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  1. It's a small bug but please fix - if I select the text tool (art of text frame) then go and select a font what happens is that no matter what my selection is my font reverts to Arial. If I start typing in Arial and then select a font again then the font changes to my desired selection. Although this is not a Designer forum, I need to mention that the same thing happens in Designer Beta.This glitch/bug is not present in any MAS version.
  2. Hi Affinity, I can't select fonts from left pane drop down list in this latest beta. I am able to scroll down the list and select a font, but then the font reverts to Arial once I start typing. The only way I can ultimately select the font is first typing in Arial and then selecting the type and then going back to the font list and selecting again. The MAS version doesn't have this issue.
  3. yes this happens to me often. Is this an Affinity issue? I thought it might have been a Mac firmware issue.
  4. There is a bit of a momentary jaggedness when typing on a font in the Metal GPU mode. This goes away after a second or two. I don't know if anyone is experiencing the same but I fixed by switching to OpenGL.
  5. Yes I believe that Affinity can make a much better DAM than what exists right now. Adobe's Bridge handles Adobe files very well but it doesn't preview anything from Affinity - of course by design. Also, it is a slow beast and working with tags, especially hierarchical tags is a nightmare. I avoid this thing if I want my laptop not to run hot. Pixave is a super elegant DAM and beautiful and it supports Affinity very well. But its tagging system is a bit strange, and finally I let it go because there wasn't any universal search (no searching by tags or notes - what's the point?). So I just use basic Finder on the Mac is it's doing a good job but I wish thumbnails worked like they do in Pixave or Bridge. As for comparing Lightroom, that's only for photos but I would like the DAM to work with Designer and Publisher files (bound document modes also like PDFs). I do like the tagging and thumbnail UI in Lightroom, but again it's only for photos. And it seems slow where Affinity's DAM would be lightning fast.
  6. abarkalo

    Breaking my Mac System Fonts

    I've had that happen and it's caused by activating too many fonts or running too many font managers or having one bad font that messes with your system. It is not an Affinity issue. Please follow the steps in this article and it will instantly fix the problem: http://osxdaily.com/2015/01/08/clear-font-caches-databases-mac-os-x/
  7. I encountered a problem today that affects the beta version of Designer and Publisher. There is no issue with the Mac App Store version of Designer - all works well there. The issue is that with a certain font there are no stylistic sets in the beta versions - let me know. Please see the images attached. The font in question is Marschel Pro by Zeune. I could send the font but maybe that would create licensing issues. I don't know if this problem is with other fonts, and maybe I'm not getting all the stylistic sets without knowing it. But with this one font I can show at least.
  8. Wonderful new beta. Thank you. There is still an ongoing text glitch. When using the full justify text setting, the last line in a paragraph often stretches so that the letters spread with wide spaces across the line. When I try and use option-left left to tighten then only the spaces between the letters in a word tighten, and the large gaps between the words are left alone (they are conforming to fill the whole line). In a full justify setting, the last line should be shorter than the preceding lines, obviously, but this odd behavior often happens, not in every instance.
  9. Are you using Mojave 10.14.1? I have exactly the same issue on a laptop but it is not related to Affinity Designer in my case. Try to see that the pinch/zoom does or does not work with other apps, even Safari. (Also triple check that your trackpad settings enable pinch zoom). The really unfortunate but effective solution for now is to I close the laptop lid, wait a few seconds and then open again. Many people have reported this issue and I hope Apple fixes in the next version. If you are on a PC then I think it's another issue.
  10. I think there is a bug when creating a text frame by drawing a shape with the pen tool, then converting to a text frame. There is a visible line around the polygon text box and can't seem to get rid of it. I first thought that I had a stroke on the text box itself, but there is no stroke. This doesn't happen when I create a normal text frame box. TEST.pdf
  11. OK I am and I'm literally having so much fun. If I were to place a very complex vector object in InDesign even with my super high end laptop (i9) the program would be so incredibly laggy that I was forced to make a PNG file out of it and then work with that only. Here with AP + Metal I am pinching and zooming a VERY complex vector object and I get zero lag. Absolutely amazing. With OpenGL it was also sort of fast but there was blurriness and a very slight lag while the screen was redrawing. Also fonts would slightly blur when zooming - not anymore. Thank you for fixing this.
  12. In terms of GPU acceleration should we stick to Open GL or is it possible to use Metal now. I remember there were issues using Metal in Affinity Designer but Metal is so much faster. But if it's safer to stick to Open GL then I will do that.
  13. abarkalo

    font list glitch

    OK I see this now. But then again I don't use Font Book for my massive font library collection - only system fonts in there. And the lists that I make in Suitcase or Typeface 2 don't correspond, obviously - otherwise that would be perfect.
  14. abarkalo

    font list glitch

    yes I have deactivated the ones I could. Still many remain
  15. abarkalo

    font list glitch

    yes I have deactivated those but there's 522 fonts that one cannot deactivate. Anyway a lot of people want to use system fonts - OK but I just want to be able to hide them. I don't need Times New Roman, a single font of Futura, or Zapf Dingbats etc in my design work. For Word or Pages or Excel - sure - but not for Affinity. Suitcase, Typeface, Rightfont are able to separate out system fonts. Maybe there's metadata or other technique but it works well.