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  1. You can manually set the white balance temperature and then save the setting as a preset that you can then apply to other images, you are able to create these presets in the develop and photo persona.
  2. The PSD file has a limit of 8000 objects and grouped objects are counted as 2 objects and how this is calculated Affinity Photo will not export any layers after the 7999 one
  3. As you are able to view the RAW file in Windows Photo you will have a 3rd party CODEC installed and this may be making automatic adjustments to the viewed RAW file which Affinity Photo does not do and the image will look different. To match the colour in Affinity Photo use white balance adjustment with vales of 5300K to 5400K and the Tint set to around 13%
  4. DWright

    Move selection

    Can you please press and hold on the text and it will then move without the need to zoom in on the document
  5. If you change the swatches view to list then the Pantone numbers will be displayed as shown below
  6. If you have a iMac or MacBook you can connect your iPad and use Quicktime to capture everything done on your iPad
  7. Attached is a screen recording showing how to do this on your document curve on your document.mov
  8. Can you PM me a copy of your .afdesign file
  9. To do this select the node and change it to smooth and you can then adjust the curve as shown in the video below curve.mov
  10. Once you have removed the node change the nodes on each side on the line you wish to be straight to sharp and this will make the line straight while still keeping the other side a curve as shown in the video below straight line node.mov
  11. Once the shape has been converted to a curve you are no longer able to use the shape tool menu to edit the object which is why the tool changes to the node tool, to go back to the original shape you will need to using the undo tool
  12. To remove the excess canvas in the Document menu and click Clip Canvas
  13. I have reported this issue to our developers
  14. I will log this with our developers as the lens info is included in the JPG but it has not been given a field tag as shown in the screen shot