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  1. Option + Mouse Scrolling is much easier but before it was command + muse scrolling which Im use to it :)
  2. Thanks allot and how to make it a zooming shortcut as well ? Kindest Regards
  3. I think transparent scroll bars can appear when scrolling and auto hide on the right side like Apple Pages for example without the need for preserved area. It would be more neat.
  4. Hi First of all support recently became very bad I dont see any replies to my posts from Affinity staff it was better before ! In recent update command+mouse scroll was for zooming and we gt used to it now its for view rotation which I don't need how to set it back as before ? Regards
  5. Didn't work for me actually it added an extra column and even when putting scrolling back to based on mouse this extra column didn't go away ! any Affinity support guys here ?
  6. Its solved seems like an OS bug
  7. Hi Why the layers panel have this empty column on right ? why the layer name doesn't extend till end ? this kind of UI is typical Photoshop which many doesn't like. Kindest Regards
  8. Hi In some old files when I draw new art boards they appear with white backgrounds how to make them transparent ? they stay white even when I choose no fill color in the color studio ? Kindest Regards
  9. Hi In recent update Command Scrolling Shortcut on Mac is for rotating not zooming which is very un comfortable how to put it back for zooming ? Kindest Regards
  10. Hi I want to specify the kind of photos to be used with my brand guid but in scientific way, so what diagrams to use to specify that in Affinity Photos, will histogram will be enough or any other diagrams or values and properties ? so i can specify ;like the light values white color values color and gray percent values ? Kindest Regards
  11. Hi After updating to new 1.0 of Designer when I try to make an Artistic text on an Art Board it jumps to another to the right Art Board ! Kindest Regards
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