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  1. Rick G, I'm pretty sure that the developers have stated that they don't plan on Affinity Publisher having the ability to import PagePlus files other than if you export your PagePlus files as PDF files, then you'd be able to do it. Hokusai
  2. VFXTobias, Hello and welcome to the forums! I completely agree with you, it is nice to be able to get away from Adobe. Everyone is excited for Affinity Publisher so even more people can escape from Adobe-world. Hokusai
  3. MEB, I noticed the same thing as GRScott. I launched the previous beta and it went ahead and launched. It never instructed me to download a newer version but because I had seen Matt's post, I knew that there was a newer version. Hokusai
  4. Here is another one where MEB talks about the DAM
  5. jackamus, This has been requested before and I believe that the developers said that it would be added to Publisher (as Step and Repeat). I agree, it would be a very useful addition to Designer. Hopefully they will add it to Designer after they release Publisher. Hokusai
  6. Milos, Nice work, I've dabbled with type design but I've never actually made an entire font from scratch but it is only list of things to do! There is another user here that does comic book lettering. I've seen him around for a while but his user name is Jim_Campbell and his website is http://clintflickerlettering.blogspot.com. It's worth a read if you have time. Jim is a nice guy and very knowledgeable about lettering. Hokusai
  7. WebEngineer, I'm very surprised at your sudden change in direction. I looked through your posts and saw that you commented on how much you liked the program in another post and then one hour later you said that you don't want to buy it because you don't like the logo. It seems odd to have such a drastic change in such a short amount of time. If you don't like it, that is your prerogative but I can't help but feel that something else is up. Not liking a program because of its icon is similar to not liking a hammer because of the logo of the company that makes it even though the hammer itself performs exceptionally well. Designer is a great program and I feel it is unfortunate for someone to miss out on using it because of something like this. Here is what you said (sorry I didn't quote it properly) Firstly, I've just downloaded the trial of Affinity Designer and I have to say I am blown away at how brilliant this program is. You really have a winning strategy here, well done! But despite how this beats Illustrator hands down in my circumstances, there's one thing that bugs me (and Im pretty sure I wouldn't be the only one) and thats the logo. Seriously I think the logo was designed by a 4 year old kid who watches marvel splashing in gradients and clutter. Something simple and straight forward I think would justify the quality of software. And a lot of designers out there, especially Mac users appreciate a good looking icon on the doc. Am in the middle of a project right now waiting to upgrade to High Sierra. Once done so, will go ahead and purchase however, very impressed!
  8. WebEngineer, If what you say is true, when Adobe released the original Create Suite and they moved to those horrible feather logos people would have left in droves but they didn't . I even find the current Adobe logos super lame but they are way better than the old CS logos. The current Affinity logos are in my opinion pretty good. As the current logos are the second version, I don't see any reason to change them for a while. Sure they will eventually have to change them but it could be argued that changing logos too often can have bad effects just as much as not changing it can. Hokusai
  9. Stuart_R, I too am very pleased and excited about how nicely Designer has been evolving and I can't wait to see what they'll add with 1.7 too! With each update it keeps getting better and better. Normally I take a couple weeks to a month to work on a single piece. This piece (Absinthe) took me only a week but that is a little fast for me (but I do them in my spare time so I'm not working on them full time). My longest is 6 months or so.
  10. Stuart_R, I agree with you, there are some amazing arts posting some incredible pieces of art here. I've seen most of the ones that you listed and they are fantastic, and there are two very talented users that you didn't list that I recommend you check out if you haven't already, IsabelAracama and Retrograde. Very nice stuff. You're completely right about the gradient mesh, especially if you are working with skin tones. I hope that when the Affinity team adds a gradient mesh it works better than Illustrator's. Illustrator's gradient mesh is okay and I know a lot of people like it but I never could get it to work the way I wanted it to. Maybe I wasn't using it correctly but whatever the reason, I felt it had the potential to be greatly improved upon and I hope that the developers here can offer something better and easier to use. Pure vector pieces do take longer for me to make too but most of the time when I make a piece I prefer to spend a little extra time and keep it all vector if I can. Hokusai
  11. Alfred, Very funny! You're quite the punster. Hokusai
  12. Stuart_R, I'm glad that you liked my piece. It was completely drawn using vectors but I did have to use some of Designer's "Effects" to get the skin tones looking like that so I don't know if this one would qualify as being 'pure vectors' but it is close. I normally avoid using anything that will cause rasterization when I export it as PDF but there are occasions when it is unavoidable. Are you a vector purist too or do you like to mix vectors and rasters? Hokusai
  13. Kevin, Very nice work! Are the cars photos or did you make them out of vectors? My favorite is the image that is second from the bottom, very cool! Hokusai
  14. gdenby, Thanks for the kind words. Yes, those are the effects that I'm talking about. Gradients are okay and they can be used on purely vector pieces but if you use a gradient that goes from a colour to transparent, it normally rasterizes it so I usually just use only "regular" gradients but I didn't on this one. Normally I avoid anything that will cause my work to be rasterized but not with this piece. Some of the effects you simply can't reproduce (from my experience) using only vectors but you can do things that mimic the style and still keep everything purely vector. How well they work depends on technique and also on the piece itself. The gradients in your user icon are cool, nothing embarrassing about it! When I first got into graphics, I went through a gradient phase too. Hokusai
  15. This is my second Art Nouveau piece (and probably my last as I'm ready to move on to something else). I based my version on a Henri Privat-Livemore poster from around 1896 or so. As I mentioned in my previous piece, I normally don't use the "effects" in Designer because I normally work only in pure vectors but the effects worked so well with shading on the skin in my last piece that I decided to recreate this piece as well adding my own little touches along the way. I chose this poster because I liked the composition and it had a lot of shading on the skin tones and I wanted to see what I could do with it using Designer's effects. I was very happy with the results. I hope that you enjoy. Thanks for letting me share my picture. Hokusai