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  1. PK but the fact that it has only just been recently happening suggests something else.
  2. Ah yes! I know what you mean now! Once upon a time if you walked into a bank with a mask on the staff would push the alarm button. However today I guess that they would politely ask you first what it was you wanted - to make a deposit or a huge withdrawal?
  3. Regarding changing designer preferences, what do you mean Walt?
  4. LOL Brick? This thread is likely to get closed by the moderators like the last one did!
  5. Every time I go back to a blank AD screen I see a different image but it gradually disappears. If there is no obvious reason I can live with it.
  6. I didn't think that you would see it in a screen shot because it is feint.
  7. I tried to stick strictly to the original words of Shakespeare.
  8. This time it looks like my email page with horizontal bands,
  9. LOL. It was your signature that prompted me to create my own! No - not alcohol consumption but that will change tomorrow when I go on holiday for a few days. The image reminds me of the old CRT monitors before screensavers. I've just had another look and it is now a different image but almost faded away.
  10. Why do I see a ghost image of the a file I had previously opened when I reopened AD?
  11. Are their any plans to create a perspective version of the cube in the Grid and snapping axis feature?
  12. I agree. This is the file I started in DP and then saved as a pdf and opened it in AD. You can see the nightmare it would be so I abandoned it. SS_Jaguar_2.afdesign
  13. I have to play devil's advocate here Jowday. I was able to save a DP8 file as a pdf and open it in AD for Mac. The problem was that it lost it layer configuration and each object was its own layer. It would be very difficult to continue to work with it but not impossible.
  14. To the casual user Serif, over 22 years, developed a great Windows 'wheel 'called DrawPlus. Today Serif have 're-invented their 'wheel' for Windows only this one doesn't run as well as the old 'wheel'. Apparently they did this so that it would have the same limited features as the Mac 'wheels'. Regarding working with 'old code' do programs degrade in some way over time?
  15. Actually when I first got my Mac only weeks before AD was published I was able to borrow a Windows laptop on which I was going to use DP8. Just as I got it set up out came AD! So I ditched the laptop and the rest is history. Hindsight is great!
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