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  1. If you switch your camera to the standard Canon RAW format ( cr2 ) you will not get the purple tint on opening the RAW or creating a HDR merge.
  2. Please see this tutorial on how to to this
  3. Hi Nifty, Please login to the Affinity store using the Email address that you used to originally purchase the software and then in your account click on Downloads & Product keys tab and this will display all of your downloads.
  4. Is it possible to take a screen recording of this as when I reinstalled Designer on my iPad running iOS 12.1 I was asked to allow access to Photos
  5. If you uninstall and reinstall Designer and then click import from Photo you will get the allow access message.
  6. When you click import from Photos in Designer for the first you will get a pop up asking you to allow access
  7. To use the Topaz DeNoise plugin within Affinity Photo please use the following settings in Preferences>>Plugin
  8. This video tutorial shows how to use the Affinity Photo place tool
  9. Thank you for bring this to our attention I have passed this along to our documentation team
  10. Can you please provide further information on the RAW file that you are using as when I test a sample RAW file from this camera I am not encountering the issue that you are and are you using the Mac, Windows or iPad version of Affinity Photo
  11. The resources section of the forum has many good brushes designed for Designer
  12. DWright

    Designer on Gen 3 iPad Pro

    The apps performance will naturally scale up with extra CPU and GPU cores on the new Gen 3 iPad pro. We’ll tweak UI for rounded corners and move our contextual controls up a bit from bottom so doesn’t clash with the home swipe area. Will put in some new pencil double tap functions too...
  13. If you click the Retrieve margin from printer button do you margins change from the 3mm that you applied
  14. Can you please provide me with PDF export settings that you used and if possible a copy of your .afdesign file, if you do not wish to upload the file to the forum you can PM the file
  15. This can happen if there is an issue with the registry key for mapped drives, to resolve this please do the following 1. Right Click the Start button and select run 2. In the Command Prompt type the following: subst W: C:\ Hit Enter 3. Close the window 4. Install PagePlus X9