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  1. Oh just a quick info, if you want to adjust the bottom margin like me with 21,039mm but the number always spring back to 21mm, then you should change that in the prefs > User Interface – decimal Places... 3 for mm, than the number can adjust more precise to the baseline grid
  2. super, thanks for the Grid/column support, works well Just the performance is a bit lame, scale a Textbox and a few seconds later the box change the size. Not what I expected (I still hope that the performance in the final release is smooth like the good old QuarkXPress 3.3.2,)
  3. Hi, just updated to the new version (Built 157) and the colum system works really well. Thank you Serif. Only the performance is not so good. If I have just a double page with 4 or 5 Textboxes. Change a textbox size needs more then a second that the box follow my mouse. But it's a beta
  4. At this point I very interested in the Feedback from Serif and the Puplisher Team, what is they opinion ? Is there any reason that it isn't implemented and is it planed to implemented?
  5. Hi, as an oldschool graphic designer all my Books, Magazins and Flyers start's with a intelligent grid thats give me the reference, that all sites/styles etc in the same manner and style. I always prefer a 12 column grid or a 9 column grid. Thats give me flexibility but also some borders for a consistent style. I'am so strange that I love to perfect the position of the columns without decimal points, so I have the posibility for a fast perfect position with coordinates. For example see the screenshot. Without this grid I also can use MS Word for a Layout (thats also can Handle grid in a Textbox, but this is not a flexible and fast way to work), so please add a column grid option. Oh and if you use Quark 3.32 as a Basic reference would be awesome, I never worked so fast as with this Program thats all reduced to the basics. thanks
  6. 3joern

    Print colors - come on

    First I'am not a newbie, but maybe this is the problem, I've my workflow and the expectation how it must work. I want't the program is foolproof, but it has so many if's and when's. I really love the fast possibilities, but on the other hand, If you call it a professional tool, then there must have some optimizations -> - Add new Doc -> I want to see the bleed area (best with a grid) on the artboard (like Indesign) - PDF Export -> please add the possibility to add/correct/see the bleed (in numbers) in the Export options (printing houses have different requirements, normally I set the final bleed and the profile at the project end, if the client/we has choose a final printing house, not at the project start, when we in the design finding process, normally at start I set the 3mm, but this is not common) - color -> please set a color palette where I can only see my used colors (and the possibility to add colors per drag and drop from the slider, Toolbar and Status) with a Icon/sign that tell me is a cmyk, a RBG or a special color like HKS (then all problems from above are solved) - Special color like HKS -> If I set a HKS color, why in every color setting I only see the cmyk? how to control my work? for example in this Screenshot I set HKS 8 and I haven't a chance to control it. Maybe I miss the setting, but this is what I mean with foolproof.
  7. 3joern

    Print colors - come on

    Hi, Sorry for the late response, but I'am very busy at the time. I can't provide a example now, but it was really frustrating because the complicated workfow, how to get this color result. If I setup a 4c doc with Fogra 39 for example, I want that all colors that I choose are in 4c and if I choose the 100% black for a element it must be this color and not after I exportet as a PDF the color is in CMYK black, this is a nogo. And a suggestion, please, if I give a element a color, than it would be great if this chosen color is automatically in a color pallet for used colors (like Indesign). This would be speeds up my workflow and save time. Maybe there another way, but for an oldschool designer that's the first guess.
  8. 3joern

    Print colors - come on

    Hi guys, now is enough, maaan how long I try to make a good printable pdf and every single time I must make the f***ing pdf 3 or 4 times because the black is in 4 colors and not just K or miss the 3mm for the cut and on and on... the actual version is great for play around and make nice designs, but for a productive workflow, forget it. Sorry. Too complicated color management and not good usability settings (why in gods name the colors use different color management than the color palette (choose cmyk but in the colors is RBG for a print doc)? In Illustrator I choose a color and that it, in AD I must check 4 times in different settings that the color is the right one. Is like use windows, can work, but how. I already make a program palette for the cmyk colors, some presets for the PDF profile and is just frustrating because always the pdf is false. I hope so long that can be a Adobe alternative, but for a really professional use I can't recommend AD.