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  1. @Jon P Unfortunately I cannot recall a potential cause to this bug. I was working on multiple files at a time and switching between various apps. So I have no idea when it kicked in or what could have caused it. Thanks
  2. Hey @Callum. Do you have Dropbox link I can send the files to? Sorry I am not sure what tone is! Thanks
  3. Hi, I have noticed that publisher is exporting certain pages of a document highly pixelated - this occurs exporting to PDF. It has now happened in 3 separate documents. One doucment it was the images that were poor rez and the other documents it was the text that had poor rez. Mac and publisher running latest versions. Images below are two different documents. One pixelated and the other not. I am not aware of any changes I have made as they are duplicates of an original document. The last screenshot of google maps is the pixelated image inside a PDF. The image itself is high rez and should not be coming out this bad quality.
  4. It seems to be fixed. I can't replicate the bug at current. If I see it again I'll report here. Thanks.
  5. The delete key is adding a space instead of a backspace (delete action). Happens inside both the artistic text tool and frame text tool. I can not repeat the bug unfortunately. It just randomly occurred in my document. I was copying tables into my document. Maybe that triggered the issue. Thanks I have the full version (most up to date version 1.7.2) . Ok it is now 26/08/2019 and the bug has reappeared. This bug is really difficult to work with. Almost impossible to continue using the software. Here is a video of the bug in action. Please note I have the latest version. Also I have just noticed the arrow keys (ALL of the arrow keys) similarly add a space. So you cannot use the arrow keys to navigate. I hope this helps. Lastly I have also just noticed if you save your progress, quit the file and reopen, the bug disappears. So at least there is a simple walk around so that is great news. https://www.loom.com/share/0fbc1258124d41c099d671dbe2f8890d
  6. Is there a resolution to this problem? I have the full version (most up to date version 1.7.2) and this is obviously a bug that has not been fixed. The delete key is adding a space instead of a backspace (delete action). Happens in both the artistic text tool and frame text tool. I can not repeat the bug unfortunately. It just randomly occurred in my document. I was copy tables into my document. Maybe that triggered the issue. Since no modirators have responded to this post I am going to open a new bug post found here with a video - Thanks
  7. +++1 from me. The first time and second time I used publisher was to have tables crossing multiple pages. I am very much enjoying using publisher. Just launched my first ebook using it. Thanks Affinity keep up the great work
  8. Hi, Could I request a few simple table enhancements? 1) Drag and drop rows. If I have a row in position 4 it would be nice to be able to drag it to position 5. Currently I have to create a new row - copy row 4, paste row 4 into new row. Copy row 5 and paste into row 4 and then paste old row 4 into now empty row 5. 2) When I right click to delete a row it deletes the highlighted row, not the row I right-clicked on. For example if I was working on row 10 (it is actively selected) and then decide I don't want row 4 anymore. I right click on row 4 and delete. It deletes the actively selected row - so row 10, NOT row 4. This is very counter-intuiative. 3). When inserting a new row it would be nice to have the option to insert above/below in the popup menu. Currently it just adds a row above. If you are on the last row and you want to add a new row to the end - you can't because it always adds the row before the end row. It would make more sense to insert row below as default. Great product - thanks Affinity.
  9. Hi, I have noticed that affinity publisher crashes when I jump from table to table. For example I have one row selected in table A - with this selected I then decide to go to another table - table B. It instantly crashes. Mac and publisher are on the latest updates. See video attached for demo. Thanks https://www.loom.com/share/f55c2d38271348ea960fd7bc1d2d24c6
  10. davidlower8

    STILL BROKEN - Forced pixel alignment

    Hi @MEB I appreciate everything you are saying and it is why I love affinity so much. My ONLY issue is export persona adding a gap. If we think about it I don't understand why this has to be so complicated. Can't export persona export slices at the native size instead of adding the gap? Does export persona have to export in solid pixels? This is the real problem. The debate of solid pixels, fractured pixels, and alignment is not the problem. But if this issue can't be fixed or is not in the pipeline then that is a great shame.
  11. davidlower8

    STILL BROKEN - Forced pixel alignment

    Hey @MEB thanks for the input and to be honest I am already aware of these corrections and work flows. The fact I have to go into all the artboards and double check they are whole pixel values AND all the other layers, just highlights (for me) this is broken. Second this is not a solid or good working solution. As the video clearly highlighted at the beginning of this thread. It does not matter the positioning of the artboard, meaning the artboard could be perfect. As soon as I add text - broken pixels are introduced. Export persona will then export gaps. That is a fact. So in that previous example those images I exported were fractured pixels and so I had to re-arrange them to solid - this had nothing to do with the artboard. When I am in the flow of designing I am copying, duplicating, resizing, repositioning - repeatidly. Having to constantly watch layers for fractured pixels is completely non-sensical. When I am done I want to be able to export slices. Since I am nearly always working with text to some level, ALL my slices will come out with extra white space. Even the snapping tool will align to fractured pixels introducing further fractured pixels to an otherwise solid pixel layer. Your answer, for me, just clearly shows this work flow is broken. It is like yeast. As soon as a fractured pixel is introduced it gets into everything. I don't want to have to monitor for fractured pixels, it is a ridiculous workflow. Forgive me if I am being tardy. I am just so frustrated and disappointed. I do NOT want to leave this product but I cannot keep checking layers and artboards for x-axis, y-axis, width and height values - making sure they are all solid pixels. Completely ridiculous.
  12. davidlower8

    STILL BROKEN - Forced pixel alignment

    @MEB I just wanted to make another video today to indicate how much of a handicap this problem is. Maybe it will help with debugging. https://www.loom.com/share/ccb5d242e9754216a70c2b252976a286
  13. davidlower8

    STILL BROKEN - Forced pixel alignment

    @MEB hey did you manage to check those files I sent you?
  14. Ok it has been a week since this post and I believe this solution has indeed fixed the problem. Thank you all for your input.
  15. davidlower8

    STILL BROKEN - Forced pixel alignment

    Hi @MEB ok so I have sent the file. I have also sent a more modern file with a workflow I use frequently with a better awareness of how Affinity works. Again the main issue is being able to work without worrying if a layer is in full pixels and then being able to upload the various assets/slices. I want to avoid the gap that export persona creates with slices. If it is a workflow issue then fantastic, hopefully you will be able to enlighten me. Please note I have already had a couple of these threads before with other moderators telling me what I should do. It does not work. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you. The video in the beginning thread highlights the issue nicely. Cheers.

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