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  1. LOL! I'm about to buy a new Honda CR-V and I expect to have the same problems. At my age (82) I really do struggle with things like modern car dashboards and smart phones.
  2. Previously when I dragged out a standard shape e.g. a rectangle the transform handles always appeared. However now they don't. I have to re-select the shape to access the handles. Why is this?
  3. How do I set the colour format to default to RGB32 every time I set-up a new page?
  4. I have attached the file where I use these dimension lines. The problem is I I select the whole group and graba bounding box handle and drag diagonally in order to transform it to a slightly smaller size you will notice that all the dimension lines transform as expected but the two 25mm dimensions transform at a different rate. Why should this be? Stairs.afdesign
  5. Having persevered and had a go at using the 'Constraints' feature I created these two objects (Dimensions). File attached When I transform 'B' I get the desired effect of making the object resize but I cannot get object 'A' to transform in the same way. Both behave in the desired way when used as intended but not when transforming. Is this to do with the constraints settings of 'A'? The reason I want to do this is to be able to transform a whole drawing with all the dimensions transforming at the same rate. Transformation.afdesign
  6. LOL! This could be viewed as verging on the transgenderism nonsense! It was my mistake having quickly read through the help file and mistook 'Child' for daughter. Thanks Walt for pointing me towards the Constraints video. It explained it much better than the written instructions which are not very easy to understand. I did actually create a constrained object from an existing one that I had. It was for creating and adding dimensions and dimension lines to a technical drawing. This I did successfully. I have been asking Serif to add a draughting feature to Affinity Designer ever since it was first published but so far nothing!
  7. Before attempting to use the Constraints panel I need to know what parent and daughter objects are? I can't find anything in Affinity Help.
  8. For some reason my usual vibrant colour wheel is now very wishy-washy. How did this happen and how do I correct it?
  9. I fear you are wasting your time. I've been asking for this ever since Affinity was first published.
  10. That's fairly similar to how I get round the scaling problem. I cannot for the life of me wonder why Serif have not yet provided a scaled drawing feature. There was a very good one on Affinity's predecessor - DrawPlus! I create a drawing using an 'A size' proportion that will allow me to draw full-size. I choose a stroke thickness suitable for this size. I make sure that I select 'Scale with object' so that the stroke thickness scales down to my A4 printing paper.
  11. Yes I did look at this site. But for my application I only needed to see the complete 7 segments layout i.e. the figure '8' was sufficient.
  12. I hadn't as I thought I would ask the Forum first. Thanks.
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