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  1. safoster71, As far as I know there isn't an easy way to do this in Designer as of yet. In Illustrator and other vector apps you'd use the feature that is being requested here:
  2. Cool drawings! Are you making them for a set purpose or just to make them?
  3. Hello fde101, This might not be what the original poster is requesting but to me, merging layers wouldn't be anything like grouping or embedding objects. If I merge layers, I would expect things to remain exactly as they are, the only thing that would change would be that all of the objects that were before on separate layers, are now all on the same layer. You're right, there is no such equivalent to be found (to my knowledge) in Affinity's products. I do think it would be a useful addition though. The way Designer allows you to have Objects that aren't on Layers makes things confusing. The confusion is created by not having a clear separation between them in the Layers Palette but (in my opinion) Layers and Objects are not the same thing. Layers are containers and they hold the Objects. Objects don't normally hold other Objects (in some cases they might but normally they don't).
  4. I took "merging" to be like how they do it in Adobe's apps where you have the option to Merge Layers meaning to combine all of the elements that are found on those layers into one layer. It has nothing to do with boolean operations as it is done in Photoshop as well as Illustrator (and probably Indesign too). Vector shapes are not their own layer, they are objects that are placed on Layers, and if objects and elements (vector, raster, text, etc) that exist on the different Layers can all be merged (collected together as they are) and placed on one Layer. Merge Layers simply puts all of the things (objects and elements) that exist on your selected Layers onto one layer. It is handy. Sure you can do the same thing with cutting and pasting but if you have a lot of different Layers, it is time consuming.
  5. psiclone, I think that's a good request. Maybe there's a way to do it now? If there is, I haven't seen it but there are always new things that sprout up and it could have been one of them. There are two ways to do this but they are workarounds and wouldn't be ideal in many situations. Just export your file as a PDF and then open up the PDF in Designer. You can also select all and then copy and paste onto a new layer. It gets the job done but not quite as smooth as a "merge layers" option would do. Hokusai
  6. Alfred, I'm guessing that Martin is thinking of like how it works in Photoshop (sorry I don't have a copy of Illustrator that is easily to get to right now). When you are drawing with the pen tool (even vector paths) you can Alt+Click and it will delete one handle, leaving you with a handle on only one side leaving you free to adjust only one side of the path. I thought Illustrator could do this too but I can't remember but I do know that Photoshop does this. It is sometimes helpful. Hokusai
  7. Martin, Sorry I misunderstood what you were requesting but I understand now. That's a good suggestion. I wouldn't be surprised if it is already in there hidden somewhere, if not it would be a welcomed addition. Hokusai
  8. Martin, If you control + click (on a Mac sorry I'm not sure about the Windows version) on a node with no handles using the Node tool it will add the handles for you. I'm sure there are other shortcuts too. Or you could use the little menu at the top of the screen when you are using the Node tool. I hope that helps. Hokusai
  9. Helios, It is under the Keyboard Shortcuts/Miscellaneous, it is a little tricky to find but it is there. It worked for me, maybe you have Shift X assigned to something else? I hope this helps. Hokusai
  10. Hi MEB, I'm not 100% sure but I don't think I'm performing any other tasks. Normally when it happens to me is when I'm drawing a complex picture with the pen tool and I use the space bar to access the pan tool to move around while I have the pen tool active but then somehow the pan tool won't release and I can't seem to get back to the pen tool unless I zoom in a long ways or zoom out a long ways (I use the navigator palette to do the zooming because I don't think it will allow me to switch to any other tool other than the pan tool, not the zoom tool either) and then suddenly it will allow me to switch back to the pen tool. Thanks for looking into it. Hokusai
  11. Hi MEB, My issue isn't from using the shortcut keys to zoom in/out. It happens to me when I'm drawing with the pen tool and I use the pan tool (via the space bar) and then when I release the space bar the pan tool becomes stuck. Sorry if I didn't explain it well before. I use the zoom in/out as a way to get it to release the pan tool. When I'm stuck with the pan tool, I zoom in or out (sometimes a lot) and it will allow me to switch back to the pen tool. I hope that helps. Hokusai
  12. eobet, Do a select all and it will show you the object count in the bottom left hand side of the app. Hokusai
  13. Martigny, I think if you make sure that you have the "Edit All Layers" in the Layer Palette selected (and everything showing that you want to count), then you can do a select all and it will show you the total object count. Hokusai
  14. CLC, Thanks! I wasn't sure if it was just me or something odd about the system I running or what? I'll check out the links that you posted. Thanks, Hokusai
  15. This doesn't happen to anyone else? I was hoping that someone might have a different work around from what I've been doing (zooming in or zooming out).
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