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  1. Hello, You know how in some vector editing programs (I use CorelDRAW) you can define a particular shape on the ends of a line? For example, you create a line and then you can chose the shape you want on each end. See screenshot below of CorelDRAW. I've looked all over the place in AD and I haven't found anything like this. 1. Is there something like this in AD that I am not aware of? 2. If not, would this be a feature worth recommending to the AD team? Thank you,
  2. Awesome QA! Please let me know what's causing the issue, I'm very curious to understand the cause. Looking forward to a solution for this. Thank you for your assistance.
  3. Ricardo Zea

    [BUG] Crashes Windows 10

    FWIW, I'm experiencing the same error message in Designer: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/38855-crash-reports-0x0000005-and-0xe06d7363/ As far as I've been able to figure it out, the symbols are the offenders. Not sure if you're using symbols on Photo (I don't use Photo yet so I don't know how it works). Good luck.
  4. Hello, Well, the file is still giving me issues… I uploaded a new file "Designs - RV3.zip". Open that file and try to delete the artboard on the bottom right named "Design RV2 - MVR - Tasks C - COMPLETED"; choose "Delete objects". Designer will crash giving the error 0x0000005. Thank you,
  5. Ricardo Zea

    AD Win - Speed

    Hello, I've been using Designer for Windows for months now and I am very pleased. However, I find Designer quite slow. The performance isn't there. I do have a decent machine, I'm a gamer so I know what it's needed for a performant machine. Here are two examples of how slow Designer is: 1. When clicking to expand a group or artboard, etc, It takes a second or so for the panel to open. 2. When CTRL+Clicking inside a group, it takes several seconds to select the element in the group. Please increase the speed of Designer in Windows! Thank you,
  6. Hello, So in Fireworks it was very easy to work with guides because regardless of the tool I had active I was able to pull guides into my workspace. Please add this feature to Affinity Designer. Thanks,
  7. Hello… QA. I'm uploading the file as I write this, it's 68MB. FWIW, I am no longer experiencing any problems, not sure what happened. Below is a short description of my Windows 10 machine: Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (10.0, Build 14393) (14393.rs1_release_sec.170327-1835) Memory: 16384MB RAM Available OS Memory: 16284MB RAM DirectX Version: DirectX 12 Card name: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Manufacturer: NVIDIA Chip type: GeForce GTX 560 Drive: C: Free Space: 1596.7 GB Total Space: 1907.3 GB Drive: E: Free Space: 136.0 GB Total Space: 152.6 GB Drive: Z: Free Space: 15.6 GB Total Space: 152.2 GB A few things to note: In my artboards, the symbols were turned into groups (not sure how that happened), so I recreated the symbols again and replaced those groups with the newly created symbols. The Symbols panel had a ton of elements as "groups" they didn't say "symbols", they said "groups". Not sure if that's normal (maybe it is, I'm not an expert at Designer yet) but it is very weird to see "groups" in the symbols panel. Not sure how all those "groups" were created and populated the symbols panel. I deleted all those groups from the symbols panel and proceeded to create the symbols I needed, again. I had already created them in the past. Thanks for your assistance.
  8. Hello, I have a hefty design file and AD was working fine until 10 minutes ago. Now every time I move or do anything to any element in the file I get one of two "Unhandled Exception" errors. I've tried saving it with different names, restarting my machine, copying one of the artboard to a new file but then I move anything and AD dies. Nothing's worked. Then the Crash Reporter says it can't find the report to send or the report is invalid. See attached screenshots. What is going on? I need help with this ASAP because this is a client file, this is a full-blown project I'm working on right now. Thanks, EDIT--- FYI, seems there's something going on with the symbols. I ungrouped them and replaced them and now the file works fine so far… EDIT 2--- AD keeps shutting down with error 0xE06D7363 when I try to make a copy of an artboard. EDIT 3--- The symbols are the offenders I just found out. If I ungroup all symbols from an artboard, I am then able to duplicate the artboard.
  9. So once we buy the app we never have to pay for any updates or upgrades ever again?
  10. Ricardo Zea

    [APu] Text wrapping

    So, it's there a way to make a Frame Text block wrap around a shape or not?
  11. Hello. Sometimes when I pull a guide and want it to snap to an object I have to unclick. click again on it and drag it, only by doing this will the guide snap. Request: Make the guides snap right after pulling them out of the rulers. Any plans on adding this functionality? Thanks.
  12. Hello. Sometimes when I'm editing nodes I try to pull a guide and it doesn't work, I have to press V to switch to the Pick tool, pull the guide, place it and press A to select the Edit Nodes tool again. Too much work. Any plans on adding this functionality? Thanks.
  13. Ok, that works for now. Thanks MEB.
  14. Hello, In Fireworks there's an option called Fit Canvas which crops the canvas to fit the elements on it. Is there an automated way to do the same thing in Affinity Designer? Or is this something that can only be done manually? Thanks.