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  1. rjmusto, Hello, there have been some issues in the past with gradients that get rasterised when saved as an EPS. I don't know if the issues were ever resolved. Here is a great thread to read with plenty of information about the topic: Hokusai
  2. MaryLou, I actually like both of the U.I.'s to be honest with you. I something switch back and forth. I'm glad that the developers have opted to give us a choice. Something is needed to help make the tabs stand out and not all blend together though. Hokusai
  3. MaryLou, Sorry, I didn't release that the lighter U.I. preference hadn't made its way into the regular release yet. The lighter U.I. helps for somethings but even with the the lighter U.I., the tabs are still hard to see (although a little better than with the dark U.I.). I agree, they should be easier to see. Hokusai
  4. MaryLou, You might try the lighter U.I. that can be turned on in the Preferences. To me the tabs are a little easier to distinguish using the lighter U.I.. Best of luck, Hokusai
  5. bagmetv, Thanks for the tip. I tried it and it worked. Having to go up to the menu to show the Studio panels on the left side has been driving me crazy. Hokusai
  6. MattP, Thanks for the quick update! I do have one question, for some reason starting with the last beta, the Studio panels that I dock on the left side don't appear when I launch the program and I have to show them every time but the ones on the right show up as usual. Is that the issue that was discussed in earlier releases? It has never happened to me before so I was just curious. Thanks for all the hard work! Hokusai
  7. MattP, Sorry, I figured it out. For some reason the "Auto-scroll" was enabled but I've never had it enabled before (or is that new?) so it threw me off. Thanks for all the hard work! Hokusai
  8. MattP, Thanks for the update. I've really been enjoying the "Hide/Show All" commands! For me, when I select something, it automatically flips the layer contents and shows them (all of them). If I select something else, the flippy triangles are still flipped on the previous layer and then it does it to the next layer. I'm guessing that this is either a bug or a preference setting but I can't find the preference for it. Sorry if this doesn't make sense. It is a very distracting for me, is there a way to make it stop? I'm very happy to see some improvements to the expand stroke! Way to go! Many thanks, Hokusai
  9. ALXHK, Thank god, now I won't have to waste anymore time reading your drivel. I seriously think you should take a writing course, it might help you to better communicate your "ideas". As well, you might want to work on your tone. It comes across as very egotistic, which seems out of place for someone with only 18 years experience in the business. Maybe that is what you were going for? Anyways, with all that typing you did, what you didn't do was actually provide anything that even remotely backed up your lies that Serif's business model is to make profits from selling manuals or that they intentionally make their software difficult to use in order to sell manuals. Hokusai
  10. ALXHK, Hello and welcome to the forums. Everyone has different needs and different expectations and you might have a few good points in your posts but because of the length of your post, most of your ideas, suggestions and complaints get muddled. It is funny that you complained that there should be no manual but then you wrote a manual about not needing one. Serif didn't originally make a manual and it wasn't until lots of people asked, begged, and complained of a lack of one that they finally made one. So to say that it is a part of their business model is incorrect and just not true. It is true that a manual isn't needed by everyone but some people do need one. I, myself didn't need one and didn't buy one but there are others who did. I prefer the way that Serif did it because they allow those who don't need one to keep from having to pay for one but they still left the option to get one for those who feel that they need it. That seems to offer the best of both worlds and I can't imagine how anyone could complain about it. Hokusai
  11. BudProd, Affinity is planning on releasing a Page Layout program sometime in the future. A page layout program isn't a word processing application though (which is what Word is) but they are similar in some regards. There isn't a release date given so far. I hope that helps. Hokusai
  12. Matt, I think I understand now. You have two "Show All" options but one of them is actually "Hide"! Thanks a million for adding that! I'm so happy to be able to hide things and show all with a shortcut! Hokusai
  13. Matt, Thanks for all the hard work! I love the "Unlock All" and the "Show/Show All" but for some reason I can't find the "Hide"? Was that a mistype or am I looking in the wrong place? Hokusai
  14. JMaguire, What you are referring to in regards to locking and unlocking with a shortcut can be done with ease now. You can easily select an object and lock it although you can't unlock only one item without making a trip to the Layers Panel, you can simply "Unlock All" with a shortcut though (and save the trip to the Layers panel). I'm guessing that the reason for this is, once an item is locked, it is unselectable without making a trip to the Layers Panel to click on it and thus selecting it. You will have to go to the Preferences and create a shortcut for the "unlock all" command though (and the "Show All" command which is even more useful to me)! I agree with you about the need for a way to show outlines on a per layer basis, it is extreme important to have with complex drawings. Hokusai
  15. Peregrin, Technically it is something you have been requesting for less than a year as you requested it on August 4th of 2016 and it is only July 23rd 2017 so you couldn't have been asking for it for years but saying "I've been asking for it for almost a year" just doesn't quite have the same ring to it. Just joking with you! I do agree with your request though and I'd love to see it added to Designer as it would be a useful addition for me too! Best regards, Hokusai