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  1. Are there any more betas for Affinity Designer?
  2. Matt - thanks - now I don't have crashes when using certain fonts. So happy that was fixed!
  3. I have some squiggly lines and squiggly text issues. When I zoom in and out the text becomes slightly distorted, and some of the shapes distort as well - sort of like extremely low res hinting. Everything is vector, and fonts are vectors as well so it shouldn't be doing this. If I save my work and then open the document again everything is fine again for a while. I don't know if this has been reported before but I did notice it in Beta 1 as well, though it is not a problem in the MAS version. Wonder if anyone else has this issue. Will take a screen grab later.
  4. Also as much as I love these updates I was having issues with the character and paragraph buttons on the top of the menu - not with the MAS but only with beta 1.6.1. Additionally the assets panel wouldn't close. I reinstalled the beta and the same issues persisted, so I'm using the MAS version for now
  5. Hi,


    I've noticed your post about the font issue. Is it possible you can send the font file to atang+support@seriflabs.com (or attach it to a PM message). We will only use it for fixing this issue and remove it from our systems afterwards.




  6. Hi Matt, a font or two keeps crashing Affinity Designer, this new beta as well as MAS 1.6 Mac. Note that I don't have many fonts activated - being smart about that. I restarted the app and this keeps crashing predictably - in the normal type text box, not the artistic type tool. This time the culprit font is the new Albert Einstein font by Harald Geisler. I tried this font in InDesign CC 2018 and I don't have that issue - so I guess until this gets figured out I will use that specific font in Indesign - such a shame as I like the live preview of all the stylistic sets, and this font has so many of these. There are others that also crash Designer but this is the latest one and I really like it.
  7. This thing is a Bugatti Veyron, so if you're telling me I can only drive 250 MPH, not 267 MPH, and it handles better around corners that way then I am quite OK with that. Please update a 1.6 video. I would like to promote that to my friends and on FB and elsewhere.
  8. abarkalo

    Settings crashing

    This is not happening to me. Maybe reinstall everything and reboot.
  9. Entire Affinity Team - thank you for your hard work. Now enjoying the official MAS version of 1.6. Only question I have is whether to use OpenGL or Metal as I know there were some issues with Metal, and Matt and team spent some time updating OpenGL to match Metal. I'm on High Sierra.
  10. yeah that was it. thank you.
  11. SVG clipping errors fixed. Fantastic.
  12. Big wishlist item for me - for future releases - to be able to hide system fonts. They are useful for my system but clutter my design work. Maybe a switch on/off or something - or maybe "hide this font" type of thing.
  13. Matt - the UI (dark mode) in this beta got darker - or is that my imagination? I like dark but this is really black. Must be my tired eyes!!
  14. Matt - you beat me to it. I was just going to say that this is a font overload issue. I think the upper limit before these errors happen is about 1000 fonts - nothing to do with disk errors. (I have many more than that). My iMac had the same exact problem. I disabled all on Extensis Suitcase and created project sets for the fonts I use per project. It now runs super fast but I'm losing the ability to test out fonts on the fly (I wish there was a plugin to auto activate fonts). But the MAS version doesn't have this issue. And it doesn't crash on the Typography styles panel like the beta does on a particular font.
  15. abarkalo

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (1.6.6 - Beta 6)

    Metal compute acceleration on my MacBook Pro Retina (2016 - 4Gb GPU) seems slower than with that not checked. Anyone else's experience with this?