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  1. I am experimenting the same thing. I launch the app and start to work and the delete works fine. Then, all of the sudden instead of deleting it adds a space. This needs to be fixed urgently as it makes the app unusable. This started to happen after I updated to 1.7.2. I am using an iMac 27 inches Late 2013. Mac OS Mojave 10.14.6.
  2. I hope they can make it happens otherwise we may not be able to incorporate Publisher for a while as we have too many documents templates that we use.
  3. So happy to see that Affinity Publisher is finally a reality. One question. Will it be able to open InDesign files? I don't think is does right now.
  4. I have tried changing Colors of a fill layers while recording macros and it is stuck in a creme color. Cannot change the color.
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