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  1. Did i read this just in the new Photo update ? I Think theres a fix, that 32 bit images now will be imported with linear ? so one of our steps in your tutorial Video wouldnt be needed any more, which improves workflow furter more..
  2. greaaat... thats the information, Users need to see the quality of Affinity... thanks for this..
  3. 1. easy to do and allready halfway implemented: shortcut to deselect pixelmasks from the Layerstack... affinity allready put in the short cut to cmd+shift+lmb click on a Layericon to select ! Additive ! like in Photoshop layer masks. So you dont have to add them one by one in the spare channels... but to deselect from a selecttion the shortcut is still missing.. 2. embedd linked pdf files, but give the option to link the rasterised version also whithout loosing the link to the original pdf file... this would ease the workflow for thousends of Architects.. they never need the option to tweek single lines in theire floreplan CAd to pdf prints, they import to photo... its just done by far easier inside the cad applicatieon... but still an imported pdf from a cad file should be linked not only embeded, also when it is rasterised. 3. still speedimprovements for large documents needed... here photoshop still excels over affinity photo.. dont know wasnt it told, affinity is still working on gpu speed booosts ?
  4. Hi Joachim.. Well thanks.. Originaly, i was asking for the textstyles.. I got a Document with about 70 pages, and about 20 Textstyles... But i am not sure if all of them are used.. so i just wanted to clean it up, and go on with only the used Textstyles that where left.. I originaly created the Document , from saving it out from another Document, where i had to use many more styles.. so to get all neded styles, this is a good way.. but now it seams you have to pay very good attention to not delete the wrong style.. so an automatic search for unused styles would be very good
  5. Joachim_L, I think i had taken the wrong name.. i asked for styles, not for textstyles.. Styles are something else... see the screenshot...
  6. Well MEB, if its not possible, we should move this to the wishlist section
  7. Ah.. Well maybe i get here something wrong.. what i mean are these styles.. The "Text Styles" they differ from document document..
  8. Hi, is there an easy way to get rid of styles in a final document, that i dont want anymore ? my problem is, in a looong document, i am not sure, which styles are not used anymore. So is there any easy way to flush all of the unused one away , fast and easey ?
  9. One Question about this.. When you import Text from other documents , using a Style with the same name, and exact same settings, as an allready existing Style, Does Publisher nowtice this , and doesnt double the style ? ore does it get confusing now.. Or, does warn for douplicated style names and so on.... How intelligent is this funktion ? Any experiances allready ?
  10. Yes.. You can force Publisher to prefere Linked... But "linking" seems to be wired in Publisher... The files still are stored inside of the document which leads to enormous size of the document if you save it , even when prefere linked is enabled and all images ... are "linked", because they are not realy linked.. Linked untill now only means.. that the still embeded files have to save a "link" to the original files, to notice, if they change.. in that case you can exchange them to the new files.. But still the data get stored to the document, which leads to big filesizes... What do you think... I think here the indesign concept is far better..
  11. Well as you said, you dont know the idml format ? This a is format that Indesign can export also to alow transfer of documents in differing indesign programms.. I used this some time to get documents from a more advanced indesign version to an older one, and it worked nearly perfect. So to say.. IDML would be enough as an import format. BUT !!!! We also need the possibility to export Publisher Formats to IDML.. this is very much needed, because very often we have to cooperate with the outer world.. and the outer World is dominated by evil So please also make export of idml possible.. I Think most of us wouldnt have considered to look at Affinity photo too, if it hadnt been able to import and also export psd files..
  12. I would like to see this too.. obvious a very smal but helpful feature
  13. Hi everyone.. For international architectural competitions, architectural Companys have to submit an application in which they also prove the qualifications of their employees. For this purpose, we have a document for each employee with his or her curriculum vitae and qualifications, which are supplied with the application. These documents are all structured in the same way. Would it be possible to have these documents filled in automatically via the connection to tables or databases, so that the colleagues in business development do not have to create a new publisher document every time ? Of course we would have to migrate from Indesign to Publisher. Without an import function, at least of the IDML format, the conversion to Affinity Publisher would require an extremely high effort which is difficult to justify. 1. are connections for the import of databases that can automatically fill a document with content being considered? and 2. when is there hope for the import of IDML files ? Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator
  14. Hi Pille... (so Bones get Called in Germany... ) thanks... Where could i put possibly suggestions if i wished so... for blender ?
  15. Yes. I allready installed 2.8 after seeing the incReadible Preview of the 2.8 Viewport.. Eevee is realy a great tool as a viewport realtime rendersystem and also for many toon like renderings, that doesnt need photoreralistic Vray irradiance cache light transport scattering wavelength baseed.... you name it.. algorithms.. The new interface also looks good. But still the shortcuts feel like a bomb exploded in them. The Modifier Stack isnt as advanced as max modifier stack, but does the job.. But we´ll see what "everything nodes" will deliver to us.. esp. becaus modifier nodes maybe will implement modelling options, max could only dream of.. hope so.. Arr... have to stop here.. its not a Blenderr forum... But cryptomatte would be nice... in Affinity.
  16. Hallo MEB, thanks for your Answer. Yes.. You are right. I have without thinking about it, just reproduced a document comming from our PR appartment.. to position about 40 Pages into the masterpages together with alterning content.. , is realy screwing up the purpose of masterpages.. Never the less, a funktion to load pagetemplates would be very much appreciated.. and if it will come later thats great news.. greetings from Hamburg.
  17. Well never the less.. i agree, that the current method of embedding even "linked" files in the document could be a dealbreaker , when it comes to heavy Documents behind some middle size.. Only think of incrementaly saving 10 versions of a 1 gig document... Horible resources killing.... also. it nearly wouldnt be possible to work with such a document.. Well Serif, i am sure you are working on this... you should.. but untill now it looks a bit like a hack.. not a feature.. Pleas make real linked files possible, becaus all bigger Documents would fail to be usable.
  18. Yes.. and by the way.. Cryptomatte was develloped from a company, using Blender that had to compose massive stuff for the netflix animation film "Next Gen." It was the first time that Blender could proove, it is capable to produce featuere length animations. So while i am a Veteran 3Ds Max User, i get more and more impressed from Blender. "Tangent Animation" the company who did this film, develloped Cryptomatte, and because The whole idea of Blender is Comunity they gave it Back to the comunity.. Thats why so many Renderengines and Video Compositing Tools do have it now.. But i dont know any Image Editing Software that can use Cryptomatte.. So Serif... that would be your Chance..
  19. Yes... exactly.. this was hurting me too... there are several funktions that have to be improved here... replace from folder, open file in Windows explorer would be good too.. copy embeded files to the following folder and link it from there... also i just dont understand, why a document with linked files got the same size as a document with embeded files.. as far as i have read, the files allways stay in publisher, but it recognises that theres some lets say master-file out there, so when this changes, the file in publisher can be reloaded from there... This is a behavior that can lead to very big files, and thats not what i would think, linking should do...
  20. Hi everyone... Somehow i didnt knowtice this any time befor... What ist htis for ? I Select an image with a curve as mask... and when i use the move tool, i get a button called: " K only"... what is this for ?
  21. Hi Everyone, Maybe this is someting widely out of mainstream Wishes in Affinity Photo.. But maybe, maybe there are many other 3D Artists out there, that would like to see this.. So .. What do i wish.. I Would very much appreciate "Cryptomatte" its a fileformat, engeneered for Rendered images in 3D Programes, that have to simulate Reality.. In this FREE available File Format, all the conted of a 3D Rendering automatically produces Masks, and Channels for selectiing "All" available Contend of the rendering... all objects you want, all materials, What ever you need. Point is, this process to produce all needed masks beforehand in 3D Applications was extremly cumbersome , slow , uggly... But, now we have CRYPTOMATTE... Even Adobe hasnt got it.. Dear Develloper from Serif... if you would like to get all the 3D People on your Boat,. .. implement it to Affinity Photo. Even Adobe lucks of it. So this would be a great feature... The following youtube video, shows how Vray one of the most advanced Rendersystems for 3ds max and also many other 3D Packages makes use of this format, which is.... As said free available.
  22. Well very nice, That my thoughts produce such a Thread where everyone spends some thoughts about the best way to make publisher better in this area.. To create automacially following and linked Textframes maybe realy doesnt produce less work. Ass already said, this could be cumbersome if you dont have a long text, so this as an option would be nice.. But my first post rather was about the behaviour, when in insert a new Textframe on the masterpage, that i link in there.. and this should for sure be reflected in the dependend pages i think.
  23. I am about to try to use the assets pannel . What i want to do is to throw in the very many differing logos, our PR appartment has storred somewhere on our server, so its for our architects at hand much faster but to first browse through our server structure if they need it. Here are some thoughts. its a pain at the moment to bring in some footage. you first have to place it in your document.. create a categorie which in itselve is realy cumbesome... (create... select the new categorie, select again the hamburger menue.. change name... ) than select the placed footage..... select the new categorie, select the hamburger menue... klick on "get from selection... realy ? Anyone here who thinks, this could be a slick workflow ? adding one by one dozens of assets, it just takes Hours... its at the moment i have to say nearly unusable.. I have Seen, i could save out the assets.. but it looks like assets themselve doesent get exportet anywhere... Ohnly the structure of my Assetfolders.. so if i wanted to make my assets available to other collegues, this doesnt work as long as they havnt got the same serverstructure ? maybe here i am wrong. So What to improve? Drag and drop directly from a folder or from your document... into your assets pannel.. ! Drag and drop also with multiple assets.. use Serverstructures, !!! just drag and drop a folder tree from your Windows explorer onto the Assetarea, and it reconstructs the whole folderstructure.. and all the pathes.. But at the moment.. it is realy unusable for everything thats beyond 3 icons.. which you could easier get directly from your win- explorer.. Dear Programmers from serif.. i am sure.. on your list are many things with higher priority.. but this should be changed...
  24. Hi Michael, I am at the moment not sure if you understood me right... Well, yes, the re-routing of the text flow on The Masterpages works well.. But when i then switch to the normal pages, that i had this masterpage aplied to, there the rerouted textflow doesnt apear.. For me this looks like a bug.. the secound thing i was thinking about is, that it would be somehow right, that textframes between similar masterpages should be linked automatically.. looks logical for me..
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