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  1. Here is the thread where most of the discussion about it seems to occur.
  2. Thanks @MattP! I appreciate all the hard work on the fixes! Hokusai
  3. Thought I'd share a project that I have been working on. I have always been fascinated with Meso-American cultures and their art and after reading Jo-Jo's Bizarre Adventures I couldn't help but make my own version. Oddly Matt Groening's work reminds me a lot of Aztec art but maybe that's just me. I made it using Affinity Designer and all vectors. Thanks for taking the time to view my work and I hope that you enjoy it.
  4. I'm having a similar issue which is probably related. If I create an object, let's say a square with a stroke, and I copy it and then do like @Gear maker and paste that style onto a different object, it pastes the fill but not the stroke. Oddly, if I select the new object that I just pasted the copied style to and then hold the Option (or Alt) and drag the object to copy it, the new copy has the stroke appearing. Sorry if what I'm trying to explain isn't clear. I made movie of it to better show the issue. ScreenRecorderProject2.mp4
  5. evtonic3, Designer already does this for me, it puts a new layer one up from the one that I currently have selected. Maybe I'm not understanding what you're requesting? For me, I'd like to see an option for Designer to always start each new document with a layer instead of having to add them manually. I know it is a feature, but I never work withouts layers and I have to add a layer first thing when I create a new file every time. It would be nice to have the option of it starting every file with a layer. Working without Layers makes things disorganized in my opinion. Hokusai
  6. Hi Federico, Welcome to the forums. This has been requested before in the past but the developers have stated that they can't add the Illustrator export option unless they reverse engineer it and they wouldn't be doing that as they feel it isn't right. So as Psenda suggested, why not use PDF? I rarely use Illustrator anymore but when I do, I use PDF's to get things that I've done in Designer into Illustrator and I haven't had any issues so far. Best of luck, Hokusai
  7. Jowday, Just to be fair from January 1987 to April 2007, there was no isolation mode in Illustrator. So that would be a result of roughly 7,300 days with no isolation mode, or 20 years and 4 months or so.
  8. VectorCat, You know this happens to me often and when it does, I normally find that I mistakenly hit the command key first and then the space bar (as you wrote) but in fact I believe that in Affinity's programs it is Space Bar + Command. That is how it seems to me and it always works for me when I do Space Bar + Command but not the other way around. I hope that helps. Adobe's apps seem to work regardless of which one you press first (or at least they used to) but Affinity's style is Space Bar + Command. Hokusai
  9. Hi PaRunk, Thanks for clearing that up. Sorry, I thought the conversation was about vector brushes (pure vector brushes) and so I thought that I must have missed them being introduced at one point. That's my fault. When I saw the one that Old Bruce posted, I thought it was a vector brush or a vector stroke but I was mistaken. I'd love to be able to use pure vector brushes and vector strokes to create fude style lines. The raster brushes are nice but I work mostly in pure vectors and I'd love to be able to use vector ones in my work. I'd also like to be able to make my own vector brushes or at least modify ones that are included. I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who'd like to see them added. Hopefully sometime in a not so distant future release we'll get them!
  10. Hi Alfred, Thanks for the reply. I knew that you can change the settings for the brushes and that using only a mouse is limited but I was looking more for vector brushes like the one that Old Bruce showed in his example. Best regards, Hokusai
  11. Does Designer have Vector brushes? I see them but they don't do anything when I select them and then draw something. I'd love to be able to use a brush with a fude (Japanese brush) look. Maybe as @PaRunk said, they are only available if I use a graphics tablet? I don't use a tablet and draw everything using a mouse. If this is the case, I'd love to be able to use them without a tablet! I also second PaRunk's suggestion for being able to change the direction of the brush! Thanks!
  12. I am intrigued by iskn's Repaper graphics tablet. I saw it 3 or 4 years ago loved the idea but I don't know anyone who uses one and I haven't bought one either but I often think about it. I was wondering if anyone here uses it and then uses Affinity Designer or Photo to manipulate the drawings? I believe that Repaper can capture your strokes in vectors while you draw on real paper using real pencils or pens and you can export them with SVG, which you could then manipulate using Designer or Photo. I'd be curious to know what people who have used one think of it? I know a lot of people use Wacom or other devices but I'm a more traditionalist and prefer real paper and pencil or pen and I was wondering how the Repaper compared with other devices like the ones from Wacom. I often sketch things out on paper and then scan it or take a photo and then rework it in Designer based on my sketch but it would be great to remove a step but I wasn't how well it worked.
  13. 2989, Do you have pen tool set to Polygon Mode? That would be my guess, when you have the pen tool selected, make sure the Mode is Pen Tool and not one of the others. The Pen tool is the first option in the Mode settings. Polygon tool is the third. Hokusai
  14. Lorox, I'm guessing that you'd like the Editable fonts to be displayed differently from the fonts that have been outlined so that you can tell the difference. Is that right? This is something that I requested way back in March 2015 and I'd still like to see it added today.
  15. PaRunk, Have you watched the Power Duplicate video? https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/tutorials/designer/desktop/video/301626751/ It might help you. It goes over how to use the Power Duplicate much like a dedicated Step-and-Repeat function would (although the interface isn't quite the same).
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