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  1. I also do appreciate your hard work and I'm very impressed with the progress your are making. You are really listening to us, the users and customers. Thank you!
  2. Importing a Word document into APub now seems to work quite nicely, even paragraph and character styles are preserved. Well done! However, Word's default paragraph style Normal becomes [No Style] which means: You can't edit it any more. It is lost! I ask you to kill this bug and maybe map Normal to, well, Normal. Thanks. Workaround: Name your body copy paragraphs differently, a workaround I'm using with QuarkXPress which also seems to have a Normal style importing weakness.
  3. When I started learning PagePlus a few years ago, I found one feature extremly helpful: being able to adjust and save your workspace! You even threw in some predefined workspaces such as: Standard Designer Classic DTP (perfect!) ... Well done, very nice! Adobe has it, too, even QuarkXPress allows you to somehow save your workspace even though it is much more cumbersome (as most things in QXP). When Photo and Designer came out, I was looking all over the place and couldn't find such a feature. I couldn't believe that there was no "custom workspace" available and I'm still thinking: There must be such a hidden gem but I haven't discovered it, yet. Where is it? Do you offer such a feature in Publisher? And if not, why? It can't be the coding, I doubt that a feature like this is so difficult to implement! After all, you are saving one workspace, already - the current one.
  4. At first, thank you very much for your enourmous effort and zeal to bring us such a beautiful piece of software! It is a pleasure to test Affinity Publisher! I DO have a features request. I wish there would be a presentation mode in Publisher like in ID. In ID 've created a custom shortcut for this mode: Pause. So, after having typeset a few pages of my book, I make a "pause" hitting this key. ID instantaneously switches to fullscreen mode, hiding all rulers, guides, hidden characters and so on. The background turns black. So, I can go through the pages without disctraction. If I'm ready marvelling at my work, I hit "Esc" and continue typesetting. Okay, in Publisher you can do: Ctrl + Shift + W and Tab and Ctrl + 0 and you can (manually) turn a window into fullscreen mode, which leads to almost the same result. (And you can still edit the spread! Very good!) but I'm looking for a "all-in-one solution", a kind of "combined super shortcut". :-) I'm using this feature all the type. Besides, QuarkXPress (for Windows, not for Mac OS) does not even allow you to turn a document window into fullscreen mode, so QuarkXPress for Windows, in my view, is much more difficult to work with. Thanks!
  5. I Agree! I'm used to it and I really like the way InDesign does it. QXP, however, hides those settings and makes the bleed setup very difficult.
  6. You mean a library, That would be a great thing. I'm using InDesign's library function all the time, it is a real time saver. And exporting/importing page layouts would be nice, too. Maybe, it is somehow possible, already?
  7. Yes, please. GREP. Even Word has had a search with regular expression it for almost decades, even PagePlus has it.
  8. Thumbs up. You are quick! Thank you!
  9. PagePlus used to have a QR code tool, I was hoping Publisher would add an EAN tool?
  10. That is your opinion, I like their range of videos and stuff. Furthermore, there is a big variety of books and video lectures out now from different sources. So, I think, it is a learner's paradise.
  11. Typesetting long books you need to have full control over your text. A story editor helps you to spot overset text, to copy/paste text, to control, where a story ends and begins and so on ... PagePlus used to have a fine story editor, almost a word processor. I love it. InDesign's story editor is not so great, but vital for me.
  12. I really like InDesign's preview, especially their full screen mode.This, I use all the time. QuarkXPress lacks such a feature. However, Publisher is somewhat better than QuarkXPress, in the Windows version, just press Ctrl+Shift +W, than Ctrl+0 to zoom and center the spread.
  13. Yo are right, Jens. That's not fair. The tutorials are fine with me, nice presentation and straight to the point.