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  1. seabirdr

    "Copy as SVG" is broken

    copy as SVG then paste it into figma and get a bitmap.
  2. seabirdr

    Low Performance!

    Hi adirusf, thank you for your attention to this issue. I know that when documents become complex, they can lead to performance degradation. But when I had performance problems today, i had only a few shapes in my document. After exploring, I found that the delay occurred because the appearance panel was turned on and set fills for a shape. As long as it existed, the document slowed down. When it was turned off, the delay was greatly relieved. Below I attach the GIF screen recording and the test file. performance problem.afdesign
  3. Please see the gif. I have set the view quality to nearest neighbor. When I drag a solid rectangle, there is a noticeable delay. Computer hardware and operating system information: Affinity Designer
  4. After following your method, I can drag and change the panel height. But the new problems are still annoying. Please see the GIF below. I arranged the panels in the way I used to, switched to export persona, and then switched back, the arrangement of the panels was messed up.
  5. Please see my recorded GIF animation. I can drag the mouse to change the width of the panel, but I can't change its height.
  6. But I remember that it was solved before. In a beta version of 1.7, designer personal and export personal are no longer synchronized.
  7. Very disappointed that this option did not come back in the official version of 1.7
  8. Designer persona and pixel persona' panels are synchronized There was a similar bug before
  9. You're right. It is true that the problem is caused by the HSL adjustment layer.
  10. in Affinity Designer: exported: .afdesign file: bug.afdesign
  11. I've learned to live in harmony with bugs. Top two Classic Bugs since Day 1 I Started using Affinity Designer: 1. Symbols will mysteriously lose connection 2. Mouse click Offset (ctrl+ click causes replication)
  12. Ben, Thank you for your concern. I've upgraded all my beta affinity designers to the latest version ☺
  13. The file I uploaded has been edited with 1.7.331. Then use 1.7.258 to open it and get the error.
  14. I've uploaded the file, please check it. Here's a screenshot of the error pop-up window btns.afdesign
  15. Yeah, PDF is a backup solution. Thank you for caring about my problems from the beginning and for the advice you have provided. ❤