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  1. Yes, I can confirm this too....
  2. Fixed in beta version
  3. I've found the solution I'm looking for, so after editing the pages in Abbyfinereader 14, I export each scanned page individually in png, then in Affinity Publisher I import png pages with Picture Frame. Now I can print in booklet mode. So happy... Affinity Publisher.
  4. Thank you for your response, I've attached the 5 steps I follow (order of screenshot from down to up) after each scan of the pages (with AbbyFineReader 14). The purpose is not to compare Affinity Publisher with Adobe Indesign, but if I import the same pdf file, the view result is the correct one . I learned the steps I must follow in A.P. to print a booklet but now I'm getting the problem of importing pdf files. But it's not a big deal, just testing, I'll find another solution and for sure I can survive without it. Cheers.
  5. Hello, I have old books that I've converted to pdf (for personal use only) with AbbyFineReader 14. I have some problems when opening these pdf files with Affinity Publisher. When I open the pdf file with Adobe Reader (screenshot attached), it shows me exactly the right way, but when I try to open it with Publisher, it's interesting that letters are black as well as the background no matter what color space I choose (GRAY, RGB, CMYK). I mention that I used AbbyFineReader 14 to scan and edit the pages in the books and then convert them to pdf. I attach the two files, pdf and the resulting file from Publisher. Is there any way I can open it just like in Adobe Reader ? result.afpub book.pdf
  6. adirusf

    Low Performance!

    I can confirm this too with Windows 10 17763
  7. adirusf

    Low Performance!

    Hey seabirdr, This behavior happens when I have hundreds of shapes in the same document. If a rectangle moves into a newly created file it moves without delay, but the same rectangle copied into a multi-layered document notices that delay. Try to copy the same rectangle into a new file and that delay will not occur. It's odd to see that performance drops with the creation of multiple shapes. Usually I work in multiple documents for one document, so performance will not drop. But I'm sure that the Serif team will improve this area.
  8. adirusf

    Unable to remove beta

    Hey, try this program https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/17588/windows-fix-problems-that-block-programs-being-installed-or-removed to uninstall Affinity Publisher Beta.
  9. 1. create a table 2. write something ("text") 3. copy-paste on another cell 4. in some case (when i select the space after "test") the height of the cell is increased.
  10. GabrielM you are brilliant! Thanks a lot.
  11. Is it a normal way (by design) not to be able to apply a uniform resize of an object if I set a value to rotate and skew?
  12. adirusf

    [ ] "View Grid" doesn't show up !!

    Hi, this bug is present also on Affinity Designer, have a look file attached. Strange that after a hard reset and open the same file again, Grid shows up but after a time (didnt discover yet the steps to reproduce this bug) despite in the menu "Show Grid" is enable, this feature wont show.
  13. If I export only as .png my CPU wont go above 50%. Untitled 1.avi
  14. True, same behave, didnt notice before.