned above. This is one of the features that I miss the most from Illustrator, and would help the workflow very much.
  7. This was very informative and well produced. Thank you so much for showing us how to do it!
  8. PLEASE add the unlock all feature. As stated above, this is very useful in the creation process, and is one of the features that I miss most about Illustrator. We constantly use keyboard shortcuts to switch between tools, and unlocking all is just as important. Going to the side, opening up the layer, and individually unlocking, takes way too long! I absolutely love Affinity Design, and appreciate the continual efforts to improve the program!

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