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  1. SVG clipping errors fixed. Fantastic.
  2. Big wishlist item for me - for future releases - to be able to hide system fonts. They are useful for my system but clutter my design work. Maybe a switch on/off or something - or maybe "hide this font" type of thing.
  3. Matt - the UI (dark mode) in this beta got darker - or is that my imagination? I like dark but this is really black. Must be my tired eyes!!
  4. Matt - you beat me to it. I was just going to say that this is a font overload issue. I think the upper limit before these errors happen is about 1000 fonts - nothing to do with disk errors. (I have many more than that). My iMac had the same exact problem. I disabled all on Extensis Suitcase and created project sets for the fonts I use per project. It now runs super fast but I'm losing the ability to test out fonts on the fly (I wish there was a plugin to auto activate fonts). But the MAS version doesn't have this issue. And it doesn't crash on the Typography styles panel like the beta does on a particular font.
  5. Metal compute acceleration on my MacBook Pro Retina (2016 - 4Gb GPU) seems slower than with that not checked. Anyone else's experience with this?
  6. I am not able to open and convert PDFs and even place PNGs into existing Affinity Designer Beta 10 documents. I get permission errors (see attached). What I have to do is open up the MAS version then save as an Affinity file and then open up in Beta 10. This is really getting tedious. Please help with these permissions errors. I reboot to see if this is fixed but it's not.
  7. There are some issues with some fonts that cause AD to crash - predictably, and each time with a particular font when I access the OpenType features. I've checked the fonts (also with TransType4), re-installed, wiped my system but still there are some font problems especially from a big name whose name goes unmentioned here. I wrote to him and he was puzzled. Everything seems to check out. But then I tried the same with AD MAS and there was zero problem so I'm convinced it's the beta. I'm attaching the crash screen grab but can also send a report.
  8. Matt - sorry for delay in responding (traveling). Yes this issue is with ether RBG/8 or 16 but only while in Pixel personal and when painting with the regular brush. When I switch over to regular persona that weirdness is gone.
  9. Beta 10 still has clipping issues when importing SVGs. Not exporting - that goes well if I give an exported SVG to someone who has Illustrator for instance, or even my own exported SVG read back into Designer. I can provide an example if you wish.
  10. Hi Matt - yes this happens to me as well when there is no artboard in the document. Please start by creating a document without an artboard and then use the pixel paint brush. Then add an artboard and that painting outside the borders disappears but it's still glitchy, especially with some phantom squares outside and some edge strangeness as you paint around the edges of the artboard
  11. Matt - the only feature I would really love is some way to locate missing fonts in a document. It is so time consuming to check every embedded document, every layer on a very big multi-artboard for that missing font in the haystack. Sometimes I update a font in my system (for instance LT to Pro) and then some itsy bitsy embedded design is using the old font. Ideally, I would love to have a system like InDesign Preflight - which points you to the error in the document. You guys already go to the layer when selecting on the document, so something like this. Alternatively - and maybe an easier way to do it and based on something you already do - is to notify on missing fonts when opening the document. Currently, a pop up message notifies on missing fonts, but that's it. But consider that when you open/convert a PDF, you do get a list of missing fonts and then have the ability to change the fonts to something else right then and there. Can something like this be put in place for Affinity documents, not just for converted documents?
  12. Tested Beta 9 today on my 30 artboard layout. In Beta 8 it worked well but there was white glitchiness and text ghosting and often my MacBook fan got loud. Not with this beta 9 puppy! Great work all around.
  13. I don't know if this has been addressed or not - but when using a soft edge brush on a mask layer the brush performs in certain areas of the mask as a hard edged mask. This doesn't happen if I use a brush directly on a layer but only on a mask. I noticed this when using a mask on a filter layer.
  14. I really love Photo for iPad but this bug makes it impossible for me to do real work: When I use the smart selection brush on an image on iPad Pro and then I pan zoom around the image the selection is gone and the interface is non-responsive. I have to force quite the program and start over and just remember to not move the image - not ideal. Just like in the desktop version I need to pan/zoom around the screen in order to get a better initial selection before I refine. I have the latest App Store version. Also the latest 12.9" iPad and pencil. I don't have the iPad beta, although I did send a request for Test Flight - wondering if this was fixed in the beta version.