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  1. When the list was first published Aff Designer was still in Beta and lots of features were being added - almost on a daily/weekly basis. They now have 3 products in development (iPad version as well) - so I guess they're a lot more stretched that a few years ago. Designer seems to have been on the back burner for well over a year now but I expect to see a major update this year.
  2. Just got a response from Yellow Images: That's that cleared up. Is support for "Smart Objects" on the to-do list? Thanks again. S
  3. I can confirm that once they have been implemented they are moved/removed from the list. Artboards, Pantone etc etc were all on that list but have since been implemented and removed. Still waiting on the "Knife tool" folks!
  4. Just a quick check to see if the PSD templtes provided by yellowimages.com are compatible with Affinity Photo/Designer? Thanks in advance. S
  5. I'll check that - looks all closed up but that would explain it.
  6. A selection of circles, divided - a few lines added, then joined end points (knife tool anyone?) Works fine when simple combining a number of simple shapes shapes - but possibly the direction of the curves are different for each part? That might be the problem? S
  7. I wonder is this a glitch - just combined a mix of shapes and the Align options have no effect at all?
  8. Struggling to find the options. I know they exist as an effect (fx) but can't seem to find a way to apply them to a stroked shape. Thanks in advance. S
  9. The ability to drag the x, y ruler and set it anywhere on the page would be really helpful. Double click resets it to the top left of the page. I must dig out my old copy of Freehand and post a video of how it handle the transition between Type tool and Move tool. It was seamless and never involved changing tools or breaking stride. It was as simple as holding down the command key. It's still my only real quibble with Designer.
  10. Currently AD lets me change lower case text to 'all caps' or 'small caps'. It won't go the other way. Occasionally you have huge chunk of text copied and pasted from another source that is 'all caps'. Currently forced to retype the whole shebang - usually introducing errors. A feature to change all to 'lowercase' would be great (see Freehand ;) ). Thanks S
  11. Small feature - badly missed. Almost 1st thing I missed when moving to AD. Please implement.
  12. There's been a slight improvement to the text tool - it now lets you move the text box when hovered over the top of the frame - without changing tool. I've been bangin on about hat since last year - so thanks! The BIG problem seems to be ADs notion that when you are working with text you are doing this exclusively to everything else. This is not the case. You are working on text - moving it into position, moving other objects around it, then changing the text again, tweaking other objects in relation to it and so on and so on… At the minute I have to switch tool each time. GIVE US A TOGGLE KEY FOE MOVE TOOL. Freehand had this worked out perfectly. Also - the text box still doesn't expand automatically as more text is created. Also - FREEHAND FEATURE REQUEST 2: pulling down the centres node at the bottom of the text frame = increase leading. Typographically speaking - AD has some way to go yet. Keep up the great work.