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  1. thanks all. I'd like to have a real and accurate print preview for cmyk images.. perhaps also with choice of different supports like papers or more :D
  2. Yep, this is simple but with accurate results? In preferences what is the best setting to convert in cmyk profiled image? Relative colourimetric? Black point compensation? You need to add soft proof adjustments? So many way or simple way? :)
  3. Hi, what is the best way to convert rgb images to cmyk for print with Affinity Photo? Thanks
  4. Thanks all, I'm thinking to do some light image editing occasionally on portable device, so I'm trying to know if it is enough a low cost device like 2-in-1 or mini laptop (with celeron or atom x5, 4GB ram) to use AP
  5. Hi, there are some minimum cpu specs for Affinity Photo? It runs well on atom x5?
  6. why if I open an image of 800x600px 300dpi, select all, copy, "new from clipboard" image becomes 192x144px 96dpi?
  7. I agree. Export preview is one of the most important feature we need to do pro works, also in AP, without try and repeat and waste of time
  8. I asked that in 2014 https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/2244-guides/ I think that it's a basic feature that could improve work speed
  9. No one think that would be useful to have a straight grid to follow to adjust right the rotation or vertical/orizontal lens correction?
  10. I think in develop persona - lens - rotation, a grid should appear to help adjustment
  11. AP is a great software for photo editing so I think it would be interesting to add automatic old photos restoration capabilities, at least the removal of dust and scratches (with adjustable levels, more or less invasive). Could be in "develop persona" as well in "details" where now there are add or reduce noise and details refinement. I don't found it in feature roadmap, maybe in "artistic filters"? ^_^ My most desired features: - sticky settings - saving with live preview - batch processing / macro persona
  12. …actions not available yet, there will be a new Macro Persona...
  13. I think would be very useful to see the previews of the images in various formats before saving, especially for compressed web images and gifs where you can choose exactly how much colors could have. In my opinion is an essential feature especially for those who work for the web. I saw that there is something like that in the roadmap, I hope to see it soon in betas...
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