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  1. Because I haven't got anything I want to show you... I've done some general work, adding Presets to various tools and grids. Not really worth putting in a video - it'll be fairly obvious when you get 1.7. I have also worked on a couple of tools for Photo, but they are not ready to demonstrate.
  2. No - I am a core Affinity developer. I've done large amounts of the common back end code. I've just spent a lot of time working on tools in Designer as they tend to be more involved than pixel based tools (which tend to operate around pixel selections, which we already have).
  3. Regarding the Pixel crop tool (for resizing and cropping the document, not the vector Crop tool) - I've already rewritten this for 1.7, so if your issues are with this tool, wait for 1.7.
  4. Can you put these requests in their own thread, please.
  5. Probably not.... This is only for fast selection of nodes, and doesn't require any fancy UI additions. What you are asking for is quite an involved feature and would require significant new UI and changes to existing UI. With that amount of change we have to weigh up the value of the feature over the additional complication and UI clutter.
  6. I have a little more refinement. I figured, if you are going to use the polygon mode, you ought to be able to edit the polygon you are placing to fine tune the selection. So, will be able to click to delete a point, drag an existing point to reposition it, and drag mid-line to insert a point. You will finalise the selection by hitting Return, or closing the path by clicking on the root point, or dragging the end point onto the root point. I'm thinking about also making the polygon mode Undo/Redo aware - so you can undo and redo changes to the selection polygon until you commit it.
  7. Shh. Not so loud. They might start taking notice.
  8. Yes - you have to have the layer/object selected first, then the unselected handles become visible - you can then select the handles using one of the three selection methods. It was already like this for the Node tool curve node selection. Until the curves object is selected (in the Layers tab or on the page) you can't see the curve nodes. You can also select multiple Curve objects, and select nodes across any of them. Curve nodes selection effectively works as a sub-selection for a selected Curves object.
  9. And, for anyone who wanted Lasso node selection... To use it, in the Node tool with a curve layer selected, you just hold Alt and either click to start polygon mode or drag to start free hand mode.
  10. Yes.... thought I'd mentioned it already..?
  11. Not yet - we are still in 1.6 cycle.
  12. Maybe, but until we do the first 1.7 Beta I can cram unpolished features in. As soon as 1.7 hits Beta it makes it harder to do features because they still have to be as close to final as possible. I especially have to be careful not to add features that we later change or retract that leave people's documents broken.
  13. Documenting the expression capabilities is not realistic since each input can have different constant or use different functions, so I'm looking at what we can do in UI to expose a context based assistant of some kind - again, this is just in the concept stage.
  14. Look up "expressions for field input"
  15. It's partly documented in the help file, but that needs more work.