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  1. Woke this morning to another update. Thanks.
  2. Woke up to this announcement — today is going to be a great day.
  3. NICE! just got home from work and this is a truly pleasant surprise. WE LOVE AFFINITY!!!! Thank you so much.
  4. Thank you so much—all the hard work that goes into the Affinity eco-system is truly appreciated.
  5. Nice, Im glad I found this thread because I was just wondering about this the other day. Thanks
  6. Alfred — If I wanted a response from the peanut gallery I would have directed my question in that direction.
  7. Hello! I trust all is well. When can expect to see the Publisher beta in the wild? Thanks
  8. Hello MattP, First let me say thank you for the response. With regard to the issue I posted— I figured it out. It's not Designer its my Wacom Pen. So, Im looking into purchasing a Huion 1060+ and leaving Wacom all together. Both my wife and I have been having issues with their products for years now & time to move on. Once again thank you for your attention in this matter.
  9. Hello All, I have a question. I working with the current version of Designer and I noticed that when I attempting to select multiple nodes or elements via use of the "Shift" key I can't. To make sure its not my keyboard I went into System Preference > Acessabilty > Keyboards > Enable Sticky Keys. Once "Enable Sticky Key was activated I then went through my keys and all gave the proper pop up when pressed. When I go back into Designer I still can't select multiple items or nodes. Is any one else having this issue? As always thank you.
  10. As I always say—Thank you! We're truly grateful.
  11. WOW! Thanks for all the work you guys are putting in.
  12. Today was a good day in the world of Affinity. We got the latest version of Designer and now the latest and greatest for Photo. Thanks! We truly appreciate all the hard work.