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  1. Same experience here.. I didn´t try to produce a real Book... only reproduced a part of an Architectural Brochure.... with about 50 images included.. I saved it embedded and linked... and after linking, the filesize stayed at about 1.7 Gb.. if i would Guess, i think , publisher leaves the files also embeded somehow in the document even when it is linked... this should be corrected..
  2. I am not exactly sure anymore.. But arent´t those symbols able to copy Features of an object to other symbols, but when you "desynchoronise" those symbols, you can change special Features, while others stay the same. for example you could position a rectangle on the masterpage, which gets copied as with symbols to the pages, the masterpage is aplied to.. now you can desynchronise the symbol , change for example the x scale of the rectangle, synchronise the symbol again, and you are still able to change the color of the rectangle on the master page and the color changes on the page too, even when the x scale has changed... I think those dotted line might indicate something like this ? But just guessing...
  3. Tom Schülke

    Error during install

    Hallo GabrielM, sorry to late to do this i think , My Admin in between has removed publisher and reinstalled everything and now it works.. seems, my reduced rights had to do with this.. when i tried to install with my password, i had the error, when he did, with his adminpassword, everything seemed to be fine.
  4. Tom Schülke

    Error during install

    Hi Gabriel, its a 64 bit system.
  5. Tom Schülke

    Error during install

    Hallo GabrielM I just downloaded the newest One, and still get this erroer message... while installing, my admin alowed me some local admin rights, so i get asked for a password before installing.. than the install starts and immidiately. i get this error message.. its windows 7 on my computer...
  6. I am getting an error message when i try to install it ! Error at Setup... anyone else ? Cant install it . want to install it.. why cant i install it.. why .. just why.. :-(
  7. Tom Schülke

    scripts like this possible ?

    Hi Bones.. Nice tutorial.. i think in the macro i found there are by far more stepps integrated which also give you many variations to work with. But never the less you can get the idea.. So after my Kiteholydays in Ägypt... :-) i´ll try this out to reproduce in Affinity Photo..
  8. allright.. I first have to get the permisson of the architektural teams. But then ill do so.. Where can i post it, for you get it `?
  9. Hi , I had some images i took from an indesign document that i only could copy in indesign and than paste to publisher... Now what does they mean ? They are missing? But i can see them in my document.. and still they are linked ? When thy are missing, how can i see them those not existing linked images, that have no path they point to ? one thing i noticed... some images have a cross inside other s dont.. seems these are the highlighted images ? so the x is an indicator, that its only my mind that can see the nonexisting images ?
  10. Dave Harris.. You said, Redefine text style based on current selection is allready there but this works only when i pick the changes from a textelement that has allready those style applied right ? What when i got some other text that hasnt text style or that has another style applied... can i cope the belonging attributes also to those first textstyle ? Often ausers beginn a text and dont apply a style, but later on want to say.. ok.. now i want these attributs on my headlines for example.. how can i do this ?
  11. Tom Schülke

    scripts like this possible ?

    Well ok.. but i am not even sure. this is a script or a macro in Photoshop..
  12. Tom Schülke

    scripts like this possible ?

    Hi GabrielM. Well sure, you cant import this script to affinity Photo. But what i was intersted in is, if the scripting language of Photo is strong enough allready, to reproduce this script on Photo.
  13. I just found a script for photoshop.. just wondering if photo is allready able to reproduce something like this.. What do you think ? https://graphicriver.net/item/architecture-sketch-art-photoshop-action/18366722?ref=rojdark&clickthrough_id=1384922524&redirect_back=true greetings
  14. thats straight forward, trying out a beta for a real job.. you know it isn't supposed to use it this way already.. but except of that. a great test and good suggestions.. _ ignore text wrap options for text boxes is already there by the way.. just dont remember where to find it... - most important point for me... idlm im and export.. - also would suggest inline headlines spanning over several columns...
  15. Hallo Tom (great name by the way !) Well sure you are right.. tha palette scrolls through the place where i am.. but whe i click on the page canvas in indesign, the page gets instantly selected in the palette to.. here the behaviour in publisher is differing.. Problem is.. i just cant select the next page by clicking or double clicking on it.. i have to do this in the palette.. which is wired..