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  1. Hi Sean, hi Lagarto, I've created many test documents both on APub Win (481, 502) and Mac (just 1.7.3) and tried to repeat the situation. However, In all three programmes, I'm was not able to convert a RGB document to CMYK, at all. I'm very sorry. Both buttons, Assign and Convert, are inactive. They sames holds true if I try to convert a CMYK document into RGB. Assign and Convert don't work, as well. Strange. So, you are not supposed to convert RGB into CMYK and vice versa?! I can't figure out what I did differently, in the first place. Starting off with a RGB document, text colour is always rich black, not 100K black. CMYK documents, however, provide the right black value: 100K. Anyway, I think there should be a mechanism making sure that black text always stays/gets 100K black when converted into a CMYK PDF. You shouldn't be forced to check before printing, whether it is rich black or 100K.
  2. Interior Book Design

    Margin values get mixed up

    Oh, sorry, I got mixed up. Thanks, anyway. But I think, I AM in the publisher beta forum?! At least, this is what the breadcrumb navigation says: Home Beta Software Forums Affinity Publisher Beta Forums Publisher beta on Windows Margin values get mixed up
  3. Interior Book Design

    Margin values get mixed up

    see attached image. Win 7. APub
  4. Interior Book Design

    IDML hyphenation

    This is what I've noticed, as well. Text import from InDesing went smoothly, even with a long text. It looks good in Publisher, too, apart from the hyphenation. There seems to be hardly any hyphenation at all, resulting in many gaps between some words.
  5. Yes. I'll do it as soon as I have time.
  6. Interior Book Design

    Not possible to create Index

    Done. This example works well in PP.
  7. Interior Book Design

    Not possible to create Index

    Thanks for your answer, Walt, I appreciate your excellent knowledge. What a pity. I'm using the DOCX importer -- by the way.
  8. Hi, Am I right in assuming that it should be possible to create an Index in Publisher and that Publisher should import index entries (XE fields) from Word, nicely? Because, I've been trying to import some Word documents with XE entries into Publisher but have not yet been able to create any index at all. In one case, only 3 entries out of about a hundred had been created, in all other cases, nothing had happened at all. BTW: In all those cases, PagePlus imported my index entries quickly and properly and, of course, so did InDesign. Best Johann Win 7, APub 1.7.3. 481
  9. Interior Book Design

    Colour export question (grayscaling)

    Hi R C-R, thanks your your answer. The Wikipedia article explains it pretty well, by the way. I'm producing in InDesign and I do a lot of printing. Some of my clients, however, are using Publisher. My takeaway is, that, in Publisher, you have to be very careful about black texts, finding your best way to export them and don't mess around. (Presently, Publisher for Window just seems to convert 100 K black into rich black merely when changing the CMYK profile! ) However, Publisher is very attractive for beginners and beginners should not have to worry about 100 K or rich black. It should be absolutely foolproof: If exporting as CMYK for professional print, black text should always render as 100 K black text unless indicated otherwise. Full stop. Rich black might be fine for covers, for some headlines, for text on an image, never ever for body copy. Not matter which profile you had selected at the beginning of the project. Well, I have Adobe Acrobat DC and Callas Toolbox, I can measure the black value, spot and fix problems, most people can't. InDesign is very complicated for beginners and does not look as attractive as Publisher, however, in InDesign, black text has always been rendering correctly! No matter if you work in RGB or CMYK mode. I wish Publisher would behave the same way. Kind regards Johann
  10. Windows version only. If I go to Document Setup and change a document's colour profile, for instance ISO Coated v2 300% to PSO Coated v3, Publisher converts all 100 K Black to Rich Black.
  11. Hi, I've read similar posts concerning CMYK and Rich Black versus 100 K Black. I've learned that you should start your project with CMYK settings to receive 100 K Black, starting with RGB leads to Rich Black, unfortunately. (I don't understand, why. Body copy text should always be 100 K Black, never Rich Black.) No matter whether I used 100 K black in my document or not, different settings lead to different results Exporting with Grayscale D50 without any ICC profile embedded, leads to Black with 83 % K (not 100 %), an object with 50 % K becomes 40 % Exporting with Grayscale D50 with ICC profile embedded, leads to Rich Black. Why? Exporting with Grayscale Black & WhIte without any ICC profile embedded, leads to 100 K in any case (even RGB colours), hurray, however, gray objects get 100 K, also. So, it converts everything to 100 K Exporting with Grayscale Black & WhIte with embedded ICC profile, leads to Rich Black, again. Oh Dear! Exporting to CMYK with ISO Coated v2 300% (ECI) without any ICC profile embedded, seems to do the trick, however, it does not grayscale and my 50 % K object stays 50 % K Exporting to CMYK with ISO Coated v2 300% (ECI) with embedded ICC profile seems to mess up everything, again Exporting to CMYK with Euroscale Coated v2 without any ICC profile embedded creates Rich Black, again. So does FOGRA39. This is not what I expect. (I'm testing with Acrobat and Callas Toolbox.) How to grayscale your document, grayscaling all images and preserving 100 K text? What is the best practice? (I remember very similar issues with PP. You got 83 % K Black instead of 100 %. Solution for PP was, to set primary colour mode to RGB instead of CMYK, don't ask me, why.) Best solution in all cases seems to be to use a different PDF printer driver, such as Acrobats PDF driver or BullZip or similar tools. Thank you!
  12. Interior Book Design

    Wrong setting for Kerning: Should be Auto, not 0 per thousand

    You're welcome. Thanks for your great programme!
  13. No, but it looks interesting. Thanks, anyway!
  14. Well, I wanted to annotate some Words for my editor. As we keep doing in Word.
  15. Interior Book Design

    Possible to lock/fix just position of a Frame?

    Seneca, master page. Ouf course! You are a genius. Thanks!

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