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  1. BTW - we now have a feature that allows you to create and edit shapes on axonometric planes. So, you can create a correct ellipse on an isometric plane. On that note - I'm not sure that 35 degrees is an accurate ellipse for isometric. I think the actual angle is fractional.
  2. Not yet. The only problem we have with tangents is that we don't have true circles or ellipses. They are Cubic Bezier quadrant approximations. We could do something to facilitate creating a tangent line, but the tangent point would be subject to a degree of inaccuracy. This might be fine for purely visual items. I was actually looking at the maths required for determining tangents to a Cubic Bezier (for other purposes) - and it is not trivial. It requires finding the roots of a fifth degree polynomial, which can't be done easily.
  3. Like I said, It is because you need to move the grid origin. Enable “show axis editing handles”, then you can move the grid origin. The origin will remain fixed as you change between planes. To draw a cube, you would place the origin point at the prominent corner of the cube (the corner closest to you, where all three plane intersect). For anything other than isometric, you will need to reposition the origin to work at different distances through each plane. This is to be expected for any grid that is not isometric, as the axis proportions are not equal. this is also only an issue if you also intend to work on grid. You could just use the planes to define the axis of constraint and snapping.
  4. Try beta 1.7. There is the option to move the grid origin.
  5. At this moment in time.... Pretty close to 0%. Our file format is quite complex. We have no plans to document it, or provide an API.
  6. What exactly is AI going to do for you with the pen and fill tools? Personally, I don't want a tool that would predict what I want. I just want it to be deterministic and constant.
  7. Been working on a new transform tool.... It will allow you to transform a selection using points on their curve outlines. It will also work with the new axonometric (isometric) planar functions, performing rotations on plane. TransformTool.mp4 More info in the new year. Merry Christmas!
  8. A new improved node copy function. Now you have to long hover, but it will copy a run of nodes based on the selection and the target. It will also find the direction of the copy based on the closest match of the nodes being cloned. NodeCopy2.mp4
  9. The smoothing bug will be sorted in the next Beta. Connector points will be considered in the future.
  10. That would be the way, yes. It's obvious, just needs writing.
  11. Now, you might argue that the direction of the node handles should be more intelligent. You want the moon on a stick! The direction, as has been spotted, is based on the leading node of each curve (denoted by the red end node). This feature will get a bit more work. Might look at how we can best fit the node directions. Just been thinking it also needs a quick way to copy a run of nodes in one go.