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  1. DWright

    Image align/ layer align

    You can use the keyboard arrow keys to move around the currently selected layer, this video tutorial shows the different ways to align your images
  2. Hi Jim Air, I have sent you a PM with instructions on how to deploy Affinity Photo on your new PC's
  3. DWright

    Outline layer effect opacity

    Hi Alfred, Is this the effect that you are wanting to achieve
  4. DWright

    Curves Adjustment

    At the moment the iPad version of Photo does not have the picker tool on the curve adjustment that the desktop versions have.
  5. I have replied to your other forum post on this question
  6. This is a feature that has been asked for by several users but at the moment I do not know when or if this will be added to Designer
  7. DWright


    In the Document menu you can change the colour format from RGB to Grayscale
  8. DWright

    Blurry when exporting jpeg. or png.

    Can you please provide more information on your original image and the size of the jpeg and png files that you are exporting
  9. DWright

    Purchase & Download Questions

    Hi groberts, Welcome to the forum Affinity Photo should have install automatically after it was purchased and the shortcut will be added to the start menu, if it is not installed you can install it from the My Library section of the Microsoft Store There is no licence key as the purchase is linked directly to your Microsoft store account You can install Affinity Photo on another computer running Windows 10 by logging into the Microsoft store with the same login details that you used to purchase Affinity Photo and start the install from the My Library section
  10. DWright

    AFFINITY für den MS Surface

    Wir arbeiten an Verbesserungen für Affinity Photo, das auf dem Surface Pro läuft. Wir haben eine hochpräzise Tablet-Eingabe und einen Radial-Controller-Supporter in das Programm eingefügt, und diese können in den Preferences \ tools-Optionen aktiviert werden.
  11. Thanks for the update I will speak to our QA team on Monday to see if they are aware of the issue with pCloud
  12. Although you can perform most of the usual operations on the iPad certain functions are not available for different reasons (batch jobs, macros, Serifs Labs RAW engine, Photoshop plugins support etc etc).
  13. The iPad version does not have the option to load a selection file like the desktop version but you can save selections as spare channels and load as a pixel selection as required.
  14. DWright

    affinity photo for MacBook Pro

    Each version is purchased independently and each has its own licenses.
  15. DWright

    asset manager limit?

    There is no limit to the number of objects that you can add to a asset subcategory