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  1. Garry THANK YOU! That was switched off. What a relief. The other setting was a serious pain.
  2. In Affinity 2 when I select a group (not through the layers panel) it selects the individual layer. In Affinity 1 the behaviour would select the whole group. You double click to select sub groups and keep double clicking until you reach the desired layer. Although a tedious solution at times it did mean you could select groups AND layers without having the use the layers panel. Now it is impossible to select a group outside of the layers panel. I don't know if I have accidentally changed a setting. In addition, if I drag my cursor around a whole group > copy/paste elsewhere - it will copy the layers and not have it as a group. Is this a bug or a setting?
  3. Yeah it is an odd one. I think it is a bug. There are lots of them in publisher unfortunately. The document can be fine for hours and then all of a sudden it no longer works as intended. Thanks for the help.
  4. It’s an insert page number item. I don’t touch it on the non master pages. However I could be working for a few hours and decide to change the item on the master pages. Then I find it no longer syncs. I reapply the master and everything works. But immediately if I change the item it no longer syncs again. For me it is broken and there is no way I tell to make the dotted line solid again.
  5. Hi, Affinity publisher 2 Does anyone know how to reply a master element so it once again syncs. For example I have a page number element on the master. If I change the font size or colour, it does not sync across the pages. This has happened even though I never edited the master element on a normal (non master) page. Obviously I can reapply the master page to the normal pages and this fixes it, but again if I change the element it doesn't sync. In the layers panel you can see a dotted green line and solid green line (screenshot attached). There rooted line means it has been detached and I don't know how to reattached. Thanks.
  6. This is a bug and it is still present in affinity publisher 2. Randomly the document will suddenly switch the delete key to erase the entire block of text you are working on. If I am in a table cell writing some text - the bug - will delete all text when backspace/delete is used. I have narrowed this down to using tables. It doesn't seem to appear with text boxes (at least I haven't seen it). The trigger to introduce this bug seems to be when selecting colours from a palette. I am not sure if it has to be a swatch, global colours, system colours, or anything like that. In summary when selecting a swatch colour while working in a table cell - the delete button no longer works as should. This at least seems to be the way to produce the bug. Quitting Publisher and reopening; resets the bug. Thanks. Edit: After posting this I did indeed get the same issue when using a text field. This time I had NOT touched the colour palette. So that probably debunks my theory. I still think colour palette and tables somehow connect.
  7. @fde101Thanks for the response. As I stated in my previous video (which has been deleted now) the problem is when you introduce text/fonts. I have the settings where if I am just working with shapes etc by and large the whole pixel environment stays. As you as you add text and then scale, fractured pixels are introduced. If you are doing UI work you will always be working with text. Can you test your settings. Make a simple square. Put text inside > group the text and square. Then enlarge or scale the square up. I bet you you get fractured pixels. Can you let me know. Thanks.
  8. I still can't believe this issue hasn't been fixed. It is unfortunate as I was using Affinity designer for all my client working and loving it. Now I'm moving more and more over to Figma. Such a shame. I'm still hoping but soon Affinity may not even be on my machine anymore. Gutted.
  9. Make sure you select all the individual layers with an SVG. If your SVG has many layers, it won't work selecting the parent. You have to select all the child layers of the SVG, expand stroke and then I typical merge all layers together. I hope this helps.
  10. It’s nearly a year since I posted and from the original thread even longer. Is this problem going to be address or fixed? Affinity designer is boasting that it is a vector program for logo design and website UI design. How can this program justify this ongoing issue? I think affinity is brilliant and the export persona is great. But I’m so nervous using this software now because I design a full website and then export the icons, images and text for the website. Guess what everything has a white stripe or is not the correct proportion.
  11. Is there any word on this improvement. I am finding it quite time consuming to bring SVGs into designer. I have to open the file so I can change color etc. Then when I export I have to make sure various checks are in place - like fixed pixel widths, square container, expanded stroke.
  12. +1 one for the ability to have a preset for batch jobs. I currently use it anywhere between 10-20 times per day. Having that preset will help massively. Thanks.
  13. @firstdefence THANK YOU for that. That has helped me massively. Really appreciate it.
  14. Hi guys, Is there a way I can export an svg so that all strokes are converted to fills? Thanks.
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