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  1. I would like to have these improvements and additional features: Tables: 1. Create tables from selected texts with tab stops. 2. Convert tables to continuous text. 3. Can share single cells at any time. (Helpful for complex tables and subsequent cell division changes) 4. Can change cell size by moving the dividing lines. Import (placing) of further text files: Word .docx, .doc Excel .xlsx, .xls The copying and pasting of the texts is only possible if you have a program with which you can open these files. Diagram tool (was there in PagePlus) Calendar tool (give it in PagePlus) Create QR code and EAN code Open Indesign and QuarkXpress and PagePlus files Export Indesign and QuarkXpress files
  2. I would like more tools for better and faster design: 1. A deformation tool / grid to bend objects and texts. 2. The shapebuilder just like in DrawPlus only much better to create shapes from overlays. In DrawPlus, the tool was very immature and could not create the shape clean. 3. When running the Divide tool I get a lot of small elements, which are located between the larger surfaces, as if I had additional contours. This must be fixed, otherwise I can no longer put the aufgeteilen element clean to a surface. 4. A tool that allows me to automatically transfer the properties of an object (such as color, outline, effects) to other selected objects. In addition, I would like to be able to choose which properties I would like to take over. When opening and exporting I miss the opportunity to open and save: Adobe Illustrator (with layers and editable effects) Corel Draw (with layers and editable effects) EPS files (with layers and editable effects) The billing of the effects when exporting does not work properly. Get roughly resolved results and sometimes surrounding objects, which have no effects or do not come into contact, still charged. Very bad. Must be improved.
  3. Hello Affinity Team I have a few more features that I still miss. 1. I would like to be able to decide whether to load it with or without transparencies when placing pictures, graphics and PDF files. 2. I would like to be able to additionally assign outlines and background colors to the frame of pictures and PDFs files. When placing pictures I can choose a frame, but no background color. And with PDF files, I can not assign either. 3. I am missing a color table with CMYK colors. 4. It is very good that you can also insert a feeling text if you make a layout in advance. But unfortunately I miss the opportunity to assign the feeling text with multiple text formatting in the same frame. Could you perhaps add or change these functions? That would be great. Many Thanks
  4. In PagePlus, Publish Setup gave you the option of entering row and column delimiter lines to create a layout grid. This is a very important feature for me because I use it very often to make it easier for me to place my objects. Of course I can use guidelines to create this grid, but it is much more expensive and costs me a lot of time, especially if I have to change it on several master sites at the same time. I ask you to reinsert this feature in Affinity Publisher as well.