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  1. I notice that the 'improvements' to version 1.9.3 just seem to be fixes. Have there been any improvements to the actual way the app is used? By that I mean how many 'suggestions' by users over the years into making app more versatile? Are there any planned? Its still got a long way to go to beat the old DrawPlus app. I know I have made this comparison before and know the reasons why you can't convert one into the other but never-the-less I could do more creative drawing with DP the AD.
  2. A very reasonable request. In the attached file: 'A' is a QS rectangle 'B' is the same rectangle converted to curves with the left hand nodes moved up and down vertically to create a twist. I would like to do the same thing with 'C'. Distortion.afdesign
  3. Is it ever likely to be possible to say, select a group of objects and be able to distort the group using nodes instead of bounding box handles? It may be this is just not possible with vector shapes.
  4. LOL! I've been trying that but did not see any kind of highlighting to show selection however trying again, after your comment, when I clicked on the asset I did see a very faint box around it. This I never noticed before! This needs to be put forward as a suggestion to make the selection more obvious.
  5. How do I delete or edit one or more of these 'Fixings' from my 'Assets'?
  6. I thought that it might be an OS problem. I suspect it must have happened when there was an automatic update.
  7. I have a Mac and my backup system is configured to save regularly unfortunately this time the damage was done between these backup periods.
  8. OK thanks Alfred. I've never saved the history before but this time I accidentally saved the wrong file to the correct filename and lost all the new work!. I checked my backup to see in the original file was intact but it wasn't. I guess that If I had saved with history I could have stepped back to the original now work. i have now learned something new and that's not bad at my age!
  9. Does the 'History' of a file disappear once the file has been saved?
  10. This may be a a Mac OS update problem but when I want to 'Save as' an AD file it defaults to some previous folder. The problem is that although the folders are black and easy to read, the files are greyed-out and difficult to read as I may want to save to an existing file name. However when I selected 'choose files' to upload my screen shot the file names were all easy to read. Any ideas why? Save_as.afdesign
  11. I have some questions re this file. I had to do a work-around to create this image. Perhaps I didn't need to! 1 There doesn't appear to be a way to place text round a circle in the same way as with this image. 2 How do you change the font etc. once it is placed? 3 How do you resize whole image without having to rasterize first? 4 Is there a way to to place the text either on top of a path or under the path? Text_on_path.afdesign
  12. It would be much easier if the 'Cycle selection box' could be permanently selected!
  13. Yes thank you. This does the trick. Can you explain how you did this please?
  14. I made a suggestion a long time ago that when selecting the ;Cycle selection box' we have the choice of making it permanent but according to the developers it was possible. Mt problem is that, for convenience of drawing, I drag a copy of a 'horizontal' rectangle to change into a 'vertical' rectangle but the height and width still follow the original horizontal rectangle. It gets worse when it is almost a square that you edit.
  15. I have problem trying to understand how 'Constraints' work. Could someone please adjust dimension 'B' group to work like 'A' group i.e. chanage proportions in the same way? Dimensions 3.afdesign
  16. I t wasn't me that did the work, it was by 'pmeinertz'. See post at the top.
  17. I think I know what needs to be done now. BTW are you a technical illustrator?
  18. I really regret no finishing off the AD version. I'm 80 now and some of the fire has gone!
  19. Ads a retired technical illustrator I tried something similar only I painted a 1930 SS Jaguar and then attempted to to do it again using AD but never got to finish it. I did cheat a bit in that I used the 'Find edges' filter in Photoshop applied to the original photo to save drawing time for both images.
  20. I imagine this was drawn using AD and, if possible I would like an AD file of it just to see how it was put together.
  21. No. It is a cropped screenshot saved as an AD file.
  22. Is there any chance of having a copy of the file of this drawing in this screen shot? Car illustration.afdesign
  23. I looked at 'when last asked' and I'm none the wiser! At that time I was trying to see if I could download the original version of AD. That is no longer an issue. Now I simply want to know now how to access the product key. The only email address I have and password is the ones I use to access the forum. Is this helpful?
  24. I know I have asked this question before but I am unable to find the answer. How do I access the product key for opening up the latest version of AD for Mac?
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