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  1. Yes RC and I do that but how do then drag the cursor for selecting the row and possible a whole paragraph of text without moving the box?
  2. LOL! You will have to explain to me what this reply is saying? I couldn't find a suitable one to respond with.
  3. I know that! But if you want to edit the text then you have to unlock the box and we are back to square one where the text box can be moved accidentally.
  4. One of the problems I have is getting people to understand that this feature I'm speaking of, to me is as basic a feature as having guides and bounding boxes in the first place. It must take a conscious effort to choose to make bounding boxes disappear when dragging a guide. Its got nothing to do with priorities which seems to apply to new requested features. I don't believe what I'm asking for is a 'new feature' its why was it left=out in the first place?
  5. Sorry I didn't see your posting. You say, "Next question?" Can I refer you to my question in the posting directly below this one regarding text box and text on different layers?
  6. All of these solutions call for needles effort on my part just to make sure a guide snaps to an invisible bounding box handle! If the handles were still visible when dragging a guide then there is no problem. How difficult is that to write code for?
  7. What you are suggesting is to put the text box on its own layer and lock it and add the text to another layer. When typing the text on this new layer will it conform to the text box beneath it?
  8. I know that! But if you many many objects on the page the guide may snap to another object which is almost in alignment. I have to zoom in to make sure the guide snaps to the correct handle.
  9. Is it possible to lock a text box but not the text within it? When I try to position the cursor at the start of line of text it is easy to move the text box in error.
  10. No a grid is not necessary for such a simple feature. To be able to place a guide on any handle on an object's bounding box would be universal! Snapping is not an option as there may be another snapping point somewhere on the drawing, very close in alignment to the object's handle, and thus be off-centre.
  11. I have tried your years to get Affinity to change that so that a guide can be positioned or snapped on the object handles. This is particularly useful for circles and ellipses. I cannot for the life of me see why this is not possible! Surely the coding for doing this cannot be complicated. I have no nothing about coding so cannot speak with any authority but to me it would seem that it cannot take much effort to keep the handles in view as it would to make them disappear.
  12. I do not have the V2 version but the V1 version and I would like to ask this question: When an object is selected i.e. the bounding box and handle are visible, do they disappear when you drag a guide like they do in V1?
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