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  1. Is there a way to change the default 'Text box' font from Times to something else for all new documents? I hate Times!!!!
  2. jackamus

    QS outline

    Brilliant! I shall send this to my Kids!
  3. jackamus

    QS outline

    LOL! I'm 79 and put it down to old age and bad memory!
  4. jackamus

    QS outline

    Yep! Thanks.
  5. This has just started to show up when I draw a QS without a stroke around it. A red line shows up round the QS as though I had selected it but doesn't go away when I deselect it. Why?
  6. False alarm! I managed it.
  7. My next problem is how do I add extra pages? Can I duplicate any layer, rename it and remove the content to make way for new content?
  8. Hi Guys, The pdf conversion from multilayer artboards was successful. Until Ad Publisher becomes available then I will use AD to create a multipage doc for converting into a pdf.
  9. Correction! When I checked the layers they were already Artboards so I am now saving as a complete doc pdf. Hopefully this will be OK.
  10. Hi meb, I didn't get an email about this reply! Presumably I cannot use just any key as some of them are already used as shortcuts - is this correct? What keys can I use? Can I use a modifier key as well? I tried crtl and C but it doesn't appear to work. I also tried 'Q' but still nothing.
  11. Hi MEB I have attached the file with all the content removed. Artboard version.afdesign
  12. Further news! Only the last page was saved as an exported pdf. Does that help?
  13. Thanks MEB but I'm afraid it is too personal to even do that. It doesn't appear to have saved the artboard conversion as a pdf in AD. Should I try using AD Beta?
  14. I have now exported the file as a pdf but I'm not sure if anything is happening! There's no progress bar.
  15. In screenshot I removed the content and just left blank pages as it was confidential. I managed to answer my own question! I converted each layer to an Artboard one at a time. It was not possible to do them all selected at the same time. The job is now done and now I will see if I can save it as a multi-page pdf.