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  1. Rather than on the Affinity Facebook page, I'll post my suggestions here. As I said, as a Freehand user, I miss a simple but complete Transform pad, including x-y move tool (with duplicate options), percentage scaling (with options like scale strokes, content...), flipping, etc. I know the page features will grow in the upcoming version but including configurable bleeding space around the pages (to manage crop marks and other useful information) would be great.
  2. I purchased the app this afternoon; couldn't wait for the upcoming trial version. :) I didn't manage a deep exploration yet but why can't we have a simple and complete transform menu (like in freehand) providing move distance, scaling, skewing, rotation and flipping in one simple box ?
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    Hi everyone, I'm a graphic designer from Belgium. I used to switch between Freehand and Illustrator since the very beginning around 1990, before sticking definitely to Freehand. I can't wait to give Affinity a try but that means upgrading to Lion, i.e. loosing the Freehand compatibility of OSX 10.6. So I'm trying to explore the features/lacks of Affinity by reading this forum. From what I understand, some improvements are to be made on the grid and snapping features, which I appreciate a lot in Freehand. Also, what happens when Affinity imports a multi-page Freehand document ?

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