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  1. Hi @Mihafri, Can you please send me a copy of your .afpub file and data merge source files using the following Dropbox link for me to test this issue https://www.dropbox.com/request/4Y8AzBfaTIL7mhhw8BhH
  2. Hi @bbc., I will log this as an improvement request with our developers in the meantime can you please remap this shortcut to a different key combination.
  3. Can you please check that you have the latest update installed for Affinity Designer 2 then start the program while holding down the CTRL key then when the Clear user Data screen appears please select the Reset Content Migration Prompt option and click Clear Once Designer has opened please try migrating your version 1 styles again.
  4. Hi @Jung, Can you please place the attached xml file into the following location and this will add an updated lens profile for the Sanyang AF 14mm lens from LensFun %UserProfile%\.affinity\Photo\2.0\LensProfiles\ mil-samyang.xml
  5. This issue has been logged and will be addressed in a future release
  6. Is it possible for you to install the beta version of Affinity Photo 2 and let me know if the same issue occurs when you open a copy of this document in the beta.
  7. Hi @pfotenhauer, Your account manager will be in contact you in regards to the iPad deployment.
  8. Salut @Florence Perrissez, La spécification de votre ordinateur est suffisante pour exécuter Publisher 2 Nous venons de publier une version bêta d'Affinity Publisher 2 v2.0.3 qui contient plusieurs correctifs, dont un pour les documents placés, est-il possible pour vous de télécharger et d'installer cette version bêta à partir du lien ci-dessous, puis de faire une copie de votre document, puis de l'ouvrir dans le bêta et faites-moi savoir si vous rencontrez les mêmes problèmes https://beta-downloads.serif.com/download/Windows/16707b16-b4b8-4cba-a409-2d8bff972972/SerifEuropeLtd.AffinityPublisher2Beta-
  9. This issue has been logged with our developers.
  10. Hi @Pyanepsion, Can you please save your Publisher file as a Package and send this to me using the following Dropbox link. https://www.dropbox.com/request/q9PhI6qBJlRleI8tLcFh
  11. We have release a new beta version of Affinity Publisher that allows you to enter leading values of over 14pts without it jumping to 15pts
  12. This issue has been fixed in the 2.0.3 beta of Affinity Publisher 2 which we have just release on our forums if you would like to download and test with your documents.
  13. I can send you a Dropbox link for you to upload the files directly to me.
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