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  1. Now, in Jan. 12 2018, I'm still annoyed by the pixel gap, hoping it can be wiped out. I did a test to compare AD and AI . I drawed two shapes that fit together in AI. No gap was produced. Then I created two same shapes in AD, the gap showed up. AI does well dealing with the gap. Can we draw on its solution?
  2. PS, Sketch and Procreate use HSB. Providing HSB will give Affinity users consistent experience. So, Please add HSB to color chooser.
  3. ↑ Switching by clicking, Color Chooser Panel update immediately. This works as expected. ↑ Switching by shortcut x, Color Chooser Panel doesn't upadte. I think it should be upadted as clicking does. (It's the Gif recorder program's problem that in the first GIF the main color area doesn't change, but you can see the hue bar that are changing.) I try it in, both clicking and shortcut works the some way. The choose color panel always updates. --- beta windows 10
  4. i follow what you've told and restart AD again. The problem doesn't show up. but my layout restores. this is not what I want. so I will unzip 1.0 (Beta) folder back. thanks for you prompt help 1.0 (Beta).zip
  5. i restart AD and it returns to normal. the bug can't be reproduced. But as you can see in the GIF, it's 100% reproduceable before restarting.
  6. I spcace the 4 objects vertically and click OK. Then I click on the screen, the 4 objects restores to the original position.
  7. windows 10 arrange bug.afdesign
  8. Please make the outline icon solid (clickable) though it is hollow visually. Because the unclickable center does nothing to aid in selecting the ouline by mouse click. It only poroduces missing clicks.
  9. I haven't found certain action that unlinks attributes of the symbols. But I'm certain it happen occasional since day 1 of my AD experience. On the other hand, sometimes I unlink attributes deliberately and later I want the link back. How can I do it? I think relinking will be welcomed by many users.
  10. Randomly, symbol unlink attributes for me automately. To relink them, I have to delete them all and redo everything again. This is absolutely not cool. What I do is avoid using them from the beginning. I believe this is a major bug that can't be fixed in the near future. Since this bug exist since the symbol is born, I eventually believe it is incurable, because it is a part of the symbol. So I think poviding a method which can restore/relink the attributes of symbols will solve the problem without fixing the bug.
  11. when will 1.6 official version come?
  12. 1. I'm using the filco bluetooth keyboard and ctrl+z doesn't work. 2. when using pen tool, I can't change the half of the node's direction by pressing alt as Affinity Photo Windows does. keyboard: Filco Majestouch Convertible 2 Affinity Photo iPad 1.6.2 iPad Pro 12.9 (2015)