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  1. Thank you for the answers. I would also like to have the warning for overexposure and underexposure in Photo Persona, so that I can set my measuring points so that I can correct the different color casts in depths, midtones and highlights, so that the image is absolutely neutral in color. I mostly use color balance and tonal value correction.
  2. Hello Affinity Team, I have a few suggestions of functions and improvements that I would like to use in Affinity Photo to be able to do my work even faster and better. 1. I would like to be able to save several work surfaces. 2. With the pipette, I would like to be able to choose the size of the recording area (1, 3, 5, 9 or 11 pixels). 3. I lack the possibility of warning about overexposure and underexposure. 4. I am missing the three individually adjustable pipettes in the tonal value correction and gradation curve, with which I can determine my lightest, medium and deepest hue. I use this very often in Photoshop to be able to adjust my pictures very quickly. Without this function, I am much slower to process, since the manual way is very cumbersome and I lose a lot of time when editing more than a hundred pictures. 5. I would also like to be able to use the dodge, reexpose, blur and sharpen tools on the mask level to perfect my masks. 6. If I use the brush and want to record a new color while holding down the Alt key, I do not see the recording point, but rather the brush tip size. Can’t see what color I’m actually taking. It would be nice if these functions and improvements could be added in the next updates. Otherwise, I find your programs really great and recommend them constantly.
  3. Picture 1. Line created Picture 2. Line styles on textured brush Picture 3. Linienstyle put back Picture 4. Window for brush pressure opened and set new point. The line changes again to the structure brush. Picture 5. Only after I have created a new line, I can use the curve for the brush pressure, without the structure brush appears.
  4. Hi, I have a problem when I change styles between the lines and then want to create a new brush-print curve. I first made a normal solid line, then switched to the texture brush to pick different lines for the design. Because I had not found a suitable texture brush, I switched back to the solid lines and wanted to create a new line style with the brush pressure. But at this moment the line changes back to the last texture brush. I have not succeeded in maintaining the line style I have chosen, and the line weight can no longer be adjusted. So I had to draw a new line to use strength and pressure. I am using Windows 10 Pro 64Bit in the current version.
  5. In der Werkzeugleiste kann ich die Schriften auswählen, wenn ich das Textwerkzeug verwende. Das funktioniert bei mir. Um schneller die Textformatierungen zu ändern, nutze ich Absatz- bzw. Zeichenstile. Doch wenn ich diese Stile abändern möchte, vorallem die Schriftart wechseln möchte, lässt sich der Reiter zwar anklicken und er bekommt eine Umrandung, aber dann passiert nichts mehr. Keine Auflistung meiner Schriften und keine Reaktion bei sonstigen Befehlen mehr; egal was ich anklicke. Muss das Programm dann über den Task-Manager beenden und neu starten, um wieder arbeiten zu können.
  6. Hallo, habe das Problem, dass Publisher nicht mehr reagiert, wenn ich in den Textstilen eine andere Schriftart auswählen möchte. Egal ob im Absatzstil, Zeichenstil oder Gruppenstil. Sobald ich also auf den Reiter der Schriftart klicke funktioniert nichts mehr. Das muss unbedingt behoben werden.
  7. Hello Affinity Team, would it be possible to integrate the following functions? These are very helpful for me and important in the design. 1. footnotes and endnotes 2. Seperation preview (to control the colourfulness) 3. Generator for QR (in PagePlus possible) and bar codes 4. Convert selected texts to table and back 5. Open and export Indesign files 6. Placing graphics and images with special colors (also called true colors) These are currently being converted easily, which does not happen. Have a lot of images and graphics from other programs, which I want to use, but that does not work yet, especially companies logos) 7. Opening PDF files with spot colors is also important. That does not work either. The colors are also changed, which must happen under no circumstances) 8. Gathering data for sharing would also be very helpful, as I would like to share more of the original data, at the request of the clients I recommended your software to. This was possible in PagePlus and also possible in other laypout programs. 9. A tool for creating charts would not be bad. That was available in PagePlus. 10. Placing Excel files would also be helpful as it often gets files from customers and needs to get them into the products. 11. The personalization feature as described in PagePlus (Mail Merge and Photo Assembly) 12. The creation of workspaces (in PagePlus and programs of competitors possible) 13. The function Replace color would be good. If you have to replace the color in the whole product, because the customer has a different color concept. 14. When deleting used colors, a warning should come and the choices will be "do not delete" or "replace with". 15. Convert existing colors to spot color and convert spot colors into working space would be fine without having to create a new color. 16. When exporting, there is the problem that contours and lines that have a gradient as a fill are converted into graphic objects. This must be fixed, they should remain contour or line. In the programs of the competition it works. 17. Possibility to put objects on "Overprint", "Aussparen" or "nicht print" would be very helpful. This is important because there are situations where certain objects must necessarily be printed on each other by overlays. Do not print the command is important when using objects as positioning aids, but not outputting them. In other layout programs there is this possibility. 18. Opening and exporting Indesign and Quark files
  8. I have loads of graphics and images created with true colors (Pantone and HKS). When I import these, they are converted to CMYK. This must be remedied absolutely. Even when opening PDF files with true colors, they are changed. That can not happen. I will attach a few files with true colors, which I have used for testing. When exporting to PDF and EPS, lines and contours that I have assigned with effects or gradients are suddenly converted into graphics. This too needs to be fixed, as lines and contours should remain. A tool for creating barcodes and QR codes would be good, since I need them relatively often for my designs. I also miss the function "collect data and pack" for the transmission of open data. HKS K.ai HKS K.eps HKS K.pdf
  9. I would like to have these improvements and additional features: Tables: 1. Create tables from selected texts with tab stops. 2. Convert tables to continuous text. 3. Can share single cells at any time. (Helpful for complex tables and subsequent cell division changes) 4. Can change cell size by moving the dividing lines. Import (placing) of further text files: Word .docx, .doc Excel .xlsx, .xls The copying and pasting of the texts is only possible if you have a program with which you can open these files. Diagram tool (was there in PagePlus) Calendar tool (give it in PagePlus) Create QR code and EAN code Open Indesign and QuarkXpress and PagePlus files Export Indesign and QuarkXpress files
  10. I would like more tools for better and faster design: 1. A deformation tool / grid to bend objects and texts. 2. The shapebuilder just like in DrawPlus only much better to create shapes from overlays. In DrawPlus, the tool was very immature and could not create the shape clean. 3. When running the Divide tool I get a lot of small elements, which are located between the larger surfaces, as if I had additional contours. This must be fixed, otherwise I can no longer put the aufgeteilen element clean to a surface. 4. A tool that allows me to automatically transfer the properties of an object (such as color, outline, effects) to other selected objects. In addition, I would like to be able to choose which properties I would like to take over. When opening and exporting I miss the opportunity to open and save: Adobe Illustrator (with layers and editable effects) Corel Draw (with layers and editable effects) EPS files (with layers and editable effects) The billing of the effects when exporting does not work properly. Get roughly resolved results and sometimes surrounding objects, which have no effects or do not come into contact, still charged. Very bad. Must be improved.
  11. In PagePlus, Publish Setup gave you the option of entering row and column delimiter lines to create a layout grid. This is a very important feature for me because I use it very often to make it easier for me to place my objects. Of course I can use guidelines to create this grid, but it is much more expensive and costs me a lot of time, especially if I have to change it on several master sites at the same time. I ask you to reinsert this feature in Affinity Publisher as well.
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