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  1. Hi SIr, Please share your contact credentials.... as i m from Jaipur Rajasthan and wish to speak up u.... My Contact credentials are: - 9828403686 and 7427048300/.. Looking forward for your earliest and favorable response.
  2. I mean to say Flood Fill Tool apply with Multiple Layer in Affinity Photo.
  3. I showed an example by using Photoshop that i can fill the selected part of an art work. please suggest how we can do this type of fill in Affinity Photo ?
  4. PFA attached file with exact requirement in Affinity Photo. How can we fill as per attached ?
  5. How to use Flood fill tool in all layer edit function in affinity photo. We created a random artwork and created another layer on top of that. Now if we wanted to use flood fill on one single part of that artwork then it automatically fills whole artwork. Please guide how to use flood tool on one single portion of t hat artwork with flood fill tool.
  6. Is there a SDK Support in Affinity Publisher ?
  7. I am trying ot install Affinity Designer on WIndows 7 service Pack 1. Installation is not starting it stops at front page as a blank one (image attached). Though Systems Cnfguration is good to install Affinity (iimage attached). Please help in yhis matter ?
  8. 1. Auto Trace or it's option in current affinity designer version ? 2. Barcode Generator 3. Where is Pen tool in pixel personna ?
  9. Hi, Can we do below mentioned in Affinity designer: - 1. Barcode in Affinity Designer 2. Auto Trace or Tracing of any in Affinity Designer 3. Collect for output means while creating PDF it would carry all its attributes with the file like fonts, colours etc. 4. Would it be good to compare Affinity with CorelDRAW
  10. Does Affinity Designer Supports Hindi Fonts ? Hindi Fonts can be any like Shree Lipi, 4C Lipika, Devnagari, etc.