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  1. For info: Support (Yellow Images) have asked me to send them the links before download/buy - they'll check in advance whether the source file is compatible with AP.
  2. @MEB Do you know what these are specifically. Yellow Images have agreed to look at files that are compatible with AP for me if I send them
  3. @MEB Yellow Images got back to me. "it contains special 3D elements that you can work with only in Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 – CC 2019 versions, so I'm afraid it won't work with Affinity" Not quite sure what those could be.
  4. @MEB the .psd file that has no embedded layers https://yellowimages.com/stock/women-39s-crop-top-mockup-53530 the .tif with the embedded layers https://yellowimages.com/stock/women-39s-baggy-t-shirt-mockup-45760 It could simply be a rogue - but I've tried other .tif files and they are all editable/smart. S
  5. @MEB - I'm using 2 of the files they provide free. One in .psd format and the other in .tif format. I can upload them (250mb) or provide you the link where you can download them from the Yellow Images site? S
  6. I've encountered a problem when using the free downloads in Yellow Images to practise with Affinity Photo. .tif files preserve the Smart Objects correctly - these are labelled as "embedded documents" in affinity when opened. These can be edited in affinity and work quite well. .psd files don't translate Smart Objects and the ability to edit the layers/smart objects is lost - layers aren't smart. Am I doing something wrong? (Smart layer conversion turned on)
  7. Only 2 fonts and a few variants. Part of my standard use - used them countless times. I'll just have to go through them and eliminate which one is giving trouble. S
  8. Converted text to paths - seems to have fixed it. But still…
  9. Hi, any idea what could be causing this? It's all vector art - no images. Text not converted to paths (yet) I can export to PNG - throws up the odd error when exporting to JPG but eventually went through. Thanks in advance. S
  10. D, the file just must have been corrupted. It got worse and worse - to the point that each time I did a save the whole App crashed. I've just deleted the file and will start again. S
  11. Hi, on 1 particular document I have a series of Artboards. I can't select items from separate Artboards without first either clicking on the layer OR the name of the Artboard at the top of the page. Don't have this issue on any other document. Is it a setting or just a bug? Thanks in advance. S
  12. Just got a response from Yellow Images: That's that cleared up. Is support for "Smart Objects" on the to-do list? Thanks again. S
  13. Just a quick check to see if the PSD templtes provided by yellowimages.com are compatible with Affinity Photo/Designer? Thanks in advance. S
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