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  1. Hi how to disable text spelling auto detection on Affinity Designer on iPad ? The red lines under words ? Kindest Regards
  2. Hi Is it possible to customize the grids rows and make them appear say with alternative colors same as tables for example ? Kindest Regards
  3. Hi is it possible to put my symbols in a separate AD file and use there instances in a different file and they get updated when updating the originals ? Kindest Regards
  4. The other confusing thing is that preset dpi for iPhone X is 216 while the ppi in its specs is around 458 !
  5. Yes I mean the presets cause if I I change the preset dpi for say iPhone X then changing document units from points to pixels won’t give the correct pixels dimensions, I think it’s some how related to the 3x factor maybe ?
  6. Things are getting more clear now, so even point sizes is different between devices. ok now when choosing say iPhone X with points dimensions and 216 DPI, translate it to the pixels I get the correct dimensions so what kind of calculation made them guess the right DPI ?
  7. So now iPhones that have different PPI means the size of pixel element in each is different right ?
  8. Thats more confusing what you mean by 72 dots/pixels dots are for printers not screens ? now regarding the numbers you mentioned for Macyou mean its 72 points per inch and 96 pixels per inch thats from the product spec ?
  9. Ok I have a question, now font sizes say for example Title size is 34pt how that is translated to pixels ? As size 18 will have different physical size on different screens such as Mac, iPhone ? And regarding the preview App why it stretches the image without DPI info and not freezing the stretch after passing it’s pixel size ?
  10. Thank you very much for this detailed replay I really appreciate it, kindest regards.
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