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  1. Problem solved. I simply had to toggle the UI to full screen and back to normal view and it reset itself.
  2. Hi, Recently Affinity Photo has been crashing quite often, and when I restart all of the Panels and also the Status Bar had gone missing. I can easily turn the Panels back on from the View menu, but I can't seem to get the Status Bar back which is odd.. The status bar is very helpful and I rely on it to get hints for some of the advanced tools, how can I get it back? Thanks
  3. The Noun Project is a great resource with more than a million icons in their library. It has a simple API, and there are existing plugins available for some of the Adobe tools, as well as Google and Microsoft. This would be a great feature integration into the Affinity suite of tools.
  4. Ok, thanks for confirming that even if it's not the answer I was hoping to hear.. I'm sure you have your reasons.
  5. Hi there, I'm sure this question has come up before, and if so please forgive me for asking again as I could not find the answer when searching. Are there any plans to include an auto-update feature in the standalone applications (Windows versions) bought directly from Serif/Affinity? It's not a major issue, but it is a bit of a pest to have to log in to our account, download the latest version, then install it manually. Thanks Guy
  6. Hi, thanks for the new version. Are there plans to provide an automatic upgrade installer at some point? It's simple enough to download and install, but it would be convenient if the process was a 1 click update. Windows 10
  7. Hi there, Thanks for the reply. No, you aren't missing the main point, I think it's just me still getting used to how it works in Affinity after spending so many years working in Inkscape. Quite a big adjustment (and old habits can take a while to break).. :D I can see what you mean now. I think I must have selected the wrong setting when I was doing this last night, so I should also begin setting up my own export persona to avoid ticking boxes all the time. The help files are a bit sparse on detail, and the video library doesn't cover everything, and the forum is difficult to search without trawling a bunch of unrelated content so it is a bit frustrating. I guess I will just need to experiment and practice to get the level of understanding I want. I am interested in the book, but it's relatively expensive and the software is developing rapidly so not sure how current the book is (and is probably written specifically for Mac even though the Windows version is supposed to be the same..). Other than that, I am really enjoying using the tool, it really is a delight to work with.. just a bit frustrated with the lack of written documentation. Thanks Guy
  8. Enjoying the products (just bought Affinity Photo yesterday, after Designer some months ago). However, things appear to be getting very, very busy in the forum, which is great for Affinity, but not so great for customers trying to narrow down their search topics. Community forums are a fantastic way of collating group knowledge, but since there is no dedicated ticket support system, it makes it quite difficult to find answers to questions relating to a specific product, and there is quite a lot of crossover in terms of terminology. I imagine this will only get more confusing when the long awaited Affinity Publisher is released. Many companies abandon the forum model for support because they simply can't keep up with the influx of questions, so it's also a bit of a concern that since the Affinity products are now becoming available on Windows, that you won't be able to provide proper support unless you take on more staff.. This makes it a bit more difficult to reach a comfortable decision with deciding to switch to a whole new toolset. I'm not criticising the products, members, or staff, in any way, I'm just feeling a bit concerned that it will become more and more difficult to get help or find answers as the number of users exponentially increases, unless this side of things is improved..
  9. Hi, Still very new to Affinity Designer for Windows I think I have quite a lot of the basics figured out.. but I'm not sure I'm going about things in the best way. I am coming from Inkscape, so quite possibly I'm just thinking about things in the old way (i.e.in the way I'm accustomed to doing things). I have created a complex set of objects and layers, which I would now like to save (export as SVG), and then upload the file to a website. It is a mixture of shapes (curves) and some clipped images. In Inkscape, I could resize the document to the size of the layers boundary, but I am struggling to find how to do this in Affinity Designer. What I've ended up doing, after a bit of experimentation, is to select all the objects and then group them. Then I have resized the document (it could also be an Artboard), to fit the dimensions of the group, and then to center the group. Next I remove this temporary group (since I only used it for alignment and to get the overall dimensions). Then I export the layers as SVG. I can do this with a variety of settings. What I want is the smallest file size but the highest possible quality for viewing on websites. The multitude of layers are interactive, so obviously I don't want to choose flatten. Since it is not for printing, I don't want the whole document (and this also makes the file size absolutely gigantic). So I have chosen "selection without background". This is only fractionally smaller than "selection with background". Am I approaching this correctly? Are there some specific tutorials on how to do this efficiently? I appreciate that there are some videos, although couldn't really find the level of detail I was looking for there, and I prefer written documentation on the whole.. The help files seem a bit sparse on the details too. Can anyone point me toward something a bit more detailed? Maybe it's just a case of getting familiar with a different way of working, but right now am finding the process quite circuitous when compared to Inkscape (even though there are a lot of other things that Affinity does much better than Inkscape). Or is this a feature request? The ability to automatically resize the document (or artboard), or "grid" to match the outer boundary of the layers (without needing to group them first).
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