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  1. Any chance to see save preview in 1.6.x releases?
  2. thanks all. I'd like to have a real and accurate print preview for cmyk images.. perhaps also with choice of different supports like papers or more :D
  3. Yep, this is simple but with accurate results? In preferences what is the best setting to convert in cmyk profiled image? Relative colourimetric? Black point compensation? You need to add soft proof adjustments? So many way or simple way? :)
  4. Hi, what is the best way to convert rgb images to cmyk for print with Affinity Photo? Thanks
  5. Thanks all, I'm thinking to do some light image editing occasionally on portable device, so I'm trying to know if it is enough a low cost device like 2-in-1 or mini laptop (with celeron or atom x5, 4GB ram) to use AP
  6. Hi, there are some minimum cpu specs for Affinity Photo? It runs well on atom x5?
  7. if I open an image of 800x600px 300dpi, select all, copy, "new from clipboard", new image becomes 192x144px 96dpi AP 1.5.1 (macosx 10.8.5)
  8. why if I open an image of 800x600px 300dpi, select all, copy, "new from clipboard" image becomes 192x144px 96dpi?
  9. How replicate: open image, file Save as.., save an image like sample.afphoto in users/user/desktop. Then, file> Save as…, change just the name from sample.afphoto to sample2.afphoto, save. --> "Failed to save document: sample2.afphoto Save failed because the file path that given was not valid" So, to save the same file with another name (to maintan the first sample.afphoto file for example) I have to do "Save as.." and reselect the original path for the file (like users/user/desktop)
  10. Hi, selecting part of an image, edit-copy, file-new from clipboard the crop of the image change original dimension/dpi, in fact If I copy the new part of the image and paste into original then is smaller.
  11. I agree. Export preview is one of the most important feature we need to do pro works, also in AP, without try and repeat and waste of time
  12. Hi, in AD 1.5.1 mas version on old mac os 10.8.5 export persona doesn't work, right panel is empty, then switching to draw persona is the same and menu disappears.
  13. I asked that in 2014 https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/2244-guides/ I think that it's a basic feature that could improve work speed
  14. No one think that would be useful to have a straight grid to follow to adjust right the rotation or vertical/orizontal lens correction?
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