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  1. This all reminds of that bit in the 'The Office': Brent: "The bad news is... Neil will be taking over both branches and some of you will lose your jobs. On a more positive note, the good news is... I’ve been promoted. "
  2. Ah yes that's it thanks! I had already seen the auto-select option and toggled it on/off, but what I'd failed to notice was the drop down options beside it (and then failed to notice the drop down instructions about it at the bottom of the help page!). Anyway, that's what I was looking for. Thank you!
  3. Ah thanks - I just went for the top Google result for my issue without double checking which version it favoured! Unfortunately it still doesn't offer any insight as to why I am experiencing this issue only now though and how to change it, and just states: "With the Move Tool selected, click an object or group on the page to select it" (emphasis mine). The point is I can no longer select the group on the page, whereas previously I'm pretty sure I could - now I can only select individual objects (unless I start multi-selecting). Maybe I'm wrong, and Publisher (and ONLY Publisher) has been doing this since Version 2 was released and I somehow didn't notice, but as I say, as it's only recently been driving me to infuriation, it feels like a recent change - either of my own accidental doing (if so how do I undo it) OR it has become the standard behaviour since version 2.1.1 (and so how do I make it NOT the standard behaviour?). Cheers
  4. I'm currently getting infuriated with Publisher on Windows 10 which seems to have switched to selecting individual objects within a group rather than the group itself when I try and select it on the page. I keep trying to move a logo around - which is made up of a vast number of curves contained in a group - but every time I click on it, a curve within the group is selected instead and not the whole group. I have to keep going to the layers panel itself and selecting the group. I know it's not always been this way as it's only recently started to infuriate me. I could have sworn you had to double-click on the group first before selecting individual items, and a quick search of the Affinity Help says this is indeed the case: "To select objects (or groups) in a group: Double-click on the object. If the object itself is in a group, the group will be selected first—double-clicking again will select the object." This is now NOT happening. So, my questions are: 1. Have I inadvertently changed a setting? 2. Having only recently updated to 2.1.1 is this the new default behaviour? Either way, is it a setting that can be changed? Or is it a bug? (Note: when I open the same files in Designer, where I am still on 2.1.0, the group/objects selection works as it always did). Cheers!
  5. Thanks for that @stokerg, For now, as everything seems to be working despite the warning message (at least as far as I can tell), I've gone through the repair process for the latest installation and I will see if that fixes the issue on the next update when it arrives. If it doesn't, I will report back in this thread.
  6. When I update Photo and Publisher, once the installation has completed I get a warning message that says "A required privilege is not held by the client." (although Designer installs without incident). The apps of course don't then open like the successful Designer installation does, but the new installations do open successfully when started manually and appear to function. I'm reporting it now after just installing version 2.1.0 of the apps, but I've been getting the messages ever since the first installation of version 2.0, originally Installed from the start using the MSIX file and subsequently updated from the in-app prompt at start-up. I'm on Windows 10.
  7. Just adding my voice to this thread to say I'm experiencing the same thing - a build up of 'laggy' behaviour in Designer 2 over time. I've particularly noticed it when using my graphics tablet - lines can be way behind what I'm trying to draw and there doesn't appear to be any reason why it should be getting so bad, and of course makes it particularly frustrating to use. Closing the app and starting it up again fixes the problem, although on occasion the app doesn't restart and an inspection of task manager reveals that it thinks it is still running and I have to force quit before starting it up again. Also, task manager has reported five-figure high memory usage before attempting to quit, but is back to a much lower four-figure memory usage on restarting, even with exactly the same working file open. I haven't read every post in this thread - so has it already been suggested that the History could be the cause of the problem?
  8. Yes - The more I've been using Designer the more I've been experiencing this too. And it turns out we are not alone - there is already an ongoing thread all about it as well, with lots of people reporting the same thing:
  9. As a v1 owner who now has v2, where I do get this amazing creative collection package?
  10. So I've played with customising the tools 'palette' on the left of screen (not the tool bar) and it seems to create a problem that can't be reversed - you can't go back to the default setup once you've customised. By default, the DOCKED tools palatte has ONE column and the UNdocked tools has TWO columns . However, once you customise, both the docked AND the undocked tools pallete both have however many columns you picked - both are the same. The two modes can't be edited independently. But clicking reset DOESN'T go back to the default - both the docked AND undocked tool palette remain as they currently are. I like having a single column when docked and two columns when not docked. Is there a way of customising the columns in the docked and undocked tools palette separately? Is there a way of getting back to the default that I've missed, or is this a bug? This is just in Affinity Photo v2 so far - I haven't tried in Designer or Publisher.
  11. I don't think they've announced what that is yet. My guess (and it IS just a guess) is that it will be a brushes or a font set or something along those lines.
  12. Unfortunately you don't truly 'own' it. I too would love the security of knowing that I could carry on using the software I pay for in the future, even in the event that Serif should no longer be around. However, I'll repeat what I just posted in another thread: Technically, we don't, and have never, 'owned' software - even in the days when we bought it in a box from the store. We are only ever granted a license to use it. We're paying for the right to use someone else's software, under certain conditions and terms. Online registrations, dongles and now subscription models are ways the software companies introduced to try ensure we remain complient with those terms and conditions. Frequently, when companies talk about a 'lifetime' of usage, they don't mean the lifetime of the person who purchased it - they mean the 'lifetime' of the product. Which is a fairy vague guarantee at best, but tends to end when they stop supporting it and move on to another version.
  13. It's also just a sort of general 'rule of nature'. Most people are only going to feel compelled to make the effort to express their views when they feel aggrieved by something. When they're happy and content they just get on with their lives. People don't take to the streets chanting and carrying placards to express how happy they are with what the government are doing!
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