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  1. 7 years later… this feature is still nowhere to be found… so we still have to rely on Photoshop to open older files. 🤦‍♂️
  2. Also agree on this! Would be very nice to see this feature spread across Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo as well! :)
  3. It’s been almost 4 years now for what I would consider a basic but essential feature. Any update on this topic?
  4. I was also thinking that at first. However, there are about 3-5 ways of doing the same things in Photoshop. Affinity Photo shouldn’t force the user to a single way of doing these things. Maybe Affinity Photo team should hire heavy Photoshop users, let them test thoroughly, listen carefully to their feedback then adjust AP accordingly.
  5. I agree this is an essential feature. I was swearing a tiny bit this afternoon while trying to retouch a simple picture which would have taken about 1/3 of the time in Photoshop. Please Affinity Photo team: this feature has been requested since 2016. 4 years ago. Thanks.
  6. Hi Affinity Team, I also have the same problem! I was about to submit that as a bug: But well, since you acknowledged, it’s all good. Hope you can fix that soon, this is almost a roadblock for working correctly. Thanks!
  7. Hi Affinity Team, I also agree with this. I still have many clients that are using Photoshop and having the possibility to import Layer Comps (or translate them to Snapshots?) would greatly help them transition over Affinity Photo. Any chance it might be doable? Thanks!
  8. Hi Affinity Design team, I’ve been a long time user of Adobe Illustrator and the Astute Graphics plug-in suite for AI. As seen in their video (https://astutegraphics.com/tech/), it suggest you guys started integrating their tech in Affinity Designer. So I would like to ask: to what extend do you envision going forward with their technology? If that can be helpful to know, my wishes for Affinity Designer would be to have these features integrated in order of preference (first being most important): - VectorScribe - SubScribe - MirrorMe - InkScribe - ColliderScribe Thanks!
  9. Hi Affinity Team, Coming from Illustrator and InDesign, I very often place reference guides outside the canvas. I tried unchecking Clip to Canvas but the Guides still cannot be shown. I also noticed Clip to Canvas is useless when at least a single Artboard is present. Would it be possible to fix that? It’s pretty annoying. Thanks.
  10. Hello Affinity Team, Would it be possible to add Dithering Modes to the Export Persona when exporting PNG-8 or GIF ? Right now it's impossible to use something else than Diffusion. It would be nice if those options were available: - Diffusion - Pattern - Noise - None Also, it would be nice if there was an Export Preview with final file size to see the results before exporting. Right now, it's pretty tedious to blindly export, check the file in the Finder, then go back to Affinity Designer to adjust and repeat the process. Thank you very much, Philippe Côté
  11. It would be nice if it was done earlier than Affinity Publisher's release. This is a pretty basic layout feature. :) Thanks.
  12. Hello Affinity Team, Congratulations on shipping Symbols. This was a much needed feature. But now that I'm actually working with it, I've found out that it would be really helpful to be able to just Substitute a Symbol Instance with another one instead of having to recreate from scratch each time I want to replace a symbol. Also, it would be nice if there was some kind of Symbol management available. Right now, it's impossible to Reorder, Duplicate, Group or Edit a Symbol by using the panel. Would it be possible to implement these in the near future? These would make Symbols much more powerful. Thank you very much, Philippe Côté
  13. Hello Affinity Team, Would it be possible to implement "Paint select" in the Layer Panel for Visibility and Lock? I know it's possible to select all wanted layers first then toggle Visibility and Lock at once but it's much faster to just "Paint-select", like in Photoshop, Illustrator or Cinema 4D. If you don't know how it works, you simply have to click and hold Visibility or Lock icon in either of those softwares then start dragging to affect multiple layers. Release when done. Note that it is only 3 simple operations done in ONE click! :) This is much faster than selecting all wanted layers holding shift then clicking the wanted operation. Thank you very much guys! Philippe Côté
  14. Hello Affinity Team, Would it be possible to please let us Alt-Drag any Layer, Layer Groups or multiple Layers in the Layer Panel to Duplicate? It is the easiest way to Duplicate a Layer without altering position but it's neither in Affinity Designer nor Affinity Photo. Thank you very much! Philippe Côté
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