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  1. that was the first thing I tried when I opened the V2 programmes, how do I get the Studio preset from V1 to V2 and nothing worked, I even ended up playing with the code that is different in V1 from V2, I also test copied only parts. Nothing worked, but appears in the V2 studio selection.
  2. I'am also very interested in this topic. I tried to copy the preset folder from V1 to V2, but it doesn't work. The safed studio is visible in v2, but if I select it, nothing happens. It's crucial for me to have the same tool on the same place and all do it new by hand would be very time consuming on all 3 Apps.
  3. Hi @Intuos5, I was able to significantly reduce the file size by deleting all elements that were outside the page layout. Form 450mb to 15mb
  4. Dear Serif/Affinity Team, I never tire of bringing up the subject, and now that experts from the print sector are also commenting on it, I want to go over it again here. In a "professional" layout programme that is mainly used for printing, Affinity Suite's handling of colours is the worst I know, only Word is worse when it comes to printing colours. How is it possible to select Hex and RGB colours in a CMYK profile? it looks completely different when printed and that is no way to work. But the worst are constant problems with black, whether with 100 black in fonts (the Black Colours Palette makes a 4c black also for all gradations, really?). If you want to print black and white images with a printer who also does the proofs, you can only get a colour accurate result if you create the black and white images in 4c, because the publisher can only manage one colour profile, but not 2 for a mixed workflow (4c and bw images). I had massive problems with the different handling of colours the last time I tried to make an architecture book with Publisher. Whether it was colouring bitmap tifs, colour accurate greyscale images or the font being 4c when choosing the black of the black colour palette. You can't work professionally like that. Also the fact that you can't create a global programme palette (so you could at least reduce the black problem) to at least have a global CMYK palette like it is standard in Quark or Indesign, is in my eyes a bug in a layout programme. Sorry for grumbling, the rest is certainly getting better and better, but this is about basics for a print workflow, which are essential for a layout programme. As described above, other experts from the print sector also talk about this (with automatic translation on the youtube site more understandable)
  5. Ok, that's a bit borderline if that's a bug, for me in Professional workflow it is. I have a book with 130 images, initially layouted with OPI images (jpg). Now the prepress sends me the final fine data as tiff. In Indesign this would not be a problem, in Publisher it can no longer assign these files when I specify the new folder as source, although size ect. is positioned correctly (fortunately) when replace individually. Now I have to pick out 130 images completely individually and update them individually? That should not be so.
  6. I also use RightFont, have you tried clearing the font cache in right Font? Advanced > Clear Font Cache Can you upload the file (you can clean it, just with the problem headline) then we can take a look?
  7. Sind das PDF Dokumente mit offenem Text oder ist das ein Bild PDF? Wenn das offene PDFs sind, wäre der bessere Weg gewesen diese nicht als Bilder zu positionieren, sondern das PDF im Publisher zu öffnen und die offene Datei (bearbeitbar) in das Liederbuch einzufügen. Aber holla 950 Seiten ist schon eine Ansage mit nur PDFs Ist das bei einer bestimmten Datei, dass das Ganze abstürzt? testweise mal die hälfte aller Seiten löschen, diese erste Hälfte dann wieder kopieren und einfügen, unter einem anderen Namen absichern und schauen was passiert. Vielleicht ist auch nur eine PDF Datei kaputt und zerschießt das Ganze. Hast Du Bilder ausserhalb der Seitenbegrenzungen (löschen und als neue Datei absichern)? (hat bei mir oft ärger gemacht)
  8. uih, this looks very untypical. 1. you can export the font as paths (Export > more > Subsetting Font > Font as Curves), if the Font is still broken, then the Font is the Problem - try another one. Is th eProblem still there? 2. Go to preferences ( command , ) > Miscellaneous > Reset Font 3. Do you use a font management program? deactivate and activate the Font. If this not work, reistall the roboto font. Hope this helps
  9. @Lee D Hi maybe interesting Infos for the file size. After I deleted all (5-6) Images outside the Pages (aka Artboard) the file size is constant 15mb.
  10. Hi @Dan C have the same problem on macOS (Big Sur) with Affinity Publisher 1.10.4 (this Bug also still in the actual Beta (RC)). Because I use this shortcut my whole career (25 Years) is it hard annoying to zoom out 😜 I do this subconsciously a hundred times a day when i need an overview, that's why would be super grateful if you take care of it. I have also tried to customize the shortcut (to disable it for learning the scroll wheel), but these entries that are in the help overview page are not in the program options.
  11. Ahoi, I'm in the process of making a very extensive architecture book. I noticed a few things that would help me a lot right now. - In the context menu, when you right-click on an image, it would be great to have the option to show the image in the Finder and also an entry that lets me open/edit the image in other programmes. I use this very often when it comes to swapping images in the layout phase or retouching or OPI, etc. Going into the resources window every time is time-consuming.
  12. oha, this escalates quickly, just update the Maps
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