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  1. Yes, I too would be very happy if there was a QR code and barcode generator in both Publisher and Designer. I always need these as vectors because I want to use them in variable sizes without losing quality. I would like to have the ability to create watermarks in Affinity Photo to protect images. In the digital age, QR and barcodes are essential and are being used more and more frequently in advertising to obtain further information about products and the like in digital form.
  2. Hello, I have just noticed that I can open layered tiff files created with Adobe Photoshop without any major problems and all layers are preserved. But when I now try to export a tiff file with layers and transparencies from Affinity Photo, I only have the option to save the layers for Affinity's programmes. When I then open the tiff in Photoshop, all the layers have disappeared and have been merged into one layer. This is really annoying. Is there a way that I can save tiff files with layers and transparencies so that I can open them again in other programs like Photoshop with all layers and transparencies? It is very important for me to be able to save tiff files with layers and transparencies and open them again in other programmes without losing the layers and transparencies. If this is not currently possible, I would be happy if this possibility could be added through an update.
  3. Hello, I found out today that the Bitmap blending mode doesn't work with the gradient tool on the iPad. If I select the bitmap blending mode for the gradient tool, the previously set gradient remains on the one hand, although I have not set it to bitmap. In addition, it is not possible to select the bitmap. A window doesn't open like in the desktop version, and I can't find a button to access the image to be used either. I'm using an iPad Pro 11'. Either it is not displayed (I found that I also have problems displaying the top bar with other tools) or the selection button was forgotten.
  4. Yes, I've also noticed that I have significant speed losses and severe delays when using raster brushes and vector brushes, regardless of whether it's an iPad or desktop version. Hope this problem can be fixed in a timely manner.
  5. Hello, I finally managed to record a video to show my problem. No matter what I tried, whether values with commas or points, I can enter correct values. I can only enter full values. Problem_1.mp4
  6. Well, the AI file format is Adobe's, I also know. But I can't quite imagine that Adobe wouldn't disclose the specifications. Because with Corel Draw and a few other programs, it is possible to open AI files and save them again as AI files. I tried the tip of simply changing a PDF file's file extension to .ai. But when I open the rewritten file in Illustrator, the file is still recognized as a PDF. In addition, Affinity Photo can also open psd files (Photoshop) and save them via export. And in Affinty Desiger there is also the possibility to output psd files via the export. It would therefore be desirable if you could also open AI files in Desiger and export them as AI files again.
  7. Hello, I am pleased that you can also open and edit files from InDesign in Publisher. Unfortunately, I don't have the option to save them as InDesign files again. Would it be possible to integrate this as an export in Publisher V2? That would be great.
  8. Hello, I would be very happy if I could not only open Ai files in Designer V2, but also save them as Ai files via export. Would it be possible to integrate this?
  9. The national language of the program corresponds to the operating system. I use 'German' as the language of the country. I don't know if that's the reason. If I tried to enter a value with a comma, the value jumps back to the previous value. If I enter the value with a period, the period is removed and I suddenly have a value that is much too large. More precisely, if I enter a value of 1.5, it suddenly becomes a 15.
  10. Hello, I noticed that I can't make any entries with decimal places, although I have set up to three decimal places for all units of measurement in the settings. Once I can't even set an outline with 0.5pt. As soon as I confirm the value with Return, the value is reset to 1pt or if 0pt was previously entered as the value, the entered value is reset. The decimal point values can only be set using the slider. This is annoying and imprecise. There are also problems when you have a value with a decimal place, that when you scroll with the mouse wheel from a value of, for example, 2.545pt, the value suddenly changes to 2545pt and not to 3pt as usual. I have the above problem in all programs. Please correct the errors as soon as possible.
  11. Thank you for the information. I have just uninstalled the program and installed the previous versions. Until version 1.10.1, the problem was not yet present. From version 1.10.3 this problem occurs. Maybe this information helps to find the problem.
  12. Hello, I have a problem with the Invert Selection function when I want to crop an object in Publisher with Photo Persona. When an object is on a solid color background, the selection is much easier if you select the background and then you invert the selection. But when I do this, the selection is already inverted, but is offset at the same time. And when you run the command again, the selection is moved again and is no longer in the right position. This is really annoying, because I have to open the object directly in Affinity Photo and do the cropping there, because there the inverting of the selection works perfectly. I attach a video with my problem. Publisher 2022.02.03.mp4
  13. A new update to fix functional errors and problems. But unfortunately, functional errors and problems that have been reported in the forum for more than a year have still not been corrected. The best example is the incorrect calculations with the Divide function from Geometry, when you want to divide several superimposed shapes (especially more curved shapes). And if the shapes have additional strokes, these are separated from the shapes and become their own elements, which even with too many overlays become individual fragments of a contour. Desktop 2021.08.29 -
  14. I meant "I would be really happy if you can use XML and JSON data in the Data Merge".
  15. Hello, too, I would be really happy if you can use XML and JSON data in the data summary, as these files are usually issued by databases. Is very important when creating catalogs.
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