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  1. If you can create a new Application Palette and add your colours into it and this will be available for all documents or you can create a palette for the document using the application palette option to autofill with the colours from your document. Once the palette has been created you can export this and then import this onto another computer.
  2. You can use this link to the Microsoft .NET Framework repair tool as this designed to fix install issues with .NET
  3. Hi vincer, Below are answers to your questions. 1- Was any feature added since 1.5? Besides bug fixing any new features im ignorant of? Apart from bug fixes no the new features were introduced since the 1.5 update as announced here, the new features will be in the 1.6 build 2- Does beta have better symbols? Same as retail version but with several bug fixes 3- Which is the most stable/safe beta version? I mean, i recall some beta updates bringing up issues that weren't there prior and one or two builds being particularly more troublesome (prior to 1.5). Most probably the latest beta is the best one, just asking if this particular build is in someway more unstable or toublesome then the previous one- in case i decide to go with beta. The current most stable beta version is the 1.6 Beta 10 on Mac and on Windows 4- By any chance its possible to have two builds installed? Of course being well aware that saved files within each may work differently, i could see myself saving and finishing up final work on retail while doing busy work on beta without overlaping saves using things like exporting and importing. You can run the beta version along side of the retail version, In addition it is definitely worth noting that files created in Affinity 1.6 may not open in 1.5 so always make a copy of your important documents before opening them in 1.6 to ensure you do not accidentally overwrite them and are unable to open them in your 1.5 version.
  4. Hi rafikiphoto, If you place the mouse pointer on the value box at the end of the slider you can then use the mouse wheel to change the value
  5. use the place tool to add the website screen shot into the picture and then use the perspective tool to align with the laptop screen
  6. When we are notified of an update from Pantone we will then update this is a future build
  7. Hi Sandra, Welcome to the forum You can resize a image as may times as you want but the smaller you make the image the quality of the image will deteriorate and i recommend making a back up copy of the original image before you start to resize.
  8. To open AI files in Designer all you to do is File and open, multi-page AI files can be imported, with each page being placed on its own artboard
  9. Hi Jim N, Welcome to the forum We have video tutorials showing how the quick mask works and masking layers and these can be found using the following links Quick Mask please click here Masking Layers please click here
  10. Hi jer, If you untick the box at the end of the layer to make it no visible it will remove this from the rest of the layers using multiply, you can also make the layer above the one you do not want to use use normal blend instead of multiply
  11. With the selection still highlighted goto the Photo persona the Commands\Pasteboard\copy then open your new photo and then in the Photo Persona use Commands\Pasteboard\paste to insert the selected area into the new photo as a new pixel layer
  12. I recommend posting this to our feature request section of our forum and it may be included in a future build of Affinity
  13. Hi keithwin, Welcome to the forum Please install the latest version of .net framework using this link and then install the Affinity trial
  14. We have tested the Wacom Intuos Pro tablet with the Affinity apps and it is fully compatible thou you will have to check that you have the latest drivers from Wacom installed.
  15. At the moment I do not know when Designer for iPad will be released and going on our previous releases I would expect a beta version via test-flight before the store release. I recommend signing up for our newsletter to be informed when the release date is announced.