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  1. DWright

    Mouse support and shortcuts

    As the iPadOS 13 has just entered it beta cycle Affinity designer does not yet support the mouse function added to this beta OS
  2. Other users have reported this issue and we a currently investigating this
  3. Unlike the shape tool the marquee selection tool do not have the modifier that allows to create the selection area from a centre point
  4. DWright

    Grammar Checker?

    At the moment Publisher does not have a grammar checker
  5. I recommend posting the request in our suggestion forum
  6. There will be a new trial version of Affinity Designer available at the end of new week that will allow you to run the trial for another 10 days.
  7. Can you please send me a screen recording of this with the show touches enabled as I have been unable to replicate this can you also please let me know the iPad model you are using.
  8. Can you please provide me with more information regarding the issue you are having with the crop tool.
  9. When the dialogue first appear it is set to its minimum size
  10. If your RAW files are 32bit HDR images please open the Develop Assistant and change the RAW output format to RGB 32Bit HDR and when you develop the RAW image it will bee the same as it was in the Develop Persona
  11. You get this error if you try to save in the root directory of your hard drive rather than a folder such as Documents or Desktop, please double check the location that you are saving to.
  12. DWright

    Loading LUTs in 1.7.0

    We are aware of this issue and has been logged with our developers
  13. The 1.7 update is available for Affinity designer and Photo purchased from the Microsoft Store, if the updates have not been automatically applied you will need to login to the Microsoft store with the login that the purchase was made on and in the Downloads and Update section you will be able to install the update. In regards to amalgamating your three Microsoft Store accounts you will need to contact Microsoft on how to do this.
  14. The update from our website is designed to update the versions of affinity bought from our Affinity store, as you purchased through the Microsoft Store you will need to login to your Microsoft Store account and under the Downloads and Updates your 1.7 update will be shown
  15. DWright

    How do I upgrade?

    If the update is not showing on the Mac AppStore Update screen press CMD+R to refresh the screen and the update should now be displayed.