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  1. Hi, I never knew there was a spell check option until the new release! I excitedly clicked the little bell icon (yellow) for the pre-flight check feature and got 152 warnings, all for "Missing dictionary for language (en-IE)". How can I install or set up the dictionary? Do I have to download a dictionary, where from? Or, alternatively, how can I tell Affinity to change the language to "en-UK" so it will start checking my spelling? Thanks a mill. Craig
  2. How on earth did that happen?! Thank you! I'll keep an eye out for that in future.
  3. I did not know I could do that! Attached now. Text jumping to next line.afpub
  4. Hi, I'm using Publisher and I'm having trouble getting the text to behave as I would like. It's normal text in a frame. I'm writing a short list and each item should be just a single line. There's plenty of room in the frame for the final word to appear on the line but it keeps jumping to the next line and ruining the look of the list. How can I stop this happening? e.g. I want it to look like this But it looks like this Thanks a mill. Wag
  5. Hi, just wondering if anyone has a workaround to open IDML files in Affinity perhaps using another (free) program to convert it to a format Affinity can open? We sometimes get sent IDML files from partners but would like to ditch Adobe. Thanks.
  6. Hi, I know there's a huge thread about InDesign compatibility but it's difficult to find practical advice among the discussion/arguments. If someone sends me an IDML or INDD file is there any workaround so I can open the file in Affinity Publisher? Like, can I use another program (we don't have Adobe) to convert the file to something Affinity can open? Thanks for your help. Wag
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