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  1. Can you please confirm that you have the latest Nvidia drivers installed
  2. Hi @EP36Alex, If you have plenty of free space on your installation location please can you please try the steps in the following FAQ
  3. Can you please install the 1.8.4 update as I have been unable to replicate this on the updated version.
  4. This issue is only occuring with Google Drive and has been logged with our developers the other cloud storage services work with our apps
  5. unlike the desktop versions of Affinity Photo on the iPad version you are not able to create or apply presets in the Develop persona
  6. Hi @schwajo@kabelbw.de, Willkommen im Forum Affinity Photo wendet keine automatischen Anpassungen für geöffnete RAW-Dateien an. Können Sie überprüfen, ob die RAW-Ausgabeeinstellung im Devlop-Assistenten auf 32-Bit-HDR eingestellt ist? Wenn Sie die RAW-Datei entwickeln, verwenden Sie die automatischen Pegel, den Kontrast und den Weißabgleich und Ihr Foto wird heller.
  7. Hi @Shadowmaker, Welcome to the forum As you are working with images of different exposure settings have you tried the HDR merge tool
  8. I have not been able to replicate this issue on my Android device can you let me know the version of your Android browser and Chrome browser that you are using.
  9. I have tested a RAW sample file for your camera and it is opening correctly for me, which MacOS are you running and is it possible for you to send me a copy of your RAW file to test.
  10. How many fonts do you have in your Font Book as this error has been know to occur when Affinity tries to load a large amount of fonts.
  11. Hi @arif98, Welcome to the forum Can you please try opening Photo to Published while holding down the CTRL key and a window called Clear User Data should appertains on this screen click the Clear button and the program should now start
  12. Can you please let me know the MacOS version that you are running as I have not been able to replicate this issue on my Mac running Catalina also are you running the Mac AppStore version or our Affinity store version of Photo.
  13. You can also use the Colour Filter adjustment Erase White Paper to remove the white background then add a new layer below the drawing and then you this layer to apply the required colouring.
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