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  1. @firstdefence Some weeks ago I was on the way to buy the desktop version of Vector Magic. Since there are no updates since five years, I tried to get in contact with their support. Didn't get any answer, they seem to be out of business. Good I found https://www.vectorizer.io now, which seems to be great, even with dxf export. 😀
  2. @Bluehen Thanks for this great hint. https://www.vectorizer.io includes even the missed dxf export in Affinity. 😀👍 Hoping anyway to get vectorizing bitmaps and dxf export in Affinity soon.
  3. Hello Affinity Support Well I'm going on a journey very soon and I hoped, that I can do my projects with Affinity Photo for iPad the first time abroad. Since HDR stitching is one important thing for me, I try to get the answer once again. :-) Since HDR merge does currently not support DNG (RAW) files, but only JPG, I tried to go an other way: 1. Importing the first foto in DNG 2. adding layers for the other DNG files 3. Merging the HDR combination manually Unfortunately I couldn't figure out, how to add a second and third photo in step 2. Is this really not possible or could you please provide the nessesary steps to do this? Sincerely creator
  4. Hi again Just found the reason, why iCloud Drive was not displayed while trying to copy them to iCloud. The option does only be available if selecting 1 file, but not if selection 3 (more than one). I copied one files to iCloud Drive out of Photos. Only the JPG was copied, but no chance to influence to copy the DNG... Any help?
  5. Hi Lee D Thanks for your reply. Just tried to follow your workaround. I have a set of 3 HDR files imported from SD card to photos, but can't see an possibility to move theme to iCloud drive. Is this what you suggested or what am I doing wrong?
  6. Hi there! I'm new to this forum, but I'm using Affinity Photo and Designer (Mac and now iPad) for some time. Finally we got the great iPad version of Affinity Photo. – I love it, thank you for this great product! :-) One of the most important Affinity Photo use cases on the iPad for me is, to import DNG files with lightning SD card reader on the go. This works well, but there's a limitation currently with merging HDR. Creating a new HDR merge does show the JPG but not the DNG files. Opening (DNG) files from 'Photos' does open the DNG file, but not if using the HDR merge function. Is this a know issue or how can I create HDR merges based on DNG files on the go? Sincerely creator
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