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  1. It wouldn't always be Acrobat, many, if not most, printers and service bureaus use software like PitStop or others that have give you more control over what you can change and edit with PDF files.
  2. rachmac, I would guess that Macro/Actions will be added to Designer sometime in the future seeing how it is already in Photo. I too think it would be a welcomed addition to Designer. Maybe version 2.0? Hokusai
  3. SrPx, No worries, I wasn't sure it was me you were referring to but it sounded like me. I have made some files with some heavy amounts of lines, objects, and nodes but I've never had any kind of a slowdown like the original poster is talking about (and my machine is nothing special in fact it is at the bottom of the list of machines that can run Designer). I have no idea what could be causing the slowdown but like @firstdefence said, a developer might be able to figure it out if they looked at the file. Hokusai
  4. firstdefence, I'm not sure if SrPx is talking about me or not? I do have some very node heavy illustrators, one with around 70,000 objects. I did my version of Don Quixote on an old iMac with only 4 gigs of RAM and I didn't have any problems at all. Here is the link:
  5. Uwe367, You're welcome. They have quite a few videos that really help to explain or show how some of the tools and features work. Hokusai
  6. Hokusai


    Sarah, Hello and welcome to the forums. I'd like to help you but I'm confused about what you are asking. What is confusing me is, In the beginning you are struggling to make a document that shows the bleed are but then with your final pdf it shows the whole entire size of the page plus bleed. Isn't that what you want? It might help if you could explain what you would like in a different way. When you want to make the document show the bleed, do you mean you want to see it on screen or you want to see in in the pdf? If you want to see the bleed on screen go to View/View Mode/Clip to Canvas and it will show you things that are drawn off the canvas (like bleed). If you are talking about bleed in your exported PDF, then there is also a "more options" tab you can click on when you are exporting a PDF and it gives the choice to include bleed or not. I hope that helps. Also it is worth mentioning that Designer isn't supposed to be like Indesign, it is a vector app and not a page layout application. Affinity Publisher is a page layout application and it might be worth checking it out if you are doing a lot of work laying things out. Best of luck, Hokusai
  7. Uwe367, No worries, I hope that you are able to accomplish what you want with it. The Duplicate feature is very powerful, here is a link to a slightly older but still very useful video about it: Best regards, Hokusai
  8. Uwe367, When I need to do these kinds of things, I use the "Duplicate" (command J, on Mac) to do it. You might have to move the first copied one 15 degrees but then after that you can use duplicate and it will copy the shape and then paste it around in 15 degree increments. I hope that makes sense. Best regards, Hokusai
  9. oka, You are correct there is no vector eraser as of yet. This has been requested more than once before and I know that the developers are aware of it and if I remember Matt said that it was something that they intended to add sometime in a future release. I'd also like to see it added so hopefully it will be added sometime soon. Hokusai
  10. Shift Studio, I completely agree with you and Jesse that the ability to link as well as embed images would be great but I'm a little confused as to why you would want to link a vector file? If you were using Publisher I could understand but if you are using Designer what would be the advantage? Hokusai
  11. Jesse, I don't know how you can be tired of this discussion so quickly. I thought the purpose of this forum was to discuss things and to hash out things. I'm sorry I really don't understand how you think things could be better. If you could expound your ideas a little more then maybe I could better grasp your idea. The only thing I've read that you've posted is you think the forums are a bad way of handling customer service but you didn't give examples or suggest any alternatives. If you truly think so and you'd like to see things improved then offer some suggestions as to how Serif could better handle things. The employees of Serif and the developers do read these forums and if you have a better way of doing things, I'm sure that they'd love to hear it. I really believe that Designer (and the other Affinity Products) are headed in the right direction and I want to do what I can to help make them better and I also like to help new users by helping answer their questions. I think that most of the other advanced users here are the same. How is that putting people off? I'm also not sure how you came to the conclusion that "no one at Serif cares" when you are such a new user with very few posts. Did you post a question that wasn't answered or was it something else? Best regards, Hokusai
  12. rubs, I too hope that Designer continues to evolve in a positive way and I think it will seeing how dedicated the developers are and how passionate the users are about making it better by making requests, suggestions and bug reports. Hokusai
  13. rubs, No doubt there are bugs in Designer but I've never seen the number of bugs that you are talking about. Every program has bugs and I do see them occasionally but with what I do with Designer I don't see very many bugs. The few that I do see are not critical ones that keep me from getting things done. The few that I encounter are minor and can easily be avoided or I can work around them. My original point was that from my own personal experience using Designer, it is a little better in regards to the number of bugs that I see than Illustrator. As the post I was responding to made it sound like Illustrator was more "bug-free" to which from my experience isn't true. Of course that is only my experience with Illustrator and Designer and I'm sure that it depends on a multitude of factors but at the very least I would say that Designer isn't worse than Illustrator in that regard. I'm using Designer on Mac so the performance issues that you are referring to I haven't seen. Maybe they aren't present on the Mac version? I do think that the developers do a great job staying on top of and fixing bugs. Hokusai
  14. Jesse, My post was in response to the post that I read, after that I found your post that preceded it further up the chain and I do see that we both have similar opinions about Adobe. If you only read your second post that point isn't clear (but it is in the first post). I'm not sure why I didn't see your first post but nevertheless I should have seen it. Sorry that you think I'm defensive. I'm not defensive and from what I read here most people who post here are pretty laidback and helpful. In fact most of the people that I interact with here are really nice and helpful. Some are funny and sarcastic but still enjoyable and many are incredibly knowledgeable. I'm still interested in hearing about all those companies that you were talking about that have a higher level of transparency than Serif does. I've never seen a company that was as upfront about what they are doing and where they are going with their development as Serif has been. I think it is refreshing and it is surprising to hear anyone claim that Serif is falling short in that regard. As far as customer service goes, from my experiences with Serif over the past 4 years their customer service has been stellar. I lived many years in Japan which has hands down the best customer service on the planet and I would say that Serif's customer service is very Japanese like. To me, Serif's customer service and the developers and other employees who post here on these forums do a remarkable job helping people, listening to complaints, requests (which I can imagine gets annoying after a time), and questions. I'm sure that they even type messages with a smile on their faces. Can you give me an example of where they fall short with their customer service? I can understand your point about how Serif markets its software but I disagree. Not all professionals use Adobe's software so saying something is for professionals doesn't mean that something is a replacement for Adobe's stuff. I use Designer the most but I still use Illustrator from time to time. So to me Designer isn't a substitute for Illustrator, it is an alternative to it. I think that many people are like that. Serif is making and supporting its own software and they have their own philosophy on how things should work. Is it for professionals? I think so and it seems that many other professionals do too. Is it for everyone? Only each user can decide. You brought up the issue of comparing it to Adobe so that is why I commented on it. This is a discussion so I would think it is acceptable. You said that I proved your point but to me it wasn't proved at all so if you wouldn't mind going ahead and making a better case for it I'm looking forward to reading it. Of course I'm all for improving Designer. I do my best to make suggestions and give feedback in a manner that is civil without being demanding and rude. I too came to Designer from Illustrator and I am willing to put up with a few small inconveniences caused by a lack of a feature or two because I think Designer is headed in the right direction. I like the choices that the developers have made and I trust that they are taking the program in the direction that is best. I wish you the best of luck with learning Designer and I hope that you are successful in your artistic or other graphics related pursuits. Best regards, Hokusai
  15. mandor, I think that the developers have stated in the past that the reason that they don't support Corel Draw files is because that is a proprietary format and they don't have permission to use it. They could reverse engineer it but the developers don't feel that it is fair to do that (from what I remember) . Hokusai