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  1. shushustorm

    Nested symbols break instance connections

    Hey MEB! Thanks for forwarding this! As stated, I really hope this is not intended. Because if so, the workflow seems like a one-way road. Once you inherit from a symbol, the parent will be necessary, you basically cannot go back anymore without breaking all the detail symbols. Personally, I would like to use most symbols like this: 1_Ornament 1_1_Part 1_1_1_Detail 1_1_2_Detail 1_2_Part 1_2_1_Detail 1_2_2_Detail 2_Ornament [...] , which is quite faster to work with than using detail symbols only (, but, right now, also very dangerous).
  2. shushustorm

    Nested symbols break instance connections

    Thanks for naming 1.6.1. However, I try to avoid updating as much as possible to ensure a stable working environment. (Only for critical bug fixes and features that actually make a fundamental difference in my workflow)
  3. Hey everyone! I hope this is not intentional, so I post this in bug reports. When you have symbols in a group and create a symbol of that group, everything will keep working at first. You can still change the original symbols and those changes will be reflected in their instances. However, when I delete the parent symbol, all the layers it contains will lose their instanced connection to their symbol. I attached a test file that shows this. If you delete 01_Tile from the Symbols window, "Mirroring" will lose the connections to its instances. Best wishes, Shu EDIT: I am using Affinity Designer 1.6.0 test.afdesign
  4. No worries! Thanks for trying to help! I didn't even think there would be a simple workaround, so I posted this topic in feature requests.
  5. Thanks for your suggestions! Exporting the selection probably doesn't work, though, because when I work at double the size, the tiles won't have straight edges when painting outside of the square that originally was the border of the whole document. I may be able to set the export size to half, but I'm not sure if this will resample the image, which I am trying to avoid; and even then, I need to offset in Photo by 50%. Maybe I should upload an image to show the issue more clearly. EDIT: Also, mirroring sometimes doesn't work when painting from one instance of a symbol into the other instance (see attached image, pink note). EDIT 2: test.png: Added note test.afdesign
  6. Using symbols is just like what I am doing right now as a workaround, but unfortunately, that's not very convenient, because I don't want to expport the whole arranged pattern, I only need one tile per exported file. So I have to delete the duplicates and resize before exporting or work at double the size and automate cropping in Photo.
  7. Hey! Do you know if those features are still far away or are they currently in development?
  8. Hey everyone! I am working a lot on patterns (literally hundreds) that I want to repeat on both x and y later on. For doing so, it would be very useful to be able to offset and repeat (wrap) curves and groups using Affine and being able to access Affine in Designer. Right now, it only seems accessible in Photo and trying to Affine curves or groups will rasterize them. Best wishes, Shu
  9. shushustorm

    is Crop to selection possible

    Well, that's exactly what we are aiming for, isn't it? At least that's the feature I was missing and using in Photoshop for years.
  10. shushustorm

    is Crop to selection possible

    How about both? Once the feature was there, they could just include it in both the cropping modes as well as the menu bar's drop down menu (including a shortcut?). Using this as cropping mode could have the advantage of the cropping tool adjusting when removing some selections on the borders. EDIT: The last part probably won't work since you have to select a different tool to make further selections, resulting in the cropping tool not being active.
  11. Awesome! I wasn't checking in the current version. So they did implement it! Thanks for your reply! I will mark this as solved.
  12. shushustorm

    is Crop to selection possible

    You don't even have to click Apply (in the UI), you can just press the return key. So if "To Selection" was a mode for the current cropping tool that is saved as preference, you could just - select something - press C - press return - done
  13. shushustorm

    is Crop to selection possible

    I know what you're talking about. I am aware of the non-destructive approach Serif chose for their cropping tools, which I think is quite useful. And while Adobe may use destructive cropping for crop to selection (I'm not positive), Serif doesn't have to implement the tool in the same manner. Also, - including this feature, even if destructive, would add functionality many users would care about (non-destructive cropping is nice, no doubt, but that's just icing on the cake. If the cake is missing, you don't want any icing?) - The sample code I included would approach cropping to selection in a non-destructive manner, since it basically uses the already existing crop tool and enhances its spectrum of application. Not renaming, but defining a different custom input for the tool and give that input a name. It could be implemented as a cropping mode ("To Selection"?) for the current cropping tool. Writing the last selected cropping mode as preference to disk would be nice as well. So you don't always have to change modes when you use one a lot. Exactly!
  14. Does nobody run into the problem that you want to do a lot of selection work, but always have to move the cursor to the top left when you want to change the mode? When using shortcuts to toggle the modes, this would be a lot faster. If I remember correctly, Photoshop used shift for adding to selection and alt for subtracting from selection.
  15. shushustorm

    Adding second handle to node

    Yes, I realized this can be quite useful as well, depending on the situation! Thanks!