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  1. Thanks for that! I couldn't see the trees from the wood" OK I've ben back and inserted the correct link. If you look at the video on the link you will see that I look just like my abattoir!
  2. People seem to be reacting to wrong link! Click on the photo in my second message.
  3. I've been using AD since it was first published and been a regular participant in this forum. I have used AD to create the calendar shown below for a crowd funding project. The calendar feature 12 my paintings. here is a link.
  4. Duplicating would appear to be the best choice for me. I have done this before but by accident! I started out with a load of pdf pages and wanted to add more using AD. I was able to make the existing pdf pages into artboards and then as I progressed with more pages I 'copied' a previous page and deleted its content and added new content also I added a page number. When I finished my work space contained 40 artboards corresponding to the layers. If I needed to edit one page I just zoomed in to it and edit it. This may not have been the most efficient way to have done this but I did get a good result. However with the above advice I could do it again only more efficiently.
  5. I want to create a multi-page document in AD. How do I create a master artboard so that I can use a layer for each artboard page?
  6. I think I will find it easier to manually adjust the printer until I'm happy with the printed image compared to the monitor. I have a calibration colour chart on file so I will use that for comparing the adjustments although a colour photo might be easier to evaluate.
  7. I'm not very good at this sort of thing so this is how I would like to see it work. Everything I do is either viewed on the computer or I want to print it on my inkjet printer or send the file to a commercial printer. To keep it simple what is the best way for me to set up my computer so that what I print resembles what I see on the screen? I do have a customised colour profile for my Epson printer that I use in Phtoshop but even that seems to have gone awry. This may be due to the inks I use as I have swapped different kinds I'm currently printing a full colour calendar sample for subsequent commercial printing but in order to get the colour right I'm manually adjusting the ink on my printer. I had to reduce the magenta from the default '0' to -16 (-24 is the min) to reduce the redness of the image. Perhaps someone could me more specific advice?
  8. Thanks for this and I'm happy to check it out but how do I get to it from AD?
  9. Is there a way to choose it or any other profile like in PhotoShop?
  10. I have a custom colour profile that I use with PhotoShop. How do I use it with AD when I print?
  11. I sat here for a few minutes sure that I could come back with a witty reply but I can't cos I've got a headache!
  12. This has given me a headache and I haven't one of those for about 40 years!
  13. Is there a way to colour a new blank page without drawing a colour filled rectangle?
  14. I've had 3 crashes in the last month all have been sent to Affinity. All I was doing was closing down files prior to closing down AD. I do this every night but this was the only time it crashed in doing it. Sorry I can't be more helpful. Just a thought - but I imagine it must be very difficult for users to be able to reproduce a crash. The onlt time I was able to do that was when I used to use DrawPlus.
  15. Crash File attached. I was just closing down files before quitting AD when it crashed. Affinity Designer_2019-11-13-175616_Jacks-Mac-mini.crash
  16. How do I drag a copy of a group and then undo the previous changes to the original group without changing the copy of the group?
  17. OK. I was just trying to figure out how it was originally locked into a layer.
  18. That's good. If I lock a group in a layer and send it to Affinity then nobody will be able to ungroup it or edit it?
  19. That's OK you got it right! Presumably I can delete the existing protractors and replace them with these new ones that you sent and add to my Asset list.
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