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  1. You can try exporting as an .eps file format from Designer as Vectorworks supports this file format for import
  2. Can you please provide more information on the type of image files that you are using with Affinity Photo and the performance settings in the Preferences screen. Also can you please confirm that you are running the latest Nvidia drivers.
  3. On the iPad the double tap is the equivalent of a mouse double click and when you do this Files it will open the file that was doubled tapped in its default program.
  4. Your product key and a download link to the latest version of Affinity Photo can be found in the Download and Product section of your Affinity account
  5. Are you saving back to the SD card or to a location on your MacBook
  6. Hi @LP4U, Can you please let me know the print settings that you are using in Affinity Photo
  7. DWright

    Userflow function

    Affinity Designer does not have this option for the artboards.
  8. If you use the SVG (flatten) your drawing will export correctly. Screen steven.svg
  9. If you still have access to your old PC you can copy the Fonts folder over to your new PC and can double click or right click on any missing fonts to install on your new PC
  10. Affinity Photo has a persona for working with RAW files if you are using the Mac version you can use the Apple core RAW engine or our Serif Labs engine, the Windows version only uses the Serif Labs engine and once you have made any adjustments you develop the RAW file which then moves a copy to our Photo persona.
  11. You cannot change the colour of the canvas in Affinity Photo but you can add a fill layer with the colour you require.
  12. Hi @idbill, What are the file types that you are dragging from Apple Photo to Affinity Photo
  13. DWright

    Download AP

    To reinstall from the Mac AppStore please login using the Apple ID that was used to purchase Affinity Photo then you can re-download it from the Purchased section of your account
  14. Hi @SF1, I have tested this on the Windows version and it works correctly for me, can you please provide more information on the computer that you are using.
  15. Hi @EssaEll, Is it possible to send me a copy of your RAW file as I can only replicate the issue you are having if in the 32bit preview Studio I change the Display Transform to unmanaged