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  1. When it comes to logo design, I often need the boolean tools. But they still don't do the job. Example: when I try to cut a simple rectangle out of a rounded shape, I get this weird result.
  2. Thank you so much Walt, that was the solution. 👍
  3. On importing pages from an AP file in a document with the same layout, the automatic page numbering gets confused. The imported pages keep their former page numbers instead of the actual page numbers. No matter how I re-assign the master pages: the imported pages don't update their page numbers. See attached file : I have emptied the document but one can see that the page numbers go 1, 2, 3, 4, 1. AP_bug.afpub
  4. When expanding really simple strokes, Affinity creates weird anchor points at some places. In the attached image, one can see that in this simple symmetric shape, anchor points on the right side are correct, while a bunch of useless points are generated on the left side. I used to work with FreeHand before and I never experienced that behaviour. How can I avoid that ? Txs !
  5. Rather than on the Affinity Facebook page, I'll post my suggestions here. As I said, as a Freehand user, I miss a simple but complete Transform pad, including x-y move tool (with duplicate options), percentage scaling (with options like scale strokes, content...), flipping, etc. I know the page features will grow in the upcoming version but including configurable bleeding space around the pages (to manage crop marks and other useful information) would be great.
  6. I purchased the app this afternoon; couldn't wait for the upcoming trial version. :) I didn't manage a deep exploration yet but why can't we have a simple and complete transform menu (like in freehand) providing move distance, scaling, skewing, rotation and flipping in one simple box ?
  7. Hi everyone, I'm a graphic designer from Belgium. I used to switch between Freehand and Illustrator since the very beginning around 1990, before sticking definitely to Freehand. I can't wait to give Affinity a try but that means upgrading to Lion, i.e. loosing the Freehand compatibility of OSX 10.6. So I'm trying to explore the features/lacks of Affinity by reading this forum. From what I understand, some improvements are to be made on the grid and snapping features, which I appreciate a lot in Freehand. Also, what happens when Affinity imports a multi-page Freehand document ?
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