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  1. shushustorm

    File connection lost

    I will try to keep that in mind and next time I am facing this, I can make a screenshot. I currently don't use Designer or Photo a lot on iOS, but it happens rather frequently, so I may be able to provide a screenshot soon. EDIT: Here is what the alert looks like: https://www.shushustorm.com/_Uploads/Serif/iOS/Alert.PNG I encountered it in a different context, since I am not using Photo or Designer a lot on iOS right now, but it's the same alert.
  2. shushustorm

    File connection lost

    Thanks for your replies! No, I just set the iPad up from scratch (without restoring a backup to it). It's merely a few weeks old. Also, I did face a similar issue on my older iPad, which still happens (not being able to delete files from recently deleted files, stating it cannot be found, which is also solved by deactivating and activating "On My iPad"). Yes, this may very well be the case. Still, there may be a way for Serif to prevent this from happening, depending on the specifics of this problem. I am wondering why this doesn't seem to have shown up a lot. Do people actually use iCloud? (, which may be working without those issue in contrast to the local storage?) @WildBill I was facing the export slices problem as well, which seems to be intended. I guess this is just some weird integration of UI. You have to select a folder, then open it and you should return to Designer or Photo automatically, which should let you export the slices to the specified folder. Concerning the share button, though, it seems to work for me without problems. And if I remember correctly, it may also let you save to Photos.app.
  3. shushustorm

    File connection lost

    Hey GabrielM! Thanks for your reply. All my files are stored locally. I mostly use "On My iPad/Procreate/SomeFolder/", but I tried "On My iPad/Designer/" and it still fails to find files quite regularly, resulting in not being able to save over the file. I am using Designer for iPad version 1.6.3 along with iOS 12.1's Files.app and I sometimes go to Files.app to see the time of the last edit for the file and sometimes it will not display the current time, even though I just saved and when that happens, Files.app isn't able to find the file (or at least it says that when I try to rename or duplicate it; it keeps displaying it, though), unless I deactivate and activate "On My iPad". However, strange enough, it must know there is a file named like that, because when I go to Designer and save from outside the file, it will create a duplicate with exactly that name and an additional " 1".
  4. shushustorm

    iPhone version

    I bought a 9.7 inch iPad (2018) a few weeks ago due to the growing performance difference between the current iPads and the iPad mini series, which hasn't been updated for a while now. While the better performance is a huge aspect for working efficiently, and Affinity software is only available on iPads with a certain screen size (those applications are very helpful, though!), I would still go for an iPad mini 5 for painting if it had comparable specifications. I just cannot hold the 9.7 inch screen as comfortably as an iPad mini and after working a few weeks with the 9.7 inch iPad, I still think the ways to reach the UI are too far. After some testing, I do understand why Serif locks the mini series for the Affinity apps. There are quite some small hitboxes, even on 9.7 inch displays. For smaller displays, especially iPhones, the whole UI would need an overhaul. That said, the new iPhones do have quite some screen real estate.
  5. shushustorm

    View tool

    Hey walt.farrell! Thanks for your reply! Unfortunately, I still cannot find it. For me, the last icon on the toolbar (left) is the color picker tool (Designer for iPad version 1.6.3) I can use it in the macOS version of Designer, though.
  6. Hey Gabriel! I see. Thanks for your reply! I am not used to set any DPI values, since I am mostly using the images for 3D graphics, so this confused me a lot. But it seems to makes sense if 72DPI is the standard resolution. (Which is still somewhat confusing, since current devices rarely run on 72DPI and for printing, you would rather use 300DPI) Thanks for clarifying! So this is indeed intended behaviour.
  7. shushustorm

    File connection lost

    Hey everyone! Sometimes, the connection to .afdesign files in Files.app is lost. This happens without moving any files. When this problem occurs, saving from within the file will not overwrite the file in Files.app (it seems to do nothing at all) and when saving from outside the file, there will be a duplicate with the " 1" prefix. When trying to access the file in Files.app, it says the file cannot be found. In order to make it work again, "On My iPad" has to be disabled and enabled again to be able to access the file. I'm unsure whether or not you can solve this or if this is an iOS issue. This can be quite inconvenient, since it happens about once every 30 minutes. Best wishes, Shu
  8. Hey everyone! I'm unsure whether or not this is a bug. When exporting slices, they have to be set to retina (2x) in order to get the intended full resolution. Besides being an extra step, this unnecessarily adds "@2" prefixes to all the slices even though it's just supposed to be at once the resolution chosen on file creation. Best wishes, Shu
  9. Hey everyone! It would be great if there was an option within the export persona to make, for example, this: Group A (Group) Group 1 (Group) Shape 1 (Vector) Shape 2 (Vector) Group 2 (Group) Shape 3 (Vector) Shape 4 (Vector) Group 3 (Group) Shape 5 (Vector) Shape 6 (Vector) Group 4 (Group) Shape 7 (Vector) Shape 8 (Vector) Group B (Group) Shape 9 (Vector) to that: Group A (Group) Group 1 (Pixels) Group 2 (Pixels) Group 3 (Pixels) Group 4 (Pixels) Group B (Group) Shape 9 (Pixels) Best wishes, Shu
  10. Hey everyone! When I want to export layers, most of the time, I need the full file resolution. Exporting like that would be much more efficient if there was a shortcut for using the document bounds for the current slice or an option for automatically assign document bounds for new slices. Best wishes, Shu
  11. Hey everyone! It would be useful if there was an option to only show the selected slice. Personally, I need to export slices at full file resolution and having hundreds of slices on top of each other overlaps their header, so I cannot read it. Besides that, I ran into performance problems at about 100 slices, which may be somewhat better without so much overdraw. Best wishes, Shu
  12. Hey everyone! It would be great if there was a way to rearrange the UI (tools and icons like layers or symbols). Also, including tools like gaussian blur, that can be added as optional tools on desktop, would be great. Best wishes, Shu
  13. Hey everyone! It would be very helpful if, when using tools, all of the UI, except for the icon on the top right that lets users enable the UI again, could be automatically hidden. There could be a timer, which shows the UI again after a period of time. The amount could be set in settings. Procreate has this automatic full screen mode and it's very useful. Best wishes, Shu
  14. Hey everyone! It would be useful to be able to hide the menu on the lower part of the screen (especially in full screen mode). I know it hides when I move there, but most of the time I don't know if I need to move there since it's blocking the view. Best wishes, Shu
  15. Hey everyone! This exists in Photo, it would be useful in Designer as well. Best wishes, Shu