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  1. I'm getting the attached error while exporting my .afdesign file to pdf. Kindly help.
  2. ok, just be sure to check other fonts too. Ive faced the same issue with Tamil native scripts. So, what work-around do I have in the meantime?
  3. is anyone looking into this issue? Is there an existing thread that responds to this issue? Please help.
  4. Hi, Ive been using the Hindi script (Devanagiri Sangam MN, Kruti Dev 021) and there is discrepancy in the way characters show up on Affinity. Attached two files: first one is the correct typo of the first 3 hindi texts, second one is the affinity file with character mismatches. Let me know how to proceed. Thanks! --Sarmishta
  5. Thank you folks for the help! I haven't had issues ever since I followed the steps mentioned.
  6. Thanks folks for the help. Yes, Ive turned off the "save history" option.Is there any specific advantage with keeping it on? In my case, I know its a sure disadvantage, so I'll follow upper protocol. Do keep me posted once this bug is fixed. --S
  7. thanks MEB. I tried to open a new document and copied the layers one by one, tried saving as i did it. No issues with that. Let me work on the new file and see if it imitates the problems in the old one.
  8. I'm saving it on my hard-drive, under Documents folder.
  9. I tried the Beta just now. Does the same thing when I try to save a document, realised it crashes even on Autosave. wondering if its worth switching out of Affinity since I've already invested a lot of time in trying to get this problem fixed and am stalled on my work front.
  10. any update on this bug? I also saw another thread on the Beta version that deals with crashes related to font and load, etc. I did add a number of new fonts when I started working on the attached file. Could this have triggered the crash while working with text? would this beta version help resolve the problem?
  11. I've also increased the RAM memory to MAX on the settings, just to be sure the RAM isn't congested
  12. working on the same file that I uploaded to your dropbox
  13. It crashed again today, this time while working. here's the latest crash report. Crashreport_3.0.rtf
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