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  1. Psenda, Never thought about that — that's a great work around. Thanks for the tip!
  2. Psenda, Thanks for the reply, but using guides is not the issue. I would like to use guides on the canvas[ grey background around the art-board] When I work on my illustrations I build elements on the canvas and then move into place on the art-board. As it stands now you can't see guides past the edge of your work area. Thanks
  3. Hello, I trust all is well. First let me say I love the Affinity eco-system. It's by far the best. Quick question, can guides usage on the canvas be added as a feature. I'm sure like myself a lot user create content on the canvas prior to adding it to their final creation — having access to the guides would truly be a great asset when aligning elements. Please add. Once again a BIG THANKS goes out to the Affinity team for all the hard work on a truly great software bundle.
  4. All thanks for the reply. I thinks this should be an added feature. I often create object on the canvas so it would be extremely nice to have guides when aligning elements.
  5. Hello I have a quick question. How do you extend guides to the canvas? Thanks
  6. MEB, Thanks, that worked. is there a way change that shortcut if so where it located in. the shortcut editor.
  7. Hello all — I trust is all is well. I have a question. How do you reset the control key in Affinity Designer so that it doesn't open the short cut menu. I'm attempting to rotate and object and each time I press the control key I get the pop up quick menu. Thanks
  8. Yea, I agree. The new Publisher icon is disjointed. Please stay with the triangle.
  9. Just updated, so far things are nice, not so sure about the new icon, kinda looks out place. As always thanks for the hard work!
  10. Nice — looking forward to working with the new beta. Once again loving all things Publisher. Thank you for all the hard work.
  11. Hello, I trust all is well, Just wanted to say that I absolutely LOVE Publisher. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication, its truly appreciated.
  12. WOW! Just found your post — Im experiencing the same. I select a body of filler copy — then I goto Text > Expand, as soon as I hover of the word "Expand" aPub quits. I re-restart, attempt again & the same result. v/r
  13. Hello all, I trust all is well. I just attempted to use the "Expand Field" option via the Text menu & with each attempt aPUB crashes. Has anyone else experienced this? v/r
  14. **UPDATE** I just re-started aPub, check the menu & all seems to be right in the universe. Thanks again for all the replies.
  15. All Thanks for the reply — when I attempt to use the Insert Page Number feature this is what I'm getting.
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