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  1. Yes I did notice the 'Embedded' label on the layer and that's when I noticed that it was only the psd images that were embedded.
  2. Does that mean the only way to draw a line round a psd image is using a QS rectangle?
  3. I created a doc, I selected 'Place image tool' and chose a jpeg photo. I then put a 1pt stroke round the photo. Using the 'Place image tool' again I selected a photo that I had saved as psd image but could not apply a stroke s I did with the jpeg. I assume that AD treats psd images differently from jpegs.
  4. Thanks but I got round it by drawing a QS rectangle round each one. Next time I will make sure i save the PhtoShop file as a jpeg.
  5. Why can I put an outline round a jpeg photo but not round a psd photo? Is there some way I can change the psd file so it will?
  6. Just to add to my reply - I tried making the ellipse twice the size I needed in the hope that when I reduced it back down to the correct size after applying the transparency, the effect would be twice as narrow but it wasn't it was still the same width. I've noticed this before that transparency doesn't scale.
  7. Actually that is what I did but for a different reason. I wanted the transparency effect to be very narrow. So I moved the node, for changing the width of the effect, as far as it would go which was still too wide. I then created an ellipse, with no fill, gave it a suitable stroke thickness and with the same colour as the background. I then applied a Gaussian blur and aligned it over the top of the photos ellipse.
  8. Thanks for the technical answer Dan.
  9. I completed the clip and then grouped.
  10. I think I have solved it! I grouped the photo and ellipse after clipping and now the transparency tool works. Is correct or a fluke?
  11. I have just clipped a rectangular photo to an ellipse. I now want to apply the ellipse transparency tool to soften the edges of the ellipse but it is not doing it. The tool handles are visible and moveable but no transparency is being applied. Why?
  12. As far as I'm aware AD has always been like that.
  13. Too complicated and shouldn't be necessary! I use Open Office and Photoshop on my Mac and if I ask it to Close it closes after saving the last open file. Why can't AD do that?
  14. No I haven't. Someone suggested that I might be able to change it in Preferences but there isn't a setting for doing that.
  15. jackamus


    Bingo! Thanks.