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  1. Where are you opening your photo from is it from cloud storage or locally.
  2. Can you please Email our customer service team at affinity@serif.com and they will be able yo help you with this.
  3. Thank you for all the information this issue has now been logged with our developers to investigate.
  4. With a Multi-user licence to can deploy the Affinity apps globally over your network via SSCM or GPO without having to log on each machine as an admin and manually run the installation program and also deploy any future updates via the same method..
  5. Can you please confirm the fonts that your are using when this occurs.
  6. Can you please check that your iMac has a 64bit processor as the Affinity apps require this
  7. When you select a new stack you are able to add RAW files and once the stack has been processed you will have a developed image
  8. Have you tried exporting as PDF from Autocad
  9. Thank you for posting this I will test this
  10. Which colour profile are you using when printing
  11. This is controlled by the View menu, can you please try pressing CTRL+\ and if the guides and margins do not toggle on and off please follow the steps below to reset your PagePlus appdata files 1. Close the PagePlus program if open. 2. Press and hold the windows logo key (may be called Start) and the letter R on the keyboard and let go of the keys. 3. In the Run dialogue box type %appdata% and click OK 4. In the Application data folder open the Serif folder. 5. Open the PagePlus folder. 6. Rename the folder 19.0 to 19.0.old 7. Close all the open folder. 8. Restart PagePlus with the CTRL key (keyboard bottom-left) held down until a small pop-up window appears 9. Place a tick in the 'Also delete local settings files' then click the Yes button. 10. PagePlus will now start.
  12. On the new multi core Mac's the CPU % utilisation relates to the number of of cores being used 100% is using one core 500% will be using 5 cores and 800% is using 8 cores, are us using a tablet or the mouse to draw the circles and also what are the dimensions of your document.
  13. Affinity supports the features of any Postscript font (.otf) installed on your computer, most of the default fonts installed with the OS are TrueType fonts and only a few such as Ariel have a alternative stylistic set.
  14. Can you please provide more information on the document dimensions and the file type and location you are trying to export to.
  15. Can you please let me know the export settings you are using and for the blurred image is this the file thumbnail or when the png is opened in another app.
  16. I have tried this on my release version of Publisher and have been unable to replicate the issue that you are having with the tables, is it possible to post a screen recording showing this so I can follow your steps to see if I get the same results.
  17. In Publisher set the Swatches menu set the Appearance to 'Show as List' you can then right click on a swatch and rename the fill
  18. If you can please Email me your order number to affinitysupport@serif.com I will send you instructions on how to do this
  19. Is it possible for you to attach your original file as when I export one of my images with an embedded profile is is then shown in the file properties as shown below
  20. Attached is a short video showing how this can be done using the text frame rearranging text.mp4
  21. What is the screen scaling value that your monitor is using
  22. We released a sneak peek of an Affinity Designer video using the Catalina sidecar feature as can be seen from this link,. We will do our best to ensure the future 1.7.x builds will be compatible with Catalina, but it is currently still a moving target. We currently have a number of customer betas of the Affinity apps available to download from beta section of our forum. (For macOS currently only Mac Photo has a 1.7.2 beta)
  23. Can you please try using the 'Paste Without Format' from the Edit menu to strip any text formatting imported from Notepad
  24. Can you please go to %ProgramData%\Affinity\Common\1.0\appinfo\Release and delete the Photo Release.appinfo and Designer Release.appinfo. Once deleted, re-run both Designer and Photo and try StudioLink again.