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  1. Hi Whispercom You can connect your iPad and Mac to the MY PasspordWiress Pro drive by using WD MyCloud app, below are links to the WD videos showing how to do this This link is how to connect with your Mac This link is how to connect with your iPad
  2. Hi Littletank, Can you please provide me with further information on what you are wishing to achieve is it a montage of several RAW images using multiple layers or do you require a flattened image.
  3. Hi njakeman, Are you using a PC or a Mac if it is a Mac can you please let me know if you are using Apple or Serif Labs for the RAW Engine. Is it also possible for you to send me a copy of this RAW file as I have been unable to replicate this with the GH5 raw samples that I have.
  4. Hi artofmtl, I use both Photo and Designer with my Samsung Ultra HD 4K 28" LED Monitor on Windows 10 with the scaling set to 175% and I am having no issues with either of the apps.
  5. Hi Hugh P, Welcome to the forum You can create a palette from a photo and make this available for all other documents, to do this click on the four lines at the end of the tab with the swatches in and from the drop down click on 'Create Palette from Document' and then from the side menu choose 'As Application Palette' as shown in the attached screen shot.
  6. We have logged this with our developers as we have been able to replicate this on some of our Macs
  7. I have tested the image that you sent and it opening correctly for me, can you confirm that on your Photo you are getting the split screen effect.
  8. Hi EmanueleM Welcome to the forum You can achieve this effect by using the rectangle tool to draw the size of the shadow area and then using the perspective tool to alter it to create the long shadow
  9. We use the Windows explorer when opening files and to show a thumbnail of RAW files you will need to install a Explorer extension to enable these views. I personally use SVG Explorer Extension as this displays both SVG and RAW thumbnails We do not have thumb nail views at the bottom of the screen rather to move between multiple opened file you have to click on the tab for the document at the top of the workspace. You are not able assign the mouse wheel to the brush size shortcuts it has to be a key combination To copy a mask right click on ii and from the popup menu select duplicate and you can then move this to your other layer.
  10. To have the filter work the same way as Photoshop please change the mode to Image and then browse to the location of the image that you wish to merge, we do not have the offset option
  11. Hi babmo, These have been requested by several other users and at the moment I have no information or timeframe on whether these will be added to Designer in the future
  12. Hi moonliiner, Welcome to the forum To flip the text at the bottom of an ellipse so that it the right side up we have a revers text path option that will do this for you. You can apply text alignment and re-position the start and end points of the text path on a bezier curve and you can use the node tool to reshape the curve and the text will ajust to the new shape. We offer a 10 day trial of Designer so you can try this for your self and see it Designer is suitable for your needs.
  13. Hi Kiarian, You can do this using a a transparent texture image either as a overlay or as a bitmap fill, I personally like the bitmap fill as you can alter a repeat option of the bitmap image to introduce more randomness to the applied texture
  14. Hi Gary, I have been unable to replicate the issue you are having, the way I access images from my OneDrive in Affinity Photo is I login to the OneDrive app then start Affinity Photo leaving the OneDrive app running and I am able to see all of the files on the OneDrive account.
  15. Can you please take a non copyright sample image such as the floor or sky with your camera and send this to me so I can try to replicate the issue that you are having.