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  1. Hallo qzhang, habe mir nur dein PDF angesehen und bemerkt, dass die Pixelgrafiken in RGB sind. In dem Fall kann es gerne Probleme geben, weil die Umwandlung dann in der Druckerei evtl. auch erst an der Maschine passiert und da weiƟ man dann nicht, was rauskommt. Sorry, falls da drauf bereits jemand eingegangen ist. Hatte selbst grad Probleme, ein gescheides PDF aus dem Publisher rauszubekommen.
  2. If I want to package several documents into one target directory, this does not work because each document needs its own directory. Could the package-function be made so that the directory for the document is created automatically? Dok1.afpub would then become Dok1\Dok1.afpub without having to type it in manually each time. Thank You
  3. Ok, i didn't know, that i can do that But, with a new text frame i don't have exactly this issue. Is there an option to reset the frame to some default or do i always have to delete the corresponding frame then? Thank You
  4. Hi, i have a question: If i create a second text frame, because the content does not stay in the first, the font size becomes very small. Is this a bug or can i find somwhere some setting? It's quite annoiing to work with such behaviour
  5. Great! Please add an option to generate the folder automatically, because it will be annoying to package multiple projects when we have to create a folder for each project manually. Folder name could be the project name.
  6. Ja, das nervt mich auch etwas. Beim Erstellen einer Zeitung ziehe ich die Bilder einfach rein und habe dann einen Rahmen, den ich sofort anpassen kann. Da das Bildmaterial auf jeder Seite anders ist, helfen hier keine Vorlagen oder Assets. Sehr oft wird ein Bild auch nur reingezogen, um zu sehen, wie oder ob es passt. Das ist eine Sache, die mich beim Publisher ziemlich ausbremst. Yeah, that bugs me a little, too. When creating a newspaper, I just pull the pictures in and then I have a frame that I can adjust immediately. Since the images are different on every page, templates or assets cannot help. Very often an image is just pulled in to see how or if it fits. That's one thing that really slows me down with publisher. 2020-05-25_19h51_06.mp4
  7. Nope, it shows only the original DPI At the top left i see only the name of the file (the psd becomes a document, not an image) Ok, with images i see the actual resolution (but not in the resource manager)
  8. @Murfee & @firstdefence sorry guys, in my second post i used the wrong images ... the method with the tranform panel works the same way how it works in other programms. Selecting both images an move+scale works well too. Thank you. Other question: Is there a way to see the acutal resolution of my image in DPI? Because i need to see, if an image has less than 300dpi.
  9. Hi @firstdefence, if i place both images with Ctrl+Shift+M (thank you @Murfee) i receive this: If i place both images via drag & drop i receive this: How can i place both images exactly at the same position and if i need to scale one image to fit my needs, how can i scale the other image in a second moment to exactly the same position and size? In qxp and id this is a pretty easy standard-task but in publisher i cannot find the right way to do this
  10. Hi, in qxp i load images with Ctrl+E and i duplicate them with Ctrl+D. In Publisher i can duplicate them with Ctrl+J but how can i import/change images? Only with a mouseclick on the button? No shortcut? Sometimes i have the need to insert a 2nd version of the same image with transparencies - how can i manage the position of the second image? I made a short screencast of how i work in qxp (indesign does this too) - this seems not to work in publiher because the second image has another position and i see no way to adjust it precisely. duplicate-image.avi
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