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  1. Node nudge not working in Curves Adjustment layers or in Develop persona in OSX 10.11.6 Not seeing any of the reported problems with HSL, Highlight & Shadow adjustments, masking brushes & interface. Performance on 10.11.6 much improved all round, great new features, enjoying the Procedural Texture filter. Resetting the filter introduces a white grid on the filter layer but it goes away on deleting the layer.
  2. In OSX 10.11.6 in LEVELS adjustment, holding ALT does not show a clipping preview, but adjustment works fine. Nice, NEFs loading into Serif Raw much quicker now, not so to Apple Raw and Apple Raw still only displays in landscape.
  3. Upgrading slow on OSX 10.11.6 but upgraded & relaunched with no problems
  4. For balance this is not always the case, I have a mid 2009 MacBookPro5,3 8gb it has no lag when using Liquify in latest release AP 1.66 set to use OpenGL. Tested on a 3mb jpg, 118mb tiff and a 460mb.afphoto file using all the liquify brushes & tested with 9400M & 9600M cards, both options are usable on all settings.
  5. Depends on what you are changing but I’ve got round this by 1 Enter your new colour code in RGB etc in Colour chooser, set to front swatch 2 Select layer with colour to change, go menus Selections>Select sampled colour, adjust tolerance as required 3 Layer> new fill layer changes to chosen colour Works pretty well and at least it’s non destructive, saving the selection keeps it editable, masking cleans up easily where needed.
  6. TommyL


    Tried this on my recently Apple “obsoleted” mid 2009 MBP, so those of a nervous disposition, look away. MBP 2.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 8 GB, EL Capitan, 9600M GT 512 MB: HDD 1TB ST1000LM014-1EJ164 fushionish drive 16 seconds to complete, sort of…… The first time i ran MBd’s macro the cpu maxed out, as anticipated MBd’s 46 steps macro chokes it up and Activity Monitor dutifully reports that AP is not responding. From experience if left alone AP eventually grinds out a result despite the warning. In this case it took 25mins approx. with increased fan noise and no pressure on memory or sign of spooling. Obviously not usable on a day to day basis but the process does illustrate that as David and others have pointed out; when you click on the macro in the library, there is often no visible response and that is extremely frustrating. While playing around with it occasionally AP displays a progress bar but mostly not. Personally i keep Activity Monitors CPU usage indicator running in the dock to check something is going on. Frustrated with the system and examining why it hangs up i note that If you edit the macro and let it run down through all the adjustments etc but stop before the merge visible action, it takes 16 secs on this MBP. It is the merge visible step that hangs. Grouping layers and then merging down as a seperate step takes a further 13mins, which is a real pain. So i guess the true time would be 13mins 16secs depending on usage requirements. But that 16secs makes me smile!
  7. Hi Uffelfinn Your background layer is locked, hence the crosses showing on the move tool selection. (see MEB’s post above) When you click the padlock to unlock the layer, the move tool will move/transform etc. The new layer appears empty, nothing to select, so no selection bounding box. Unless it's black poodles on a black b/g, in which case ....
  8. TommyL

    NEF management

    Hi Safi, Not that I know of other than to create a preset in the Affinity develop module to replicate this. RawPedia’s link How to get Nikon ICM profiles from NX2. gives an explanation about Nikon’s use of profiles. But i don’t know how this could be used in AfP’s raw module.
  9. TommyL


    At times my ageing but maxed out MacBookPro5,3 (OSX 10.11.3) skips along, but if the disc of death appears all freezes. yet in activity monitor there doesn’t seem to be an obvious cause for this, task completed yet, app frozen and churning away. It doesn’t appear to be spooling and there is plenty of space on my drive. I’ve tried altering the performance settings in preferences but default seems best. The rest of the system still responds okay. I read MBd’s previous posts about this and downloaded his adjustments file (128kb), when i opened it in AFP on this system, the spinning pizza disk came up immediately and AFP locked up, fans roaring without even loading an image! If i open an image and apply the same adjustments myself, I can just about work, but the machine grinds slowly as explained in Chris_D’s reply. I would have expected this but what is interesting is why MBd’s file with no image to adjust hangs the app. Of course these slowdowns can be worked around. Other times AFP handles multi layered docs without issue, go figure. I think AFP is a great tool and I look forward to it’s future development. It will be interesting to see its development alongside the Windows version, great for Serif but as mac users we’ve seen this before notably with Adobe. No criticism intended guys, love the apps, just musings.
  10. TommyL

    NEF management

    Hi Safi, As you probably already know even with all settings zeroed to original, Capture NX-D appears to apply a tone curve. If you haven't try checking your stored NEF picture control setting in camera or preferably with the Nikon Picture Control Utility. By default this is probably set to Standard, if you adjust it to neutral, it will be closer to an unadjusted raw import into Affinity Photo. Also you can manually adjust the tone curve etc in the Picture Control utility to your personnel preferences and save it to camera as a user preference. Hope that helps, actually once you are aware of the difference, it's not that relevant, the way you adjust your raw files is subjective. Just like the old days of colour printing and ektachrome processing on a hand line, great fun.
  11. Odd, this doesn't happen in AP for me, when i use these shortcuts the tools work as expected. Try as i may can't get it to not work, but i usually pan using the trackpad.
  12. Hi Colin, yes it is, if you check out the shortcuts page in the Affinity help files, it shows the key press order. ⌘+Space is the default OSX shortcut for a Spotlight Search, hence the beeping.
  13. Okay one of those occurrences! I think Affinity Photo is developing into an excellent tool and i really enjoy using it. But it can be a fickle beast at times, slows to a crawl, becomes jerky and unusable for no apparent reason. Then hangs and so on but generally an app restart sorts things out.
  14. Whoops, sorry I just realised that I have posted in the wrong place, I was attempting to reply to Burke082's other post at Photo looks worse after raw edit.
  15. Hi, this seems to be a recurring problem for people, for me it works no problem. I can't explain why it is not working for others, which is not very helpful. But i can say that it does work, there again i don’t have any problems with the way develop is working in it’s existing state. Not perfect but very usable. Last time I saw a post about this I ran a few tests but didn’t get round to posting. These were just done to play with the noise settings in Develop on a Nef original. I didn’t bother with any other corrections. Hopefully the screenshot captions are self explanatory.