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  1. +Publisher Photo persona doesn't have plugins option.
  2. If animation comes future, I would like to see it in Designer. Why it needs to be separate software.
  3. Problem was that photo was wrong side. Then you make transform it works fine. But it is too easy put your photo wrong side in document.
  4. This TOC has many pages(5 with font 9pt and small leading) and heading1, heading2, heading3. Now I get it work then I don't select all of text same time and save it many times.
  5. Problem is that when I make TOC and then I like change font size there. Many times when I go font size option in top and then software crashes.
  6. I have some other pages and photos which makes same, but most of those works fine.
  7. No ignore text wrapping.. I could upload this file but it has so many photos and pages so it is difficult.
  8. I have long book project. But only thing that not have been right is some text wrappings. Not all photos, but some text not moving left if I set that distance. There isn't any ignore text wrappings in text.
  9. Firetruck art from Finland. Most of this is Designer and vector tools but some brushes are pixel.
  10. Well I use DaVinci Resolve too and some tools from it would be nice in Photo. 1) Better colour tools. 2) Better sharpening and local contrast tools. How to sharpening shadows, midtones and highlights. 3) Better Detech Edge-tool. No you have only option do set horizontal or vertical or both. It need more time when you like to make edge line stronger or choose one colour to edges. 4) Diffuse Glow, that you can choose color in that glow. And Vignette, there would other option than black. 5) Can we see some automation mask-tool in sky or people in photos? 6. More filters. Like watercolour, oil painting Publisher/Designer: 7. Charts/Graphs tool would be nice.
  11. Thank you. I tried to do macro about almost same thing and haven't get it works.
  12. Hello! I use mostly Affinity Publisher and Photo and I haven't use lot of Designer. Someone ask to me workflow how to do colouring that triangle area what are middle of three strokes. I'm thought that fill tool can fill areas between strokes but no.
  13. I think that best solution in this feature would be that it is Designer tool but with studiolink you can use it in Publisher too.
  14. 1) More options Detech Edges tool 2) Diffuse Glow, why only white? 3) Vignette, color picker too? 4) Some filters more. I like to use Detech edges tool to make photo like it is draw, of course some tool already would be nice for that.
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