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  1. Just adding - the server never sleeps/is never off Anyways, let's see if the Affinity Team is able to parse through it and possibly recover it. I started recreating locally what I can remember And yes, it is definitely true: as much as possible work directly off your local disks, which is what I usually/mostly do, but in this rare occurrence, alas, a network file and wonky tonk happenings abound (first time ever though, because I've worked off the network server on AD/AP files before without these kinds of issues before) - point is I agree, it's definitely not meant to be the default method (was more so emergency).
  2. Please let me know if there is somewhere I can privately send the file for you all to look at it. Thanks so much
  3. Ok, so I am in the middle of working on a project and then hit save as usual and then the saving was lagging for forever (it basically wouldn't save). Then the app force quit and once tried to reopen the file it says: file corrupted and now I cannot open it at all. Which Operating System are you using? - macOS Monterey 12.6.2 Which version of Affinity did the file last get saved in? Affinity Designer 2.0.0 What drive type was the file last saved/saving to? Network Server 4. Any other information you think would help us try to find the problem? I suspect the issue was triggered from the fact that file wouldn't save and then the app force quit. Really hoping the Affinity team can help me recover it. Thanks for your help!
  4. Adding my vote for Affinity Publisher to include IDML exports, and even Keynote/PowerPoint exports for full versatility.
  5. Wondering, is this something that will be included in Publisher? A good amount of people still haven't dived into using Affinity apps and they are still using Microsoft and Keynote as well. It would be amazing if Publisher (and all the affinity apps really) could include exporting out to Keynote and PowerPoint apps, and even having an IDML file format. Any moderators or Affinity team members can chime in on this?
  6. Adding my +2000 votes for this. This is a MUST HAVE feature. This would be such a time suck to still create books/pdfs in Affinity Publisher and still end up having to use an external tool to link urls in text (whether explicit links or ones hidden behind custom text). Please certainly consider adding this to the immediate release, and I truly believe this feature alone would be a winner for many.
  7. Oh and another question, is there a way to add multiple artboards when you just create a brand new document? So when that dialog box pops up and you have a check mark for "create artboard" is there some way that it can create multiples and not just 1? Or can we only do that after the doc is opened?
  8. Thanks everyone!!! Totally didn't know that's how AD worked in exporting, good to know now. Ok thanks, and yes that option would be helpful! This was my first time using AD to do a PDF, I normally would use Illustrator Artboards or Pages or InDesign to whip up something super quick. I was just used to in Illustrator that once we give the boards names it takes the preference of that and also if we lay it out 1 to 14 it would honor that. I think when I created the document, I started with cover page and onwards, but I like ordering my layers from top to bottom so it makes sense looking at it visually. Lol, so that I see is what caused the error. It'd be nice that if we name the boards it could honor the Alphabet or numerical naming system, or somehow gives the option on export like you said, that would be great. I'll definitely try that trick to reversing the orders of the artboards and see how it works out. Prior to seeing the replies here, I did just go ahead and use Adobe Acrobat to put the pages in order and add links. Will the new Publisher app have ability to add links, and media and such to PDFs and can we also use it to create eBooks?
  9. Hey everyone. I need to know if there is a way to establish a page order when we export multiple artboards to a PDF. Currently, even though I set up my artboards in order, once they were exported, they actually came out in the reverse. So instead of 1 to 14, it came out 14 to 1 in page order. How can I reverse this? Is there some way to also set the order on export and is there a certain way we must lay out our multiple documents in order to get the pages right all the time? Thanks.
  10. Retweeted and shared! Thanks for the opportunity and congrats on this accomplishment, well deserved!!
  11. Pretty Much,..I was thinking something similar, because in almost every tutorial Lynda shares it's almost always sponsored by Adobe. Them joining the ride to promote Affinity Products would probably rub Adobe the wrong way, unless there is some contract or clause they can use to do so will still maintaining a good relationship with Adobe. I look forward to seeing major tutorials however on places like SkillShare, CreativeLive, Udemy (in addition to Ronnie's course that is) and also perhaps real in-depth tutorials directly from the source - the Affinity team! Stuff like designing a UX.UI layout, creating mockups, drawing an elaborate scene in Designer, etc.
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