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  1. I’ve migrated back to Inkscape (if you can believe it), and Illustrator (I get it free because I submit images to Adobe Stock), but now with the Pantone craziness…and I used to be a big Corel nerd but they’re bat sh!t crazy costs and typical unstableness is a big NOPE… I don’t know where to go from here.
  2. Yeah, there are a lot of illustration tools too, but I prefere to work in Affinity
  3. After living in the hell called Visio as of late I too would love to have something in Affinity to make process/flow charts. There is free stuff out on the internet but you guys (Affinity team) could do something so much better.
  4. A little late to this one but I thought I’d post what I got in AP on the iPad. All I did was adjust the highlight slider in raw edit. I was pretty impressed with its ability to recover highlights.
  5. When opening an Designer file in a iCloud folder on my iPad they open in Photo. Is there a way to change/set the default application. Side note, I see similar issues with Publisher on the Mac. Changing default application there does not make a difference. Thanks,
  6. As stated in my original post I am running Big Sur. Yes, I am still having some instability issues, thought not as bad as before. The AD is also running a bit slower than expected, though I know this is a bit subjective. I no longer have report to offer as I assumed that I would not get a response so they were deleted. If anything new pops up I will submit them.
  7. Update: I had some other issues so I thought I'd reinstalled the OS and brought in manually my files. I reinstalled Affinity Designer, Photo, and Publisher. Designer opens and is usable but will not close. (I have to force quit). At t his point it is not usable so....I might have to use something else until I get a reply for Serif or is gets resolved on it's own. Anyone else having this issue?
  8. Suddenly having some freezing issues on iMac, Big Sur (I have to force quit often). I am not sure it's actually Affinity as I am having some problems with Finder/indexing which led to me reinstalling the OS then recovering everything from a backup. So, I am not getting any crash reports but I do have some Diagnostic Reports. Would that help someone at Affinity with my problem. Other suggestions? -Thanks
  9. I just recreated it, instead of spending time trying to figure out why. I thought someone out here might have experienced this before and if so I'd report it as a bug. Thanks folks.
  10. I have a object that changes from grey to some greenish color cast when I apply a 3D fx. All colors within the 3D window have zero color, though I can visually correct by changing the light source color but that's less than accurate. Thoughts?
  11. Yeah, I do the copy/paste dance for simple illustrations but dealing with multiple layers can be time consuming. I guess my point was, which is something I always seem to miss on my original posts, is that it is interesting that DRAW can open EPSs seemingly more reliably than Illustrator. That is about the only thing I like about Corel these days, especially since the price has really gone up. Sadly, EPS is still required for sites stock sites that sell vector files.
  12. I made a bit of a discovery today. I started an illustration in Designer with the intention of exporting to eps and finishing in Illustrator, but and got carried away and took it to far...too many gradients, transparencies, etc. Illustrator of course rasterized a bunch of elements so I decided to try opening the eps file in CorelDRAW 2020 and what do ya know, it opened without converting objects to raster, and removed any transparencies I had to solid colors which are easy to recreate. Not that we all happen to have CorelDRAW on our machines, and I still need to prove this out to make sure it reliable, but there is a possible alternative.
  13. Has anyone seen any discussion of including some kind of line erasing tool like Corel's Virtual Segment Delete tool (see attached video)? I believe that I have mentioned the need to this tool at least a year ago but I have not seen or heard any serious talk. The more I use AD as my go-to software the more I am running into simple tools that I wish it had that would make my illustration life SO much better. VertSegDelKey.mov
  14. I get the importing of hand drawn art, but I’ve never had an auto trace work well enough were I didn’t spend more time fixing it than just drawing it outright over the imported image. Especially when you need to be concerned about specific colors and the number of colors. Then again, I am a bit of a control freak and I like to keep my anchor points to a minimum.
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