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    iPhone version

    Well, it really depends. Procreate has shortcut gestures to zoom out to fit the screen and to rezoom to the last zoom. For me, though, this isn't even a zooming issue, but rather a panning issue, because when I work on details, I would zoom in on a larger iPad as well. But I have to pan more on smaller screens. Then again, I rotate the canvas a lot anyway, so I might as well pan while doing so? I'm not sure, since I don't have a device that uses 3D touch, nor am I currently developing for iOS, but it seems the sensors that make use of 3D touch can in fact read more than just two steps, because you can set its sensitivity in the settings: https://support.apple.com/en-us/ht205056 I don't know whether the full sensor is exposed to developers or not, though. _ EDIT: Sensitivity seems to be accessible: https://developer.apple.com/ios/3d-touch/ _ But even then, the pencil probably also has tilt recognition, which probably hasn't been extrapolated from force touch data yet?, which may be interesting to some people. Thanks for the link to the video! Quite interesting! 0:34 to 0:47 shows what I mean when talking about reaching UI quickly. Of course, it's sped up so it looks even more dramatic, but the smaller the display, the less of a hassle to interact with the software. About the pencil, maybe I try one of those to make sure, but the ones that I used before were similar in size and more of an obstacle than helpful.
  2. shushustorm

    iPhone version

    I know what you mean and I do understand that issue. But in the end, it's a trade-off between zooming on small displays and long ways to access UI on bigger displays. I have been using styli for drawing, but to me, it was too tedious to always switch between stylus and fingers (for example, when trying to rotate the canvas or for undo / redo). Maybe you place the device on a flat surface for drawing? Then, you have the second hand free to do things like that. Personally, I am holding the devices in one hand and draw with the other. If I need to use two fingers, the pencil is in the way. However, I did not use the Apple pencil yet, which may be interesting due to pressure sensitivity. I'm not sure, though, if pressure sensitivity is included without specific styli via 3d touch for newer devices anyway.
  3. shushustorm

    iPhone version

    I don't know. Maybe this is rather subjetive, but I am in fact using an iPhone 5S, which has the smalles screen size available at the moment (which is included in the iPhone SE). I am doing a lot of work on this device using Procreate, especially since version 2 has been released. It works incredibly well. And I could make good use of both Photo and Designer on this device. Personally, I don't think precision should be an issue, since you can always zoom in and dragging sliders has its own mechanic that lets you set precise values (slider speed reduces with distance to original tap position). Procreate also found good ways to integrate their UI so that it's not in the way and there is an automatic UI hide feature while painting. When my iPad charges, I keep working on iPhone. In fact, the only thing I prefer about working on iPad is that my music library is on there and not on iPhone. (Mind you, I am using iPad mini 2, which, unfortunately, does not have access to Photo either.) I am even waiting for a new iPhone of that screen size for upgrading. And I was thinking about buying a new iPad so that I could finally use Photo without transferring to macOS, but the lowest screen dimensions supported by Photo are just kind of big, which makes it uneasy to hold and the movements to interact with the device longer. In the end, I guess this just comes down to personal preference. About the reviews, I am not sure if you read the reviews that were referring to Procreate Pocket 1. Version 2 has just been released and I guess there aren't many reviews on this yet. Version 1 was very limited, but version 2 is very much capable and it almost offers everything that is included in the iPad version.
  4. Same here, when importing from the macOS versions of Photo and Designer to Procreate, everything works as expected ever since I updated Photo and Designer a while ago and made sure it exports as 8 bit. Currently, I am not running into any issues with the following setup: Procreate 4.0.8, Procreate Pocket 2.0, Affinity Photo 1.6.6 (macOS), Affinity Designer 1.6.0 (macOS). So it seems this problem is iPad specific.
  5. shushustorm

    iPhone version

    I know ensuring nice UI and UX design would not be an easy task, but just imagine having the full power of Photo and Designer on iPhone. When I think of the new Procreate Pocket 2 that was just released, running Procreate, Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer, with the common .psd file format, maybe even including Files.app integration, on iPhone would create a _beast_ to work with that fits into a pocket.
  6. shushustorm

    Nested symbols break instance connections

    Hey MEB! Thanks for forwarding this! As stated, I really hope this is not intended. Because if so, the workflow seems like a one-way road. Once you inherit from a symbol, the parent will be necessary, you basically cannot go back anymore without breaking all the detail symbols. Personally, I would like to use most symbols like this: 1_Ornament 1_1_Part 1_1_1_Detail 1_1_2_Detail 1_2_Part 1_2_1_Detail 1_2_2_Detail 2_Ornament [...] , which is quite faster to work with than using detail symbols only (, but, right now, also very dangerous).
  7. shushustorm

    Nested symbols break instance connections

    Thanks for naming 1.6.1. However, I try to avoid updating as much as possible to ensure a stable working environment. (Only for critical bug fixes and features that actually make a fundamental difference in my workflow)
  8. Hey everyone! I hope this is not intentional, so I post this in bug reports. When you have symbols in a group and create a symbol of that group, everything will keep working at first. You can still change the original symbols and those changes will be reflected in their instances. However, when I delete the parent symbol, all the layers it contains will lose their instanced connection to their symbol. I attached a test file that shows this. If you delete 01_Tile from the Symbols window, "Mirroring" will lose the connections to its instances. Best wishes, Shu EDIT: I am using Affinity Designer 1.6.0 test.afdesign
  9. No worries! Thanks for trying to help! I didn't even think there would be a simple workaround, so I posted this topic in feature requests.
  10. Thanks for your suggestions! Exporting the selection probably doesn't work, though, because when I work at double the size, the tiles won't have straight edges when painting outside of the square that originally was the border of the whole document. I may be able to set the export size to half, but I'm not sure if this will resample the image, which I am trying to avoid; and even then, I need to offset in Photo by 50%. Maybe I should upload an image to show the issue more clearly. EDIT: Also, mirroring sometimes doesn't work when painting from one instance of a symbol into the other instance (see attached image, pink note). EDIT 2: test.png: Added note test.afdesign
  11. Using symbols is just like what I am doing right now as a workaround, but unfortunately, that's not very convenient, because I don't want to expport the whole arranged pattern, I only need one tile per exported file. So I have to delete the duplicates and resize before exporting or work at double the size and automate cropping in Photo.
  12. Hey! Do you know if those features are still far away or are they currently in development?
  13. Hey everyone! I am working a lot on patterns (literally hundreds) that I want to repeat on both x and y later on. For doing so, it would be very useful to be able to offset and repeat (wrap) curves and groups using Affine and being able to access Affine in Designer. Right now, it only seems accessible in Photo and trying to Affine curves or groups will rasterize them. Best wishes, Shu
  14. Well, that's exactly what we are aiming for, isn't it? At least that's the feature I was missing and using in Photoshop for years.
  15. How about both? Once the feature was there, they could just include it in both the cropping modes as well as the menu bar's drop down menu (including a shortcut?). Using this as cropping mode could have the advantage of the cropping tool adjusting when removing some selections on the borders. EDIT: The last part probably won't work since you have to select a different tool to make further selections, resulting in the cropping tool not being active.