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  1. Hi People from Affinity. In my holidays i got an E-mail that soon one will be able to log in for the affinity publisher Beta ! I would like to do so as soon as possible, because my company is in deep need of this step and i should examin the workflows and options as soon as possible. What do i have to do ? Is there a forumular i have to fill in ? thanks for answers. greetings Tom
  2. Tom Schülke

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    Realy... are we realy discussing about a Product comparable to Photoshop , that you can by for only about 50$ ? This is so Cheap, that you can get affraid, Affinity won´t do it over the long run. I´d rather pay a bit more but to ruin this promising Product.
  3. Tom Schülke

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    Well Yeah... Of course... thats what we knew allready... now.. when is summer... ?
  4. Tom Schülke

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    Soooo Summer is nearly here.... well its allready untypicaly hot in germany.. but what i mean.... will it now sooon get much hotter... thinking of affinity publisher.. beta in summer ? ... are we still on track ?....
  5. Well i like the aproach of the paterntool mentioned above too, but i think illustrators approach still is more artist friendly.. just because you can draw whatever pattern you wish inside your pattern rectangle and instantly see the whole repettitive pattern change. this aproach is still much more artistfriendly you while the aproach above maybe can produce some other stuff, that illustrator cant.. so mayby a synthesis of all the two ?
  6. Affinity Photo: By far my biggest Wish.. When embedding PDF Files (coming as Prints from Autocad or other CAD Applications), let us CHOSE if they get embedded as Vectors, (which architects will never use, because they change those hundrets of lines much easier in CAD), or as pixels, comparable to photoshop, which has the advantage, that you can easyly make selections from colors, which embedded Vektor plans dont alow... this is absoluteley essention for the whole workflow of thousends of architects refining their Cad Plans in Programs like affinity Photo... and well of cource choosing pixels doesnt have to kill the connection to the original pdf´s , as photoshoop does.. make selections in the layerpannel by FAR faster... what do i mean... well everything allright here, but strg+shift left mouse button cklick on the layer should "additively" ad layerselections. Why ? Because everyone composing dozens of layers in imagecompositing would be much much much faster... this is only "one" little , tiny , very easy to implement shortcut .. But all 3D Visualisation Specialists use it and would improve Workflowspeed extremely, just because they use it all the time.. please implement it.. well.. 1 and 2 are by far more important than anything else.. but my third wish for sure is on its way..... embedded and linked files.. For Affinity Designer as far as i know it: trace funktionality in illustrator theres a tool to cut lines using other llines.. something like this, a great Pattern tool.. so thats all at the moment.. please you architects on this Planet... like this suggestions.. esp the first one and the secound.. if affinity will not implement theese absoluteley crucial smal funktions , they would totaly give away the whole graphical world of architectural plans and no bigger architectural company will ever switch over to affinity.. greetings
  7. I support this too.. I just have been in a lecture of some Colleques of my company, still learning indesign.. while we only scratched the surface, we looked inside the pattern tool and i have to say.. this one is far superior above the symbols aproach.. dont get me wrong.. symbols are great for other reasons.. But making patterns as filings and also just to save them and reuse them when you want , and the way you construct them is realy very intelligent and smart.. i am sure.. affinity could throw out some of its creative magic and be able to make something even better...
  8. Tom Schülke

    Organiser Software

    Xn View mp...... allready better than XNView...
  9. yess... the lock abiltiy in affinity products doesnt work for me as wished... it only locks the position , nothing more... so, why not also bring in a further "Freeze" funktion comparable to cad programs ? this would do the trick. wouldnt it ?
  10. Well it looks nice... it seems as if the integration of publisher, photo and designer will be much smoother and tighter as it ever was in Photoshop... now.. thats realy nice. On the other hand the delay of some further month makes it realy difficult for my company to comunicate it to our employees, why we allready shifted from Photoshop to affinity photo.. it did only make sense when you exchange the whole adobe production bundle.. otherwise, the decision to do so before the releasedate and the funktions of publisher are clear.... could be called... hmm...courageous... my hope is, that in conjunktion to the release of publisher, affinity photo , designer get an overhault. they still are great applications. but their structure clearly is optimised for photografers, or designers with rather smaler projects.. which is great .. dont missunderstand me. filesizes are smaler.. the footprint inside of the memory is smaler... workflow ist smarter... but for example my company produces often architectural plans and renderings with about 12000 to 12000 pix and about hundret layers. (Architectural visualisations for example) and if you directly compare those using photoshop to affinity Photo , Photoshop clearly still winns the game in speed and viewportsmoothness.. you still can move the file without any gap ore any stuttering... affinity works so far, but gets sluggish. I want this programm to get better than photoshop.. so my wishlist beside of the arrival of publisher would be: much faster viewportspeed with real big documents linked embedded files (which will come at last for publisher but hopefully also for the other products at that time) the MOST important issu for the whole architectural industry... is a smooth workflow ... using photo combined with cad programms.... we produce eps and pdf files and layer them inside of photoshop so far. as "linked and embedded" files, so that in competition we can exchange the dozen of embedded parts of a site plan for example .. on the fly.. and easy.. and fast.. this is what we need on a dayly basis... everything else is fine. but this one feature for architects is the by far most important workflow part.. and we DONT need embedded vektor files... we want pdfs and eps files get rasterised (if needed as an option) as with photoshop, to still be able to get pixelselections with the flood select tool, but still linked to the external pdf files.. This is the one and only point the architects in my company do hate me for when i show them affinity Photo.. the rest they love. be able to additiv make layer-pixel-selections with shortcuts.. when you have dozens of layers ... want to change them in color... just cmd+shift+left mouse buttton .... click on all those layers after each other and get a combined pixelselection.. its only one missing shortcut that could improve the workflow .... soooooooo much.. welll the rest are all minor improvements, like color coding the layers or one-click array several images aside, ore seeing bigger layer thumbnails when needed.. its allready a great product.. bring in publisher... it looks promising... but dont forget those other very very important improvements.. greetings
  11. The Problem apears by far mor prominent, when you import CAD Plans as Architects do in their daily workroutine.. They usualy import several pdf files layered on each other one after the other to get a flexible Plan, they can improve. And they depend on embedded objects, because they have to change on a daily basis their designs while improving their competition work. So they have to stick with embedded Pdf files, they dont want to rasterise, because this would kill the workflowimprovement of importing again and again changes in their competition. In Photoshop this works out fine.. the pdf files get rasterised but still are linked to the external rasterformats. In affinity, this is realy realy the bottleneck, that can kill the use of Affinity Photo for architects. So i hope so much Affinity will listen to the architects too, and improve this workflow a lot. Let pdf files get imported alternative as rasterised, while still beeing linked to external pdf files. let us exchange embedded or embeded linked layers by dragging alternative files directely on top of affinity embedded layers, to replace them give us a futher shortcut ... only this one shortcut could improve workspeed so much..... Architects and Visualisation specialists produce Images with dozens of layer and masks. We need a shortcut to additiveley select the pixelmasks... strg+left mousebutton on the layer or mask already selects a layermask.. but Pleeeaaaaaassee... strg+shift+left mouse button .... would kill the slow workflow of selecting dozens of objects one after the other, store their masks to the channels editor, and after this adding them one ofter the other... and you do this all the time in architectural visualisation... for embedded pdf files.... why cant i use the flood selec tool to select colors from my pdf ... this is crucial to select parts of my printed CAD Plans.. At the moment i have to back up an embedded pdf file, to be able to import changes of my competition work, but never the less have to rasterise a copy of the embedded pdf file, to select parts of it.. for example all the different areeas of Grass .... you wont do this by selecting hundred of green vektor triangles ... one afte the other... so again. if i could import the pdf as rasterised, and still have it linked to en external file, ore still be able to use it as an embedded file.. this would do it all... Speeeeeeed.. Affinity is optimised for smaler works.. i did a comparison video... thats ok. but could we change this behaviour for companies with real big images ?
  12. Hi everyone, So now i am happy to have a sneak peak of Publisher, and i am disapointed that we once again have to wait longer. So if i have to go on using indesign, What s the best workflow of Affinity Photo and Indesign together... I Could use psd files instead of affinity native format as a standart fileformat. Now changing an embedded psd file comming from affinity photo, i could right click on the embedded image and chose in the right click menue, "Open with". I would have to search for the affinity Photo EXE to open the psd with affinity photo.. hmm.. is there a way in Indesign, to make the open with affinity photo sticky ? permanent ? easy available ? because right now it seems i allways have to search a long path for my affinity Photo app.. At the moment, Photoshop still is installed togehter with indesign, so indesign tries naturaly to open the psd allways first with Photoshop. Could i change this behaviour somehow ? greetings Tom
  13. Tom Schülke

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    i am right sure, this will integrate affinity Photo and designer abilities very thight under the hood of affinity publisher. much smoother than the workflow of photoshop , illustrator and indesign.
  14. Tom Schülke

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    its very very easy.. The personas in the top are: 1. Make the Perfect suggestionPersone, based on machine learning using the needs and wishes of all potential customers that could and finaly will by your text, Book ore what so ever.... 2. Thelepathic Agreement Persona, to convince each and every client, boss and or beautifull woman , to love you endlessly for your work charcter and butiful hair... 3. Shorten work script.. Persona, to reduce your worktime to 2 days a week and convince your boss to do so by paying you the whole wage for a 40 to 50 hours week . am i right ? sure... iam
  15. Tom Schülke

    Lost random Brushcategories and Swatches... bug ?

    Well allright, After restarting the computer the next morning everything was back so far..