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  1. When opening a image file with no embedded ICC profile then Affinity Photo will apply your computers default colour profile which appears to be sRGB for your computer.
  2. @Eric Yu Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums This is happening due to your images being linked to your document so when they are deleted the document is unable to find them when reopened, to prevent this from happing when inserting the image select the Embed picture option in the open dialogue window or using the Resource manager before you save the document.
  3. To deploy the Affinity apps via group policy you will need to have a multiuser licence key as trial version can not be deployed via this method
  4. Hi @bjrnwltr, Welcome to the forum If you have purchased a multiuser licence then you are able to deploy the apps silently a guide explaining how to do this will be emailed to you with the purchase.
  5. Hi @Darkade, Welcome to the forum In Publisher it is not possible to create a single bullet list with different symbols that are added each time a bullet is added, you could do this manually by creating a different paragraph styles based of the default bullet ones but changing the symbol then apply the style to a selected text.
  6. Affinity Photo can open TIFF file directly are you opening the file from a local dive or a cloud storage location and are you getting any messages. also can you please let us know the operating system that you are using
  7. You are not able to use an object created with the Pen tool to add to a selection, to do this you will need too use the Freehand selection tool and use the Add or Subtract buttons on the context toolbar to add or remove from the current selection area.
  8. To insert a .docx file into your Publisher document you will need to add an empty text frame and with this frame selected use the Place command to open you .docx file and it will then be inserted into the text frame, if you only wish to insert part of the text from the document open the .docx file in Word or a word viewer select the required text and then in Publisher select or add a text frame and then copy and paste.
  9. Can you please provide more information on your phone model and if it is set to shoot RAW files or just jpeg
  10. For the text flow issue that you are having please enable the Favour editable text over fidelity, as for the bullet points changing I have raised this with our QA team In the latest 1.9 beta build turn this option off and the PDF opens correctly
  11. I am gland you are enjoying the Publisher workbook
  12. Hi @Pšenda, This is not a bug the A4 template remains selected as this is the source of your document before you apply your custom settings
  13. Is it possible to post your .afpub file also please send me a copy of your crash report to find these reports please follow the steps below Please go to Applications > Utilities and open the Console app. Crash Reports from our apps can be found in the User Reports section. You can Right Click the required Crash Report and select Reveal in Finder.
  14. Hi @Papyrus. Welcome to the forum We’re sorry to hear that your Affinity document is no longer opening for you. Please upload the file to us using this Dropbox link and we’ll take a further look at the file to see if we can recover any of its contents. We would obviously also like some additional information to see if we can work out the cause of the problem and stop it happening in future. To assist this process, as well as uploading your file, please can you also tell us the following: 1. What drive type was the file last saved to (select more than one if needed)? Local disk USB disk/Flash disk Google Drive folder OneDrive folder iCloud folder Dropbox folder Network location Other (please specify) 2. Any other information you think would help us try to find the problem We suggest that you check to see if you have any backups of the document available in case we’re unable to recover the file. The investigation process can take some time, but we’ll be back in contact with our findings.
  15. To import a Word .docx file into Affinity Publisher you will first need to add a empty text frame on your document before using the Place command
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