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  1. Inkscape runs on both Mac and Windows. Which one are you running? If you are using Mac, X11 does come with the operating system. Look in your Applications/Utilities folder and you should see Xquarts there at the bottom. It doesn't look pretty but it will do a decent job of making rasters into vectors for you. I like @v_kyr's recommendation though too.
  2. It might also be worthwhile to try to ask others here how you might solve the problems that you are having. You might mention the OS that you are using and the computer specs, etc as that will help to pin down what might be causing the problem. In addition the wonderful support staff here, there are tons of really useful users who will go out of their way to help to sove problems that others are having. Also, Jaffa offers some words of wisdom and I agree with him 100%! Best regards, Hokusai
  3. GarryP, Good suggestion. I agree with you, it would be useful. Hokusai
  4. Great suggestion, one that I too think would be very useful!
  5. Fonthill, This has been requested before by several different members. While the raster brushes and fills are great, vector ones would be even more useful for me. I would imagine that this will be added sometime in the future but just when is anybody's guess. Hokusai
  6. oliiix, You might want to rethink your post. Its wording is a little strong and it doesn't come across very well.
  7. Fixx's suggestion is great and if you want even more than that, then use the "History" palette.
  8. smilesmile, Hello and welcome to the forums. Lock/Unlock All and Hide/Show All were added more than a year ago. Are you by any chance using an older version of AD? Hokusai
  9. Cebbi, Hello and welcome to the forums. Have you tried leaving the "History Studio" showing (and in a place where you can easily access it)? That way you can click (or touch I would assume) to the point before you'd like to undo. I hope that helps. Hokusai
  10. pfbt, I'd say that the ability to change the ruler origin will be coming soon as it is already in Publisher. I wouldn't be surprised if they added it to the next release of Designer. Hokusai
  11. It wouldn't always be Acrobat, many, if not most, printers and service bureaus use software like PitStop or others that have give you more control over what you can change and edit with PDF files.
  12. rachmac, I would guess that Macro/Actions will be added to Designer sometime in the future seeing how it is already in Photo. I too think it would be a welcomed addition to Designer. Maybe version 2.0? Hokusai
  13. SrPx, No worries, I wasn't sure it was me you were referring to but it sounded like me. I have made some files with some heavy amounts of lines, objects, and nodes but I've never had any kind of a slowdown like the original poster is talking about (and my machine is nothing special in fact it is at the bottom of the list of machines that can run Designer). I have no idea what could be causing the slowdown but like @firstdefence said, a developer might be able to figure it out if they looked at the file. Hokusai
  14. firstdefence, I'm not sure if SrPx is talking about me or not? I do have some very node heavy illustrators, one with around 70,000 objects. I did my version of Don Quixote on an old iMac with only 4 gigs of RAM and I didn't have any problems at all. Here is the link:
  15. Uwe367, You're welcome. They have quite a few videos that really help to explain or show how some of the tools and features work. Hokusai