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  1. seabirdr

    Mouse sensitivity

    Agree with the views of rubs. For illustration workers, slight movements are difficult to observe and do not cause major problems. However, for UI designers, a small amount of error can have catastrophic consequences, such as incorrect size of the slices, alignment problems, and so on. As a UI designer who uses Affinity Designer heavily, I have been forced to develop the habit of constantly alerting the size and position of objects, and I am very careful about every mouse click, because the mouse is too sensitive. The problem of slight movements was raised a few years ago, and it did improve in later versions, but as rubs said, it has not been fully resolved. Long-running Affinity Designer will slow down, and the probability of a light-shift problem will increase dramatically.
  2. It's useful when drawing an icon set.
  3. bump. It's been a year and there's been no response. Why you've been ignoring this advice?
  4. is the layout information saved in some folder that I can copy to another computer to reproduce my layout?
  5. seabirdr

    numbering position problem

    Hi Sean P, Thank you for the explanation! I took a moment to figure out how to align the text. The key is to adjust the indentation value. Thanks again.
  6. Text are not aligned when font size is greater than 21 v.188 Windows 10
  7. Hi Sean P, check this out. This problem appeared in my home computer. I can't reproduce it in my office computer. v.188 Windows 10
  8. Hi Sean P, this is document without artboard, I can set margins for guides. below, I create an artboard for the exact document in screenshot above, margin is not working. v.188 Windows 10
  9. is it a bug or by design? I use artboards so much that I really want it in artboards.
  10. resizing layers panel in export persona affects its size in vector persona windows 10
  11. can't check "show grid" in Grid and Snapping Axis panel windows 10 ad beta
  12. AD has stabilizer for Pencil tool in draw personal. this is great. but in pixel Personal, no stroke smoother for paint brushes. In procreate there is streamline option for every brush which allows users to draw smooth strokes. I think it's a great feature and AD deserves it. following is a video showing the way how it works.
  13. I use Publisher to export PDFs, and Chinese characters are converted to curves. In the official version, will publisher improve support for Chinese characters?