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  1. I t wasn't me that did the work, it was by 'pmeinertz'. See post at the top.
  2. I think I know what needs to be done now. BTW are you a technical illustrator?
  3. I really regret no finishing off the AD version. I'm 80 now and some of the fire has gone!
  4. Ads a retired technical illustrator I tried something similar only I painted a 1930 SS Jaguar and then attempted to to do it again using AD but never got to finish it. I did cheat a bit in that I used the 'Find edges' filter in Photoshop applied to the original photo to save drawing time for both images.
  5. I imagine this was drawn using AD and, if possible I would like an AD file of it just to see how it was put together.
  6. No. It is a cropped screenshot saved as an AD file.
  7. Is there any chance of having a copy of the file of this drawing in this screen shot? Car illustration.afdesign
  8. I looked at 'when last asked' and I'm none the wiser! At that time I was trying to see if I could download the original version of AD. That is no longer an issue. Now I simply want to know now how to access the product key. The only email address I have and password is the ones I use to access the forum. Is this helpful?
  9. I know I have asked this question before but I am unable to find the answer. How do I access the product key for opening up the latest version of AD for Mac?
  10. Thanks. I'll give this a try but I still think that disappearing handles when moving a guide is not user friendly.
  11. A very good point and one that I missed at the time. I then raised the issue again on 19 Sept 2019 and had a lengthy discussion with the developers. I was convinced that this feature did exist in the earlier versions of AD but was assured by the developer that it had never been a part of AD. I believe that what happened is previously to AD I used a PC and DrawPlus which did have this feature. I found it to be a very useful feature for getting guide lines to snap to bounding box handles i.e. acting as centre lines to objects. One of the reasons offered was that it reduced 'screen clutter' I failed to see how that could be called screen clutter since nothing extra was being added - the handles were there and guide lines could be added. How much coding does it take to not have the handles disappear when moving a guide? To my way of thinking it is the removal of coding rather than adding it. The only way I can get a guide line to snap to a bounding box handle is to guess its position and then check visually since it could be snapping to another out-of-sight object.. This especially applies to rectangles and circles/ellipses..
  12. Sorry - a bad use of terminology. As I said in the earlier post this was a feature that was to be added over 5 years ago!
  13. But it doesn't work with the handles on bounding boxes.
  14. That was in 2015! Its now 5 years later and still nothing.
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