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  1. I have spoken to our QA team and this behaviour is correct for the SVG for web output as it is rasterised to ensure compatibility with the web browsers for the opacity settings and to keep the file size small
  2. I have followed your your workflow and I am also getting this behaviour but if I change the export to SVG for Export it does not rasterise, I will speak to our QA team on Monday regarding this.
  3. Hi ktopp, Can you please Email networking@serif.com with your school details and the steps you are taking to deploy MoviePlus
  4. Hi Min Zhang, Can you please provide a screen shot of the error message to help us identify the cause.
  5. Thank you for the update
  6. Hi Niclas Hallgren, Welcome to the forum Can you please provide more information on the curve adjustments that you made as I have not been able to replicate the issue you are having with the Histogram
  7. Hi mshstov, Welcome to the forum If you save or copy your Designer document to your iCloud you can use the Place option under Commands in Photo to embed the document as you do on the desktop version
  8. Have you tried shortening the rope length and slowing down the input speed
  9. You can use the Stabiliser option in the pencil context toolbar and this will allow you to draw smoother freehand lines
  10. DWright

    Bent Clock Tower

    You can use the Lens distortion filter to remove the curve on the leaning clock tower as shown below
  11. Can you please provide me with further information on the location that you are trying to save to
  12. This is something we are going to look at over the coming year, but be rest assured we will keep everything as consistent as possible, but make sure the workflows are right for each app
  13. You can download the beta versions from this link
  14. Hi nicoco, This issue should be addressed in the next beta versions of Designer and Photo for Windows, when this is released can you please install and let me know if you are having the same issue.
  15. Can you also please let us know what actions you where doing in the app when the CPU and RAM usage increased.