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  1. Thank you for the answer. Can you tell me of ONE other program that had that brilliant idea? And, is it too much to ask the programmer who broke the default behavior to unfuck it, at least as a toggle?
  2. Guys, I really can't believe fixing such a simple issue could take a whole year. I fully understand that on Mac Apple+Space invokes Spotlight. Nice, but that's a Mac problem. Why Windows version is still broken and constantly catches the user unaware when using Ctrl+Space ? SPACE is NOT a modifier to the CTRL key, CTRL is the MODIFIER. You press it first. (For more info, take a look at (any OS) UX guidelines. Well, I'm not sure about Commodore Amiga, honestly. ) Please, FIX THIS !!!
  3. This topic seems to have died an ignominous death, so I'll try to revive it. A text / tag / metadata search would be a great professional capability addition. Please do consider it. Example: a common usage scenario for me is a lot of small icons/signs/signboards with different text. When I have to find certain one I'm going out of my mind (well, no - I just open it in Inkscape, where there is a nice search tool). I love Designer - it really is a pleasure to use, especially compared to Illustrator. But so many things are missing.... Obvious way would be to provide access to developers to build plugins? Am I'm missing something here?
  4. Thanks for the response, MEB. @Jonopen, indeed, AD has very smart way of between Node and Move tool. I feel that it has huge potential, but up to this point I'm not able to use it intuitively (in other words, it's often in the wrong mode for me :) ). If we move away from the damn Adobe paradigm, the whole separation to Move and Node tool is outdated. I can see why it was deemed necessary towards the end of last millenium ;) but I don't think this functionality is reasonable today. That said, imagine the user screams if Affinity were to merge both tools into one, no matter how useful and convenient. Anyway, AD is a great tool - big thanks to the team!
  5. Zoom shortcut is supposed to be Ctrl+Space. In reality, this only works if you first press Space, than Ctrl. The reversed shortcut Space+Ctrl seems unique to Affinity :) And surely, this is not how modifier keys are expected to work. Affinity Designer for Mac has a filed bug about this. Half a year later, is there any progress in sight?
  6. Guides can be dragged by Move Tool, but not by Node Tool. This seems counter-intuitive and inconvenient to me. Also, this limitation is unique to AD. Is it possible to make Node Tool drag the guides too, please?
  7. Guys, anything resembling search year and a half later?
  8. I notice that when pasting to external program (tested with Photoshop and Paint) I get strange object selection frame depending on the Stroke Miter setting: Is this by design?
  9. MEB, this is a basic functionality. This should not be done through a workaround. Please, fix it. I understand the reason, but from user perspective it feels like a bug. Every competitor has solved this problem one way or another.
  10. Saving and loading grids would be great. Anything beyond than this would be fantastic.
  11. I hope this feature will be changed soon (it's really scary when parts of your work seemingly disappear). Meanwhile I've found that using artboards is a nice temporary workaround for this behavior - just create an artboard dedicated to being an 'pasteboard'.
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