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  1. Hi I have a shape but its in one format, is it possible to convert it into vector ? Kindest Regards
  2. Yes exactly thank you very much, what steps you used to do that if I may ask ? Kindest Regards
  3. thanks allot v_kyr but see screen shot I selected the shape and reduced outline to zero and still it have same thickness ?
  4. Thanks allot hacko, but seems it didn't work, now by making the outline white I managed to make the shape thinner its a temporary solution. Kindest Regards
  5. Hi I got a file of an outline shape for an animal, thing is when I try to change the outline line thickness it doesn't work don't know how it was don't, just wondering if it can be converted some way ? Lion.afdesign Lion.eps
  6. Sorry for confusing you, I realized that text style is just a list that gathers character and paragraph styles in one list in Affinity Designer, Thanks Allot.
  7. Hi is there a shortcut to go back to selection tool say if I’m using text tool and want to switch to the select tool ? Regards
  8. Hi i designed a logo with outline fill only, thing is when resizing it borders thickness changes as well, for example when reducing the size border thickness increases ? How to avoid that ? Regards
  9. Hi .. What’s the difference between text and paragraph style panels ? As the text style configuration window have a paragraph settings as well ? They look same to me ? Regards
  10. Hi Would we expect any prototyping feature soon in Affinity Designer ? -- Kindest Regards
  11. Try grouping the left menu items including logout icon and other items iPad List.afdesign
  12. Thanks allot, I have same issue on another file the item shows once I group them they disappear ?
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