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  1. You are not doing anything wrong this can happen when there is a delay in refreshing the screen
  2. Hi @AlinaDesign, Welcome to the forum Can you please try turning of the Check Spelling while Typing option to see if this reduces the typing lag
  3. Hi @IAmFenix, Is it possible to send a screen recording of your workflow as using the Add command should remove the centre line
  4. Hi @AHARRIS22. For your photos you will get a better result in using the Focus Merge in Affinity Photo
  5. You can use the Select>Select Next/Previous to select objects sequentially within the same layer (or group) as the initially selected object.
  6. Hi @fdecabo, Welcome to the forum Do the Affinity apps work if you connect the 4k monitor as single display
  7. Is it possible for you to post a copy of your .afdesign file
  8. Hi @Kassikea12, Welcome to the forum Can you please let me know the location that you are exporting the documents too
  9. Affinity Designer does not had node tangent angles that you can set to the required degrees the closest you can do is to create a custom advanced grid and set the additional snapping with divisions of six and this will get close to the angles you require
  10. We have tested this and there seams to be an issue with the magic mouse when holding down the shift key, I will raise this with our QA team to investigate.
  11. Which version of FireFox are you using as I have tested this with version 75.0 and I am able to drag and drop as an image in Designer
  12. I will check with our developers if there is any size restrictions for using tone mapping
  13. HI @didier.gindre@bluewin.ch, Bienvenue sur le forum Pouvez-vous me faire part des spécifications du PC sur lequel vous essayez d'installer Affinity Photo
  14. There is no option to sync the scrolling of the pages studio with the main view the closest we have is when you click on a page in either section and the now selected page is shown in the other view,
  15. Is it possible for you to post a copy one of your ICE panoramas for me to test
  16. Est-il possible de poster une capture d'écran montrant le problème que vous rencontrez avec la lettrine suivie d'une majuscule et également quelle police utilisez-vous
  17. Can you please check that in the Develop Assistant the RAW output is set to RGB (32bit HDR) rather than the default RGB (16bit) as the Nikon Z50 shoots RAW files in 32bit
  18. Hi @JLPVChicago, Welcome to the forum Is it possible for you to send me one of your .dng file to test
  19. We have had some reports that security programs are removing the raster_brushes.propcol file from the Affinity Photo install directory , unfortunately as this is done outside of the Affinity program we cannot prevent this. I recommend checking your Security software logs to see if logged a reason for removing the file after the update.
  20. Can you please let me know if you are opening these files from a local drive or is it from an external/cloud storage location, can you also check the permissions of the location that you are trying to save too as it may have restrictions.
  21. We also have a spotlight article on creating output for use with professional printers https://affinityspotlight.com/article/designing-for-professional-printing/
  22. Hi @Raghavaindra rao, Welcome to the forum At the moment the Affinity apps do not support right to left languages such as Kannada , other users have request support for these languages but at the moment I do not know when or if we will introduce support for these languages
  23. The Adobe .csh file format is bespoke to their programs and there are no 3rd party applications that can read or convert these files
  24. Hi @edysby, Welcome to the forum Can you provide more information on where the original psd file was created and was it a template from a stock image site.
  25. I have been looking at your file and the two hyperlinks are added correctly but when exported to a PDF the table cell is only using the second hyperlink for the cell even though the both hyperlink are showing in the PDF I will raise this with our QA team
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