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  1. This issue is fixed in Apub. beta -
  2. I forgot to tell you that this happens also with text frame, same steps.
  3. Please have a look at the video attached. Strange that Apub freeze but if i close it say to save the changes after that i have to kill the program from task manager to be able to open again. 20181125_163833.mp4
  4. Steps to reproduce: 1. fill „Find” with texts to find (screenshot 1): „affinity publisher Is awesome” 2. fill „Replace text with ” with (screenshot 2) : „any text to replace” 3. Click „Find” = show result 4. Click „Replace” = OK = is working 5. Click „Replace all” = A.P. freeze
  5. Hey @Mithferion in Windows 10 (A.D. and A.P. I have no problem opening Glyph Browser from View > Studio. Maybe someone using windows 8.1 can confirm this error too.
  6. adirusf

    Node Tool > Transform Mode

    Same behave here but if i select 2 or 3 nodes seems that transform mode is active and i can rotate selected nodes
  7. adirusf

    Render stops, then resumes

    I`ll pay more attention when this happens, because now i can zoom in and out and wont freeze.
  8. adirusf

    Render stops, then resumes

    Hey rubs, I can confirme this behave too, 3-5 seconds everything is blur then is behave normal. Using Intel Graphics HD 4000.
  9. Scott, did you tried on your keyboard TAB ? You can find it also at VIEW >> TOGGLE UI I think is the only option available (for the moment)
  10. Roadmap of AFFINITY DESIGNER, feature updated after the release of 1.5
  11. adirusf

    Christmas video

    Look really really great! Thanks for sharing. Happy Holidays!
  12. Hello PoloSpace, its snap because you have those two enable, „snap to selected curves” and „snap to geometry” Have a look at the screenshot Cheers.
  13. Hello, go to Edit --> Preferences --> User Interface and change millimeters from 1 to 3 Then you can change from 0,1 to 0,001, you can change also points, pixels.. Cheers
  14. Maybe this can help you. Cheers https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/30570-resize-image/
  15. Yeah they are crazy putting such a low price for this incredible programs, very crazy people. Easy to say that something is wrong, without checking the forum first. Your request is known by developers so is a work in progress. Nobody want you to to buy twice the same license and is your right to receive a full refund. Here people are very polite, helpful and patience for each of us, repeating the same solution for many of us, so be like them, please. Cheers