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  1. Hi @William McNeice, Our developers where able to rescue you document and the fixed version can be downloaded from the Dropbox link below, The issue was caused by text frames in the document becoming linked to themselves and they have asked if you can provide more information of your workflow before the document became corrupt
  2. Obecnie Twój obiektyw Sigma nie znajduje się w bazie danych LensFun ani w cyklu rozwojowym, ale możesz poprosić, aby zbadali ten obiektyw, korzystając z poniższego linku, a jeśli wypuszczą aktualizację dla tego obiektywu, możesz pobrać z nich nowy plik XML Sigma i dodać to do Affinity Photo. https://lensfun.github.io/calibration/
  3. Hi @sko123, Welcome to the forum I have sent you an Email explaining how to do a silent install for the Affinity programs.
  4. We have just release update 2.3 which allows you to add passwords for PDF files to prevent editing or copying of content within the PDF
  5. Is it possible for you to post an example of a SVG with the bitmap fill
  6. If you group these rectangles together then you will able to snap the objects to each other.
  7. Hi @mogsie, Are you placing a Word document when this issue with autoflowing the End notes as this was a issue that was fixed in a previous release.
  8. Are the crashes that you are getting in Designer and Photo occurring when you start the apps or when opening a file and or when using the app.
  9. From the crash report that you posted the issue is with your Nvidia driver can you please check that you are running the latest driver.
  10. Hi @Paulretie, Welcome to the forum Can you please send me a copy of your .afdesign file using the Dropbox link below and I will see if it can be recovered. https://www.dropbox.com/request/a73NKNvDlvG09jTdxF4o
  11. Verwenden Sie einen Nicht-Apple-Monitor, da das Anzeigeprofil „Farb-LCD“ nicht eines ist, das ich auf einem Mac gesehen habe? Können Sie bitte versuchen, die Anzeige auf Apple RGB oder sRGB IEC61966-2.1 zu ändern und sehen, ob Sie den Unterschied immer noch bemerken? in Farbwerten.
  12. Is it possible for you to post a copy of your .afphoto file as this LUT file is working for me
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