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  1. can I see the global color on the iPad before the arrival of 2020?
  2. copy as SVG then paste it into figma and get a bitmap.
  3. But I remember that it was solved before. In a beta version of 1.7, designer personal and export personal are no longer synchronized.
  4. Designer persona and pixel persona' panels are synchronized There was a similar bug before
  5. bump. It's been a year and there's been no response. Why you've been ignoring this advice?
  6. is the layout information saved in some folder that I can copy to another computer to reproduce my layout?
  7. AD has stabilizer for Pencil tool in draw personal. this is great. but in pixel Personal, no stroke smoother for paint brushes. In procreate there is streamline option for every brush which allows users to draw smooth strokes. I think it's a great feature and AD deserves it. following is a video showing the way how it works.
  8. I use Publisher to export PDFs, and Chinese characters are converted to curves. In the official version, will publisher improve support for Chinese characters?
  9. Compared with Affinity Designer's pen tool, what improvements did you find?
  10. @fdelaneau The spec tool provides these information to developers. eg. Zeplin.
  11. As the files in AD are increasing, there is no way to export and delete them in batches. Did I miss something?
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