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  1. Hi Tom, when you import the text it brings up an import box which shows potential conflict. It's seems quite intuitive. I had already deleted all text styles before I imported, so there were no conflicts, so I can't comment as to how well that part of it works. Regards Karl
  2. Hi, sorry, but how do you actually save the file containing the Master pages? There's no "save as template" option. Sorry for being thick. Regards Karl
  3. Hi Tom, I've not tried, but I'm working on the project today, so I'll get back to you and report what I find. Regards K
  4. HI, because of the memory issues that I seem to be getting with Publisher, I've done what people on the forum suggested and started splitting my book by chapters (I should say this is a very graphic intensive document), however, at some point I'm going to want to join some or all of them together. Is there away of doing this? Also, is there away of exporting paragraph and character styles into another document? Regards Karl
  5. ksrcreative

    Hexagon Tool anyone?

    Thank you, I thought there would probably be an easy answer. Regards K
  6. Hi, If this already exists, please forgive me, but for the sort of table top games design I do, this would be extremely useful. Is there a hex tool? Hexagonal shape tool? Or is there a way to modify the Polygon Shape tool? Also, there is a grid tool for designers, how about a hexagon background tool for designers. As I said, it may exist and if it does, please point the way. Regards K