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  1. I would be more than happy for there to be a separate 2D CAD Affinity app. There's a gaping hole in the market for something like this, a Mac-Like drafting app that doesn't have it's roots in AutoCAD would be top of my shopping list. I've been searching for something like a more streamlined, less bloated 2D version of Vectorworks (that doesn't cost 4 figures!) for years now. I understand it would be a fairly limited market compared to Designer, but an in-app purchase of CAD tools or a simplified version of Designer with CAD features wold be something I'd buy in an instant. Even if it were quite a bit more expensive than AD!
  2. Thanks for your reply :-) I didn't see that preference despite looking for it! Affinity is obviously a complicated app and many years of using competing apps can get in the way of learning new tricks (I'm a bit of an old dog theses days!).
  3. Hi The more I use Designer, the more I run in to some inconsistencies compared to most other Mac graphics apps and also with Designer itself. I would like the following options pretty please with a cherry on top: 1. The shift key is used to constrain ratio for drawing objects, but to ignore the ratio when resizing a photo or text (for example). I know it makes a certain sense the way you have implemented it but it gets me every time I resize a photo or text and I'd like an option for it to always mean constrain ratio instead. 2. Option to make only the arrow tool edit selected objects: Say I'm drawing a chess board. I'd like to draw square 1 then start drawing square 2 at the corner of square 1, using the corner as a snap point. However, if I do that even though I have the rectangle tool selected it just edits square 1 instead. I'd like an option to turn this off and just allow editing using the arrow tool. I'd rather hit a key command or hold down a modifier to go to the arrow tool. 3. An option to switch the draw from centre modifer from command to option purely because of muscle memory. I'm an old dog and can't learn new tricks! Nothing to do with conventions or inconsistencies, but whilst I'm here: ;-) 4. Pixelmator has a fantastic guide feature that shows when you have equal distance between objects. That'd be fantastic to 'borrow'. ;-) 5. An option to have bigger tool icons 6. An option (or change default) so that when you use the boolean operators they remain editable as standard via double clicking rather than having to hold down the option key. I'd prefer to keep them editable as standard and use 'convert to curves' or something similar to flatten if required. 7. An option to hide all other objects when editing an object inside a group (i.e. hide everything outside of the group). Useful for complicated drawings. That's it for now. Great app and I'm still thankful for 'Paste Inside' almost every time I use Designer! :-)
  4. A better (useable!) interface for setting tabs please.
  5. +1 Basic 2D tools would be great. Scales, Units, Dimensions and click-click drawing would be great. Tool wise I'd be happy with mostly annotation and dimensioning tools in addition to what we have.
  6. +1 iDraw (and TouchDraw) has a fair old stab at this, but if scale and dimensions are ever included, they need to be a little more CAD like IMHO; Click-click drawing option (rather than click drag) and dimensions with leader lines for a start. Affinity Deisgn could be the 2D CAD app of choice on the Mac if they wanted to be. The entry level (<£1000+ for VectorWorks) market is ripe for exploiting, although I'm not sure of the numbers. The only app I can find that's half decent for less than VectorWorks is HighDesign and that's so clunky compare to AD, it's not even funny. Other apps such as MacDraft are really showing their age. A few CAD like features (comparable to the cad tools plug-in available for Illustrator, only good) would mop up the technical drawing requirements for people like me that don't need AutoCAD and VectorWorks has become far too expensive. The 'personas' aspect of AD could keep the tools out of the way until needed so as not to clutter up things for 'normal' use. I'd also be happy to have CAD tools as an in-app purchase. And besides, if iDraw/TouchDraw can do it (albeit not quite well enough for CAD)... ;-)
  7. Here's what I've been using as a replacement icon, as there weren't enough blue circles in my dock ;-) Not suggesting it should be a replacement icon for AD by any means in fact it almost certainly shouldn't... But I did make it in AD :-)
  8. It's a nice app off to a great start, but boy is the logo ugly! I'm sure your designers can use the app to make a nice clean and simple one! Please?
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