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  1. I had recently asked in the forum under feature requests and suggestions if it might be possible to add the live filters that you have in Affinity Photo to Designer, so you don't have to switch between Designer and Photo every time. So far almost all live filters from Photo can be changed later in Designer. But unfortunately there was no answer if it would be possible. Until then, unfortunately, you have to use the more cumbersome way, as I had shown in the video. Or you can do it the way Jowday described. I created several brushes with noise effect in Photo and then added them in Designer under Pixel Persona.
  2. As a further alternative to get more noise, I would use it with "File / Edit in Affinity Photo". There you then select your object, what should get the noise effect and would then use the live filter "Add noise". Then you go back in the same way in Designer, ie "File / Edit in Affinity Designer". The live filter can then also be used subsequently in Designer and transferred to other objects. Desktop_2021_02.14_-_21_11_06_01.mp4
  3. Hello, I have just encountered a problem with the display of a placed Designer file. 1. zoomed in to the place where the graphic should be placed. 2. designer file inserted into the document via place. 3. rotated graphic, resized it and used vector crop tool to reduce the free space, since the Minimum Content or Maximum Content command will crop part of the shadow in the graphic. 4. zoomed out again. Graphic is suddenly displayed incorrectly in the frame. 5. when I zoom in again, the graphic is displayed correctly again. Publisher_2021_02.09_-_10_26.47_02.mp4
  4. I just opened the current Photoshop and executed the described commands. That by the command Control + I the selection reverses is also not in Photoshop the case, but also only with Control + Shift + I possible. The command Control + I is the command Invert, so from positive to negative. The commands are the same in both programs in the current version. And I don't remember that you could use the Control + I command to invert the selection, and I've known Photoshop since version 4. But if it is so important that you want the command to be different, then you have to change it manually in the keyboard shortcut settings. The Invert command (control + I) is under Layers and the Invert Pixel Selection command (control + Shift + I) is under Select. Regarding the inaccuracy in selecting is almost identical in both programs. Also got a mismatch in Photoshop when I inverted the selection. I found another problem for this with the quick selection tool. I reported this error in the forum last night and even attached two videos.
  5. Here is another shot that I took with my cell phone. You can see it there now. 1612743936983.mp4
  6. Hello, just discovered a bug when trying to use the quick selection tool to select a uniformly colored background. If I start with the selection at the top left, the tool does not recognize the edge of the object and selects it even though I do not even touch the object. Interestingly, in the attached video it looks like I'm touching the object, but on the screen itself, I'm almost a full brush tip width away from the object. If I start the selection elsewhere, the quick selection tool will do the job right. Desktop_2021_02.08_-_01_13_42_05.mp4
  7. Hello, you can customize the keyboard shortcuts in all of them yourself. I have adapted my abbreviations myself to those of Adobe. Or do you mean something else!
  8. I am also missing these functions for deforming vectors and I would be really happy if these are soon available in Designer.
  9. I find the new function "New brush from selection" really good. Especially the way that you don't have to create a png file first to create a brush is exactly the same as I know it in other programmes. It would be really great if you could create the other brush types (pixel and vector) in the same way. That way, the somewhat annoying way with the png file would be omitted and you can create your new brushes faster. Maybe you could also create real vector brushes this way.
  10. Even though it's a bit inconvenient, I also use Photo in parallel to make my distortions. If you use the live filters and then return to Designer via the editing path, the vector graphics remain and you can even use the perspective filter again in Designer without having to switch back to Photo. I have tried this several times now and it works. But unfortunately, the graphics are later converted to bitmaps when they are output. Unfortunately, that is not so nice. I'm curious whether the perspectives and distortion tools will be added to Designer in the next major update. Desktop_2021_02.06_-_22_12_01_01.mp4
  11. Hello, would it be possible to maybe add the live filters that you have in Affinity Photo also in Designer? Would love to be able to use effect filters in Designer without having to constantly switch back and forth between Designer and Photo, plus save time desgining.
  12. Hello, would it perhaps be possible to insert the Mash Wrap Tool also as a live filter, as it was also done with Liquify and the Perspectives Tool? Would be great, because I want to be able to use it to deform my texts without it being converted to pixels and I can replace the text later.
  13. Thanks for the new update for fixing some bugs in Designer. Are also a few helpful, new features added, these I like. But unfortunately some of the long existing bugs are still not fixed. I keep reading that this problem is being passed on and that they are working on a solution, but so far there is no sign that they have addressed these issues. Bugs and problems that have only arisen since the last update have been fixed after a short time. Errors and problems that have existed for several years and have been reported very frequently have still not been fixed. These include, for example, the functions under Geometry to combine and split objects. Furthermore, incorrect results when you want to use more than two objects at the same time.
  14. The problem with the vector brushes occurs at the moment when you use the function of beginning and end limit in the settings of the individual brushes. So it happens that a too short stroke cannot underline the two ends. That is, if you use this function in the brushes to not distort the two ends, you will automatically be limited in the stroke length. As soon as you remove these two limitations in the settings of the brush, the error is gone on the one hand, but unfortunately the complete stroke is then distorted or repeated. Almost all of the brushes included in the program have these limitations and thus these faulty strokes occur if the length is not correct.
  15. I can understand some who are not quite so satisfied with the current programs because they have very high expectations and are looking for an alternative to Illustrator and Corel, because they want to escape the subscriptions and the ever higher costs. Who does not want that. But many are not aware of how complex it is to develop a program and that it takes a lot of time until a new function has been developed and programmed and it then works perfectly. Which probably many do not know either because they may not know the beginnings of the competitor programs and see the current versions of the competitor as the absolute standard and expect the same from the developers at Affinity, how many years, for example, Adobe and Corel have put in development time until their products have received their current functionality. Who is interested in finding out when which functions e.g. B. found its way into Illustrator, you can look it up on Wikipedia. Here you can find a list of the versions and when which function was added. In addition, Adobe and other software manufacturers have significantly more employees who work on the individual products than with Serif and thus the development of new functions is much faster than with Serif, which also affects the high price of the competition affects. If you compare the functionality of Illustrator and Designer, I would think that Designer has roughly the same functionality as Illustrator had in version 10-11. There are smaller solutions and functions in the Affinity programs to get the same result in the end. But of course you have to know which alternative paths are available and how to use and combine them. Nevertheless, I am of the opinion, as I have already mentioned several times here in the forum, that the errors in the functions that are already available are finally fixed so that they can also be used and implemented.
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