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  1. It happened to me as well. I guess, now with this knowledge of how it works in Affinity, I'm less likely to make that mistake again. But, I agree with a lot of us here. Its a UX issue. Not sure what the solution could be, without overcomplicating things. But, something to keep an eye out, just because a lot of community members are facing this issue.
  2. Maybe, Prototyping can be one of the personas added to Affinity Designer which may have these artboard linking and other protyping features.
  3. I want to report that I also need help with this issue. Usage of Native languages has seen steep increase (during last year and this one) in India due to increased internet penetration. To cater to this newly online audience, have been creating some stuff using Affinity. This issue hampers my workflow a great deal. Is there any workaround? Have been creating for long in Affinity and love it. Don't want to go look elsewhere for this little thing. I wish this issue comes back from the freezer and gets resolved. Native language content is hot in India right now. P.S. Waiting for Publisher's release. That would be a great day !!
  4. Just making this post to support the request for this feature. Switching from CorelDRAW to Affinity would be much less painful with a few basic features present. I feel that this is a key part of workflows of almost all long time Corel users. Also, shortcut key bindings would greatly decrease the time taken to design stuff which involves laying out multiple elements on a page.
  5. Am waiting for the Pages feature too ! It is an important part of my workflow when creating presentations, UI, etc. I know I can use artboards, but I feel that the artboard implementation itself is problematic, and requires significant changes to my workflow. Trying to switch from CorelDRAW. Wish there was some info on the probable time when we can see the feature being implemented. Affitnity team is doing a great job anyway. Cant be too greedy all the time. Cheers guys !
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