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  1. i am in this too.... implement it please.
  2. Wasn´t it planed to give some way of moving the grid , using the gridmanager ? This could help.. not sure if its allready implemented. edit: indeed it is.. ill put a screenshot.. greetings Tom
  3. Thanks Chris.. Ill have a look in this..
  4. Hi, So this seems to be to complicated ? First Problem extrem high memory consumption, Secound Problem, Why are there those boxes with crosses when i print a pdf `? Any ideas ?
  5. Hi, I run into several Problems when Printing a PDF file from a testdocument of an architectural contest broschuere, i try to rebuild to analyse publishers possibilitys. The Document contains about 140 Sides, (the Original indesign file has got about 190 Sdes...), and i just wanted to print out a pdf. So i selectes export pdf X-4 and reduced somewhat the Raster DPi. Well .. first , when opening the document my memory print allready jumps up to about 4 GB . The file only contains linked files, so i think everything gets loaded to the memory. But while Printing, my memory goes upt to about 27 GB.. which realy is very high.. maybe, because Architects put many Printed Florplans as Pdfs in their Broschures ? In Indesign they are rasterised, while the Affinity products try to import vector datas which.... for Architects realy isnt needed because you won´t open them to change them in Affinity... you allways do this in Cad Programs that by far more suitable for such a task. Now it took realy long.. to print it.. and also when i printed, i saw that there are some objects printed with a subtile cross inside of it. for example my embedded Icons. So how can i get rid of them. Also.. why does the printing process take so horribly long and produce a memoryprint so big. ? any ideas ? I put some images for clarifying.. thanks for help
  6. i cant see this too.. 1.70.157 but now handle.... hmm
  7. Wow... MEB.. this was a fast answer... you´ve even been faster as my correction of my own post...
  8. I just dived into the settings of the Grid- and Axis- Manager.. so i found out there are great ways now to create rows and Colums also with gutters.. but it allways seems to start out from the left upper corner of the Page.. I also moved the Ruler Origin.. but this didnt have any influence on the Grid and Axis.. so the questin of course is, if i can move also the origin of my grid and axis ? for example to the center of the page, so i get even distribution on both pages.... possible ? By the way... using fixed length doesnt allways do the job very well.. what we often want rather... take that length.... i point you to... and devide it by 5... and than use folowing gutters... Thats rather how most of us think wen we design a page dont we ? so my suggestion would be.. first make the origin point for the Grid and Snappings movable.. secound, let us point to a fixed length... and tell the program to devide it by... x plus gutters. if needed... third.. maybe a Grid and Axis " Object", like a Square we can position like a square and then devite it with Objectinternal Axises and devisions and gutters... this way we also could use what ever axis on each page seperated if wanted or needed..
  9. Tom Schülke

    Paste FX/Style

    isnt the problem, that you cant update a special style on the attributs of another text that doesnt belong to that style ? Just because the style selection jumps to the corresponding style, when you select a text ?
  10. I Would still apreciate very very much an option to choose if i want to have the imported PDF as a Pixelgraphic comparable to the import options in Photoshop. Why ? We are architects.. We import pdfs to Photoshop sepertate the lines from the colors and have to improve the result for comptetitions. With Pixelgraphics i can select very easy comparable colors and aply changes. much more efficient than with an pdf composed of thousends of separated fillings and lines. also.. Changing them will be done in Cad Programms. so you dont need vektors in Photoshop. You do youre job in Cad.. reprint the pdf, and the linked file will be automaticaliy replaced with the changes. even when its a pixelrepresentation of the PDF. the Clou in Photoshop : Even when rasterised, the imported Florplans still stay linked to external files. this ist very very very important, becaus in competition you have to start your Photoshop work long before the Plans are totaly ready... they change all the time, and this way you only have to reprint your Changes to the folder your Photoshop Document uses and everything gets updated.. very slick.. and this doesnt work good with vektorimport.. So Serif.. Please Consider to also make pdf imports as pixelgraphics available as an option But !!!! let it still be linked to the original pdfs... this woul make live so much easier for all architects on this planet who consider to use Affinity Products.
  11. But thats one of those tiny smal commands you realy miss if they are not available... should be implemented, and shouldn´t be to hard to implement..
  12. as far as i know... inline graphics are high on the to do list of affinity....
  13. Same experience here.. I didn´t try to produce a real Book... only reproduced a part of an Architectural Brochure.... with about 50 images included.. I saved it embedded and linked... and after linking, the filesize stayed at about 1.7 Gb.. if i would Guess, i think , publisher leaves the files also embeded somehow in the document even when it is linked... this should be corrected..
  14. I am not exactly sure anymore.. But arent´t those symbols able to copy Features of an object to other symbols, but when you "desynchoronise" those symbols, you can change special Features, while others stay the same. for example you could position a rectangle on the masterpage, which gets copied as with symbols to the pages, the masterpage is aplied to.. now you can desynchronise the symbol , change for example the x scale of the rectangle, synchronise the symbol again, and you are still able to change the color of the rectangle on the master page and the color changes on the page too, even when the x scale has changed... I think those dotted line might indicate something like this ? But just guessing...
  15. Tom Schülke

    Error during install

    Hallo GabrielM, sorry to late to do this i think , My Admin in between has removed publisher and reinstalled everything and now it works.. seems, my reduced rights had to do with this.. when i tried to install with my password, i had the error, when he did, with his adminpassword, everything seemed to be fine.