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  1. To be honest, I didn't watch the whole video seeing how it is over 20 minutes long. I looked at the finished logo at the end and I didn't see anything that couldn't be done easily using Affinity Designer. Look through the videos that they have here (on Serif's website), they are very useful and have lots of helpful hints. Best of luck
  2. I'd prefer something better than what is offered in Illustrator and hopefully that is what the guys are cooking up, that is my hope anyways!
  3. Hokusai

    Print Management

    You might as well give it a try, there is a free beta at the moment.
  4. Hokusai

    Print Management

    Hello andremmongamer and welcome to the forums. I think that things like pagination and imposing options would be nice additions but my guess is that they are something more suited to Affinity Publisher than Designer.
  5. marno2013, Hello marno2013, this is something that has been discussed (and requested) in quite a few places but a good place to find out more information about ways vectorize raster images outside of Affinity Designer and then get them back there is here: This thread has quite a bit of information about it. I hope that helps. Best regards, Hokusai
  6. I understand the desire to have them built in, it would be great but I'm guessing that isn't going to happen. If it were, as I mentioned in my previous post, then Adobe would have done it years ago. Have the ability to use Plugins with Designer would, as @Izzy said, take care of the problem for most people. In fact having the ability to use plugins would allow people to add features that might only appeal to them. I'd like to see plugin support for Designer (which I'm guessing will be added eventually seeing how it is in Photo) that way people who want and need Astute's stuff can use them and other companies plugins as well. I'd also like to see Serif's take on some of the some of the features that Astute offers. I like Serif's way of thinking and I think they could come up with some interesting, and no doubt different, ways of doing things.
  7. I know that it has been mentioned before but I don't understand how this would give AD an upper hand over Illustrator? You can use Astute Graphics Technology on Illustrator now, so if Designer could also run it that wouldn't really give Designer an advantage would it? For some people it might put them on an even playing field but it wouldn't give Designer an advantage. If you are talking about Serif licensing some of their code for use in Designer but that brings up a whole lot of questions. Does Astute Graphics even do that? If they do why hasn't Adobe done it? Surely Adobe could afford it seeing how much profit they make from forcing their users to rent their software. Even if it were possible it still does't change the fact that Illustrator can still run Astute's Graphics plugins so that isn't really an advantage as they would both have access to the same technologies. Also if that were possible, I imagine it would drive the price up for Designer quite a lot. So much more so that it makes me wonder if it would be worth it. Astute has some really nice stuff but I'd prefer that Designer could use Plugins so that users could decide whether or not they needed and wanted to pay for such things. I'm guessing that a lot of people don't need the features that Astute's plugins offer so it seems better to me to leave it as a optional thing, like what plugins offer. So for me the whole point of this thread should be about requesting that Designer be able to use plugins.
  8. Hokusai


    Sarah, Don't know if you still read the forums here or not seeing how you haven't posted since your first post but I thought it might interest you to know that the latest Beta of Designer does include the Bleed settings that you were looking for. Best regards
  9. Maybe this thread can be put to bed now that Arrowheads are in the latest Designer Beta!
  10. I'm not sure what you mean? My use of the term Layer was correct and completely consistent. The original poster was talking about the number of layers being different. There is nothing odd about 1 Layer, 2 Layers, 3 Layers etc as the word layer is a countable noun. All of the things in his and your examples were objects and I didn't see a single Layer being used. In my example I was just showing the difference between having only Objects and having Objects contained in a Layer. I just wanted to point out to webworld that there is a difference between "layers" and "objects" because webworld was using the terms incorrectly and it could cause confusion. Maybe it is a language difference? What is confusing is you can create objects without using a Layer but they are viewed under the Layers Palette.
  11. webworld, As a side note (which will help you with terminology) you don't have 2 Layers. You have 2 Objects which are labeled "Curve" and "Rectangle". I don't blame you for being confused as it is a little confusing but in Designer you can use "Layers" if you want to but you don't have to (to create a New Layer you click the left little Page looking button on the bottom left of the Layers palette). If you don't make a Layer then all of the Objects that you create will all be contained in one list (which is what you have). You have Zero Layers because you didn't create one. Of course you don't need to but if you get to the point where you are making files with lots of Objects then it makes sense to organize them and but the different Objects into different Layers according to your needs When you use the Boolean Operations (Union, Subtract, etc.) it combines the elements into one object. So if you have 6 circles, you'll see 6 Objects in the Layers menu marked Ellipse but if you use the "Union" operation on those 6 circles then Designer combines them into 1 Object marked Curves. I'm sorry I don't have the Designer workbook but I'm guessing that your problem comes from either subtracting something or combining them using the "union" operation. I hope that helps. Best of luck, Hokusai
  12. Just a question,, you talk about "Layers" but from your screen shots I don't see any Layers at all. I only see objects but no layers. Are you asking about Layers or are you asking about individual objects?
  13. Hokusai

    cute Little penguin

    Cute picture! Some of the Linux people might see it and start to think that you have a secret copy of Designer for Linux!
  14. Hokusai

    Ohhh My Strawberry Monkey

    Congratulations Allan!