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  1. please try it, let me know when you've success to create a shortcut for max fit yeah I know, this is the Affinity workflow for video tutorials, oh and if I don't have images in the first place and improvise with placeholderboxes. If you create a dynamic layout that not planed before, you open the App, normally you just dragNdrop the images for the whole chapter from Finder, then choose/test different opportunities and work in progress. I know everybody have a different workflow, I always prefer the most effective one.
  2. Yeah, look at you first screenshot, the value is "linked", so thats mean if you change the upper value, the bottom one must changes the same value, right? then why ... or? _______ a simple question of probability. In how many cases is distortion a "default" PREDICTION? As suggested, if there is a checkbox where you can lock the image ratio, everyone is happy. have a nice sunny sunday
  3. @Dan C thank you, I believe a shortcut for this option is a great opportunity to save time in doing a layout with many images. --- because it is not possible to load images in a image box with drag and drop
  4. Hi @Dan C thanks for your feedback, I understand what you mean, but really, in which case is it important that the image is distorted? It makes no sense in a layout programm. I hope in future there come a option in the scale option to really lock the properties, because if you look closely in your screenshot, the menu is locked the properties, thats simple a false information. A normal expection is, if you lock the properties, there is no way to distort a image.
  5. Hi, I wonder where I can find the shortcut option to the image properties like max fit and so on? I can't find it in the short cut list (a short cut search would be very nice 🙂 ) but it also have a context menu, so a shortcut must be possible. I already have bigger thumbnails in place images Window (with space preview better as Adobe Bridge ). Then a shortcut to instant change to a image box (works with multiple selection). Now if i had a shortcut to fit the images I would be verrrryyyyyyy happy for a fast workflow
  6. I hate to say it, but with Adobe ID it's a bit more consistent and intuitive, that's why it works so far. But you're right, Freehand was very intuitive, unlike Illustrator. But I also have almost no problem with Affinity Designer, I think it's fabulous. That's what I'm hoping for from Publisher, but it's more like Illustrator in many ways.
  7. huijuijui, just used cn-convert to rotate the images by EXIF and safe. After actualization all the Images that rotated, now the rotation is right and fine. Unfortunately all image position and size had changed thanks good thats not a productive project with others. Just my fun family photo book, to test publisher. Ideally, I'd like to sit down with the programmers over coffee sometime and have them be there when I do a book/magazine that they know what graphic designers really need. I also tested the Studio link before when I wanted to retouch an image by retouching in an element from another image. 85% didn't work out the way I thought it would and hoped I could do it quickly. Would have taken with ID and PS evt. 4min, with Studio-Link I tried 30min around. If you select an image in the layout and says edit image, the entire layout page opens first in Photo SL. So back, double click on the image and then in the new tab on edit image (always thanks to the community here). Then you want to open another image from which you want to cut an element. Well, you can't open another image in this SL mode. When I dragged and dropped an image to open it (thats works) and wanted to cut an element, it always cut the entire layer, but not my lasso selection. Only when I opened the image in Photo separate and copied and pasted the selection into the open Publisher image did it work. I am trying really hard to understand Publisher and keep wanting and hoping it will get better. But it's a hard ride.
  8. not necessarily, there are also many positive developments that I find very good. I've been able to productively tackle customer projects with the designer for a few years now. I just have very high hopes for Publisher. But the basis has to be right. And let's be honest, at this price, it's all still within the acceptable range. I am looking forward to what is coming.
  9. this drives me always crazy, not only Indesign, also in Quark is this a standard that I used over 25 years and I'am always open for new better solutions, but the image behavior in Publisher is way far from fast and intuitiv. I really like the automatic properties in an image box, but when I must rotate the image because the EFIX is interpreted wrong then also the automatic benefit is gone 😭 still can't use Publisher in my professional productive environment (it's so sad) but I play with it for my family Photo book to test the progress. I have a book project coming up about a European Photo Prize competition and I wish I could try this with Publisher and show it to the others on the editorial team who have the same opinion about Adobe. But unfortunately the program is not yet ready for me to tackle such a large project.
  10. I've checked my images from different cameras, Canon 5d MKII & MKI, 40d, 300d, ixus, iPhone newSE, 6, 4… all the same, don't rotate right. Fortunately if you rotate it by yourself in Publisher (in a image Box), then after finish the first Layout phase and you optimize the image in a other Applications, the Ressource Manager don't rotate it again.
  11. 😃👍 thanks, I'am looking forward But have you don't seen it in the Beta? tztztz 😜
  12. it seems that the Exif data is not read correctly. If you re-save it in a photo program, the EXIF data is overwritten. But when you make a catalog with hundreds of images you have to rotate all the images manually by yourself, this time cost I can Invest in Adobe 😜 (what I don't prefer)
  13. before I open a new topic, here it fits very well: osX high sierra, Affinity Designer
  14. yes, I noticed that too. I hope that the handling of images in the layout will soon get a higher priority in the publisher. Why should you be able to rotate the spread view in a layout program, but images are treated like in PowerPoint or Illustrator (you import an image using the image import function and then have to convert it to an image box if you want to crop it – 95% of the time in a layout you crop it to fit the ascenders), these are wrong priorities. I'm upset about this, because I'm extremely enthusiastic about what Serif is doing.
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