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  1. Hi nickjamesgordon, Welcome to the forum Can you please let me know if you are exporting to the iPad itself or to a cloud storage such as iCloud.
  2. Hi Prøphecy, Welcome to the Forum In Designer to use the Velocity Inverse option you need to be in the Pixel Persona and edit the brush and change the default Pressure option to Velocity Inverse
  3. There are currently no plans to have a automatic update for the Affinity store Windows versions of our apps, to download the update you do not need to login to your account if you click the Download button on the update notification screen it will take you to our update download page.
  4. This issue has been logged with our developers and will be addressed in a future update
  5. Under the brushes tab which brush is currently selected and if you choose a different brush does it work correctly.
  6. Have you tried the new Affinity Photo customer beta as this has several performance related updates
  7. You car unable to record adding text in a macro but If you open an blank document and add your watermark text then export this as PNG selection without background you can then record a macro placing this image onto a photo
  8. Hi Onkei69, I have tested RAW samples files for the Canon 800D / rebel T7i camera and the current Windows version of Affinity Photo will import these images.
  9. Hallo Bild1138 Willkommen im Forum Ich habe dies mit meinen Schritten auf meinem Foto getestet und es funktioniert ordnungsgemäß. Können Sie Ihr Affinity Photo zurück auf die Standardeinstellungen zurücksetzen, indem Sie beim Starten der App die STRG-Taste gedrückt halten. Wenn das Fenster "Benutzerdaten löschen" angezeigt wird, klicken Sie auf "Alle auswählen" und "Löschen als Windows 10-Update" hat möglicherweise den appdata-Ordner beeinflusst Beachten Sie, dass beim Zurücksetzen der App auf die Standardeinstellungen keine benutzerdefinierten Einstellungen wie Tastaturkurzbefehle, Pinsel usw. verloren gehen. Um solche Einstellungen vor dem Zurücksetzen der App zu sichern, sehen Sie sich unser Video zu Affinity - Exporting User Settings und Keyboard Shortcuts an.
  10. In the Brushes studio which brush is currently selected.
  11. To restore the missing panels from the View menu goto Studio and then click Reset Studio and the missing panel will be displayed again.
  12. Hi Christian Wimmer, Welcome to the forum I have sent you a PM with information on how to deploy the Affinity software silently.
  13. Hi LinkLayer, If you open System Preferences and under the Security & Privacy you will see the notification of the blocked .CR2 file just click on the Open Anyway and now when the file is opened it will open in Affinity Photo
  14. The macros are installed within the Affinity Photo app, to remove these please open the Library and the click on the menu button next to the category name and from the drop down menu select Delete and this will remove the macros
  15. Hi dave moult, Welcome to the forum, The Sign Cut software is designed to only work with vector only images, in the SVG export option screen please enable the Text as Curves option and under Rasterise set this to Nothing and this will create a SVG with no raster objects and hopefully the Sign Cut software may open this file.