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  1. How do I select a control point that coincides exactly with the transformed Origin?
  2. I agree but it should be possible because I'm not trying to do something that AD is not designed to do. I should be able to move any control point to resize an object. The origin has nothing to do with resizing. If you hide the origin then you can move point A. Maybe this is the answer but supposing I want to keep the origin always in view? Am I just being bloody-minded?
  3. Looking back at your last comment I don't understand what you mean. What was it that you were asking?
  4. Great! You have done everything EXCEPT what I asked you to do and that is to select and move control point A to resize the object but without also selecting the origin at point A.
  5. I dont seem to be able to get you all to do exactly what I asked. 1Try and move the control point at A to resize the object without also selecting the origin. 2 I only want to move point A to resize the object. 3 I don't want to move the origin point because that will affect other object not shown in my file. It may not make sense to you why I want to do that but just trust me! I have a more complicated drawing where this is a problem but I didn't want to send that file so I created a very simple one which is what I sent.
  6. No I'm not. I often move the origin in order to rotate groups around a non-group origin but this is not what I'm talking about here. All I want to do is to drag the control point at A (to resize the object) but without moving the origin.
  7. Did you not see my file link with the example? Try and move the control point at A coincident with Transform origin without moving the origin.
  8. What is 'Point transform'? Will it allow me to select the control point under the Transform origin point?
  9. I'm taking about a control point. I want to transform the object by selecting the control point that is coincident with the Transform origin at point A See attached file. This file is a very simple one and not the one I'm working with but it does illustrate the point. Origin.afdesign
  10. Is there a way to make the Pen tool default to Line mode?
  11. jackamus

    Pen tool

    No I don't want to start an argument. I'm just saying that people who request features do so in the high expectation that it will get included. When you have made many of these requests and nothing happens then expectations get reduced and cynicism takes over. I could offer a stack of suggestions all to do with being able to draw in perspective. In fact I did this way back when AD was first published - ask Matt!
  12. jackamus

    Pen tool

    That's two and I had one that was adopted so that makes three in how many years? Was the Dark UI a requested feature, because there have been many complaints about it lack of contrast?
  13. jackamus

    Pen tool

    Yes I know that. Can you say how many suggested features have been offered and how many have been used since AD was published?
  14. jackamus

    Pen tool

    I'd suggest it as requested feature but I fear it would be a waste of time.
  15. AD has just crashed (quit unexpectedly) on me. What should I do? All the open files recovered OK. There is a report I can send to Apple but would that do any good?
  16. jackamus

    AD crashed!

    OK. Next time if there is a crash, I'll be more careful about reporting what happened.
  17. Is there a way when using 'alt-cmd' to resize an object to get the bounding box it to snap to a guide?
  18. Pressing 'alt' overrides snapping! That's what was happening to me and that is why I posted the question in the first place!
  19. I tried it with a circle using a handle away from the guide and it still worked but laterally reversed the circle
  20. LOL! You're right! I've been using alt as well ever since I asked how to do this years ago on this forum! I'm pretty certain that was what I was told and I've been doing it ever since!
  21. Just draw a circle, select it press alt-cmd whilst dragging a corner handle and see what happens!
  22. That's interesting! I think we have a situation where a combination of two shortcut keys has interfered with a another shortcut key! If equally resizing used say 'cmd-p' or some other key then the problem would be solved. Could I do this by creating a personalised shortcut to resize equally?
  23. It would seem that starting this 'Guides' thread that I may have opened a can of worms for the developers! There have been many suggestions about improving the versatility/usability of the current guide feature. I have basically copied and pasted all the suggestions into this one combined suggestion. From jackamus It would be useful to be able to set some locked guides (a different colour perhaps) whilst being able to use movable guides as well. Attached is a file for having 4 different types of guide lines Guid lines.afdesign The colour of the guides would be a default colour as well as a a user choice. One of the suggestions I made some time ago was to be able to see an objects handles/nodes when moving a guide. I'm still waiting for that one. From Aammppaa The colour coding might be nice.  A Guide layer. Allow the user to export / print with guides visible. Form CLCI I also got a suggestion for guides. When you use Guide Manager and click the guide's coordinates, be it horizontal or vertical one, the guide itself should get highligted (maybe change color) so you know what guide you're working with. Also, multiple guide selection in Guides Manager pane would be huge improvement. From Nicky G I also find the use of this panel for guides to be nice, but uncomfortable. 1. As you say you should highlight the guide in focus with different color 2. selection and movement of several guides (as if they were grouped) 3. Creating Guides rotated at user-defined angles 4. creation of vector shapes (any form) in guide, as happens in Ai. 5. possibility to open the guide panel by double clicking on the guide itself. (it would avoid the GUIDE DISPLAY / MANAGEMENT step) 6. Possibility of selecting and direct highlighting of the guide on the drawing table and moving the guide ALSO through the XY axes inside the panel visible on the screen Transform. It would speed up the numerical displacement of a guide (as happens in Ai). I In my opinion it would also be useful, by pressing at the same time as dragging the guides, for example CTRL, to activate a SNAP of the guide on the numerical notches of the ruler, 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7- 8 mm. And depending on the Zoom, it is possible to hook the guides to intermediate sizes 0.5mm - 1mm - 1.5mm - 2mm - 2.5mm .... Higher zoom even with 1/10 mm notches etc ... 1.1mm - 1.2 - 1.3 .... Dragging without the CTRL key the operation remains the same as now. From catlover My only remaining beefs about the guides are these two: 1. they should extend all the way to the rulers 2. the user should be able to choose the color Other than that, the devs did a cracking job with the guides.
  24. jackamus


    Excellent! Just what I and others have been saying for some time now. However what do you mean by 'Will revisit on the next major update.'?
  25. jackamus

    AD crashed!

    I was working a complex technical drawing and I may have been trying to get either a guide or object to snap but I can't be sure. When a crash happens I imagine that a 'snapshot' of the file with its last move (in its history?) recorded - is this correct?

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