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  1. befehr

    Cut edge showing-AP iPad

    As a comparison, same exact image (other ends of the car, flipped) but with AP on the desktop app.
  2. befehr

    Cut edge showing-AP iPad

    I guess my point/ question is that with other applications on a desktop or laptop this is not an issue. I would expect to see no line with an object that is cut and pasted in the same location.
  3. I cut and pasted part if an image and the ”cut edge” is clearly visible. Is this typical? BTW, feathering only makes it worse.
  4. I do have high hopes, and not just because I will be vacationing in Colorado this summer.
  5. Lol, I was just thinking it sounds like a CorelDRAW forum.
  6. Just remember, and not that I am trying to be negative, but if Serif goes south with this thing we are all going to be stuck with a bunch of files we can't do anything with. Just saying. I make a living with this stuff and the last thing I want to have is software that can't give me EVERYTHING I need. Not that Illustrator give me "everything" but it does give me everything I NEED. And, to be honest, all my print vendors and other software are ai friendly...with Affinity, not so much. BUT, I like what they have done so far and am looking forward to what they will come up with in future versions.
  7. and so...I still have Illustrator to get real work done, sadly.
  8. Ok, so why not just update the original post with a date at least, ”last updated on xx/xx/xx” or am I missing that?
  9. Certain fx or ANY adjustments are not considered vector, like blur, drop shadows, etc. So they get rasterized. Illustrator does the same thing but since PDF is Adobe it’s handled differently I guess.
  10. Agreed. This program, like Xara, Sketch, etc., is great for web images but for handoff of a scalable file to other members of my team or to print vendors make it useless. PDFs seem like they should be the solution, but they’re not. I’ve just switched back to Illustrator on both my work and home computers. Never thought I’d say I missed it, but I do.
  11. Thank DM1, that took care of it. Purhaps I don't know exactly what snapping candidate means, in this case. Only the items I have edited seem to stay highlighted, no others that I would consider ”candidates”. Anyway, I have turned off the option and all is good now.
  12. Pro Printing Phase II transparency flattener Bleed area guides Illustration & Design Mesh fill tool Mesh warp/distort tool Knife tool Calligraphic line styles Arrow headline styles Export slices previews with actual export data Pages Text features including Bullets and Numbering Knockout groups Multiple Effects/Fills/Strokes per shape Convert Pixel selection to Vector shape Usability Replicate/Blend ____________________________________________________________________ So, just to be clear, this is from 2014? And we've made no real progress? I have to say I'm a bit concerned. I've made quite a commitment to Affinity but I' have no problem jumping back on the Adobe bandwagon if that's what it takes to get things done.
  13. in Designer for iPad I have objects that appear to be select when they are not. The only way for this to go away is to exit and close the document, then reopen, though the problem come right back after a short time. See red-ish lines in attached image.
  14. In AD 1.6.1 I am having what I think is strange behavior with symbols. After creating a drawing from a set of symbols, then attempt to organize the symbols in the drawing front-to-back (or stacking) using the SHIFT & COM + [ or ] keyboard commands, all instance of the same symbol moves, They can't be independently reordered. Does that make sense? I have also had instances where, if I move a symbol to the back, notice that the other symbols have moved back as well and hit CTRL + Z, all instances but one disappear. I can't say for sure if the instances of a symbol were consistently duplicated using Copy/Paste or drag/drop from the Symbols window, but should that matter?