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  1. Make sure you select all the individual layers with an SVG. If your SVG has many layers, it won't work selecting the parent. You have to select all the child layers of the SVG, expand stroke and then I typical merge all layers together. I hope this helps.
  2. It’s nearly a year since I posted and from the original thread even longer. Is this problem going to be address or fixed? Affinity designer is boasting that it is a vector program for logo design and website UI design. How can this program justify this ongoing issue? I think affinity is brilliant and the export persona is great. But I’m so nervous using this software now because I design a full website and then export the icons, images and text for the website. Guess what everything has a white stripe or is not the correct proportion.
  3. Is there any word on this improvement. I am finding it quite time consuming to bring SVGs into designer. I have to open the file so I can change color etc. Then when I export I have to make sure various checks are in place - like fixed pixel widths, square container, expanded stroke.
  4. +1 one for the ability to have a preset for batch jobs. I currently use it anywhere between 10-20 times per day. Having that preset will help massively. Thanks.
  5. @firstdefence THANK YOU for that. That has helped me massively. Really appreciate it.
  6. Hi guys, Is there a way I can export an svg so that all strokes are converted to fills? Thanks.
  7. Hi, I am wondering how I can make swirls and swooshes in affinity designer like in this video attached. Is it possible? Most interested in the way he can make the edges thicker or tapper off. Thanks.
  8. Hi, This bug is back (when I say back probably better to say still present). I have been working on Publisher for the last hour and I have had to quit 3 times. I currently I have 3 documents open and I am editing in between. Two of the documents this error is occurring. I am still not able to reproduce, but boy is it annoying. Is anyone able to let me know if this has been identified by the team and/or being fixed that would be great? I am trying hard to replicate the scenario in which it occurs. At the moment it is completely random. Thanks
  9. Does anyone know if Affinity Publisher has the ability to have master pages across multiple documents? I am currently not sure of my overall branding and colours yet, however, I want to still get the various documents I need setup. It would be good if I can use a master system across all documents, including font styles, table layouts and master pages etc. Thanks.

  10. Hi @MEB, Thanks for the feedback. And thank you for being honest. That is a very nice touch. I did not know about the lasso ability. That will certainly help. Thank you for that.
  11. Thanks @jhazel0705 I really appreciate this. I have only just seen them and downloaded. Thank you.
  12. Yes just tested it. It crashes on new document creation. Can you share a dropbox link so I can send a file? Thanks
  13. Yes it has done this on two separate files for sure. Possibly a third as well. It is also pretty consistent. They are global colours that I am dragging if that helps.
  14. I would like to add to this debate and also request this feature. OR if not this feature then at least have the boolean tools work properly. For me, there are 4 glaringly bad issues with the current Affinity Designer set up which I will try to explain. 1) When cutting different shapes from each other - if the shapes are quite complex, Affinity adds literally hundreds of nodes to the shape. It even does it if the shape is relatively simple. See screenshots. 2) When trying to select these completely pointless nodes I am given a square shape selector to highlight and select. It makes it
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