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  1. Alfred, Doesn't using any of the Blend modes make it become a raster on export? I'm just curious, I would love to be able to use the Blends and then export them as a PDF maintaining the vectors but I haven't been able to. Maybe I'm missing something? Hokusai
  2. Works for me, on my Mac too!
  3. Thor, Hello and welcome to the forums. Sorry that you are having issues but this isn't really the thread to post in for those things. This thread was set up to discuss things that are going to be added to 1.7. For the crop tool issue, I recommend that you make a separate request for it (and give a detailed explanation as to why it would be good to have it added). The issue you are having with the zoom you could post in the "Questions" thread or in the "Bugs" if you feel it is a bug. Best regards, Hokusai
  4. Veilheim, My pleasure. Best regards, Hokusai
  5. Veilheim, Here is what the staff said in response to a similar question.
  6. Veilheim, Sorry but unless things have changed, you won't be able to. Hokusai
  7. alanGmedia, I believe that you're correct. Were you able to find the threads? Hokusai
  8. alanGmedia, Hello and welcome to the forums. The developers have said that they are working on releasing a DAM. No eta on when it will be released but they have said that they plan on releasing one sometime in the future. If you search the forums for "DAM" you'll find some threads related to the discussion of this. Best regards, Hokusai
  9. I believe that the developers have said that they plan to have it export files for ebooks (epub, etc. not necessarily version 1 though) but no it won't be a a website builder. Hokusai
  10. dave2017, Use the Duplicate (command + J) in conjunction with the "Transform" palette. Here is a link to the video Hokusai
  11. MEB, Thanks for checking out my work and thanks for the compliment. I'm almost done with one of my favorite "beauties of Edo" and I'll post it sometime soon. Best regards, Hokusai
  12. GRScott & AffinityJules, Thanks for checking out my work and thanks for the kind words. Hokusai
  13. GarryP, Thanks for the questions. The black part (of her obi) that looks like it was unfinished was actually designed to look that way but I can see how you would think it wasn't finished. I went ahead and extended it and I think it looks better, thanks for the suggestion. I think you are right about the cloth. I changed it and it does seem to look better. Thanks! Best regards, Hokusai
  14. GarryP, Thanks for checking out my work and thanks for the kind words. No reason to be jealous, I wish I was a natural but unfortunately I'm not. I worked for years to learn and then to improve my skills (first with Illustrator and Freehand and now with Designer) and even now I feel that I still have so much to learn and to improve. Best regards, Hokusai
  15. Thought I would share another Beauty of Edo. It was all done using Designer and it is all vectors (with some effects added). Thanks for checking out my work. Hokusai